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    Ben fatto!Ho fatto del mio meglio per cercare sprites differenti dai 2 esistenti (Gianni Partinico e suteneko),ma ovunque abbia trovato qualcosa,il numero di sprite erano sempre insufficienti per creare un personaggio completo.
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    Quasi dimenticavo! Fightin'Spirit? :)
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    Kid se permetti una domanda volevo sapere se hai intenzione di editare altri ''Shadow Fighters'' :)
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File Date Downloads
Shadow : From Shadow Fighter (Amiga) 27th August 2016 143
Billy Lee : My first character! From Double Dragon 1 some little bug, but very interesting character :-) 27th August 2016 117
Thomas : I have created myself!!! I used the bust of Stryker of Mortal Kombat and Cage's legs :grin: 27th August 2016 130
Dylan Dog : character from an Italian comic http://www.sergiobonelli.it/resizer/300/394/true/9d53786b4e57dc509ebb84fb75bf7d9b.jpg--.jpg 10th September 2016 404
Rat-Man : another famous Italian comic turned into a mugen character I have to create it based on Kung Fu Man moves the file will also find the matching stage: The City Without Name http://www.rat-man.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/coverc01.jpg 13th September 2016 136
La Città Senza Nome : The city of the Super Hero Rat-Man 13th September 2016 22
Street : with song of Carlton's Dance Tom Jones :smile: 14th September 2016 21
Ryu Stage Edit : 14th September 2016 101
Jakku stage (Star Wars VII) : 16th September 2016 123
Awesome Goro MK1 : old and new moves new sprites! Very impressive! 19th September 2016 481
Goro's Lair (Mix from MK1 to MK9) : New Goro's Lair by Kidthunder or Kidthomas (same person :-) ) a mix from MK1 to MK9 21st September 2016 128
Cormano (From Sunset Riders) : Special Moves: *Pistol (Charge B,F,P)- Three varieties, depending on strength of button pressed. -Silenced (LP) - The weakest due to the suppressor, but also has the least start-up. -Unsuppressed Shot (MP) - In the middle for start-up and d ... 25th September 2016 267
Rastan (Rastan Saga) : Rastan character --------------------- Controls -------- Basic Controls -------------- Rastan is a 4-button character. Button X is his weak punch, button Y his strong punch, A for weak kick, and B for his strong k ... 27th September 2016 101
Super Joe (Bionic Commando 1987) : Shoot light D, F, x Shoot middle D, F, y Shoot hard D, F, z Super Uppercut D, DF, F, D, DF, F, y Super Uppercut 2 D, DF, F, D, DF, F, x Earthquake Punch D, DB, B, D, DB, B, y Earthquake Punch 2 D, DB, B, D, DB, B, x ;-| Speci ... 29th September 2016 140
Mac (Joe & Mac Caveman Ninja) : 3rd October 2016 193
Joe (Joe & Mac Caveman Ninja) : 28th January 2019 86
Tao Rebirth (Yie Ar KUNG-FU) : Flame D, DB, B, x Fire Medium D, DF, F, x Fire Hard D, DF, F, y 5th October 2016 216
LeChuck (Monkey Island) : Super Woodo Fist D, DF, F, D, DF, F, y Super Low Wodoo Fist D, DF, F, D, DF, F, x ;-| Special Motions |------------------------------------------------------ Help Bob B,B,x Wodoo Fist D, DF, F, x D, DF, F, y D, DF, F, x+y D, DF ... 8th October 2016 58
Thailand (Realistic Sagat Stage) : Not HD version! I did not like the HD version, so I've redone it in my way 8th October 2016 64
Tramonto Stage : 8th October 2016 20
Neo Geo Battle Coliseum Stage : 9th October 2016 49
Rimini - Italy : My City :smile: 9th October 2016 21
Rimini - Tiberius Bridge : with super jump and Queen's music 10th October 2016 17
Maxima (Robo Army) : electric x, x, x, x, x fire low D, F, x fire medium D, F, y fire hard D, F, z Superfire D, F, D, F, x D, F, D, F, y D, F, D, F, z transformation D, F, a 13th October 2016 256
Silent Hill : 6th November 2016 145
Silent Hill 2.0 : @Sookie : Thanks for your suggestions. I created this version 2.0 of Silent HIll. Now the background will change just as happens in the game. I have increased the thickness of the fog and I have faded more monsters. I tweaked the music hope you ... 7th November 2016 102
Luisa - Dangerous Streets (A CD32) : Moves "calcio rotante" D, B, a "attacco volante" D, F, x D,F,y "uppercut" D, D, x 11th November 2016 157
Player : From Crime fighters Super Kick D, DB, B, a Gunshoot D, F, x Super Gunshoot lv.1 D, F, D, F, x Super Gunshoot lv.2 D, F, D, F, y Super Gunshoot lv.3 D, F, D, F, z 13th November 2016 83
Arthur : From Ghouls 'n' Ghost Adding second color and change some animation 15th November 2016 276
Centurion : From Altered Beast In BrokenMugen it wasn't working, now it works change some alternative colour 15th November 2016 105
Gore Zombie / Nemesis : From Night Slasher Edit Version Can transform in Nemesis 25th November 2016 1,027
Zool : Adding second color and change some animation 27th November 2016 106
Chuck Rock and Chuck Jr. : From Chuck Rock and Chuck II -| Hyper |-------------------------------------------------------- Chuck and Son D, DF, F, x+y -| Special Motions |------------------------------------------------------ Rock D,DF,F,y Rock Kick D, B, a ... 29th November 2016 91
Double Dragon II Final Stage : 4th December 2016 28
Abobo Arcade : ;-| Super Motions |-------------------------------------------------------- smash F, D, x+y Hyper1 D, DB, B, a+b D, DB, B, a+c D, DB, B, b+c ;-| Special Motions |------------------------------------------------------ baril D, B, x ... 10th December 2016 262
Stan Lee : ;-| Special Motions |------------------------------------------------------ Mjolnir Launch Light D, F, a Mjolnir Launch Medium D, F, b Mjolnir Launch Hard D, F, c Webthrow!! D, DB, B, x D, DB, B, y D, DB, B, z thunderstrike D, D ... 5th February 2017 1,630
Superman (Taito) : 9th February 2017 188
Biggy Man (Splatterhouse) : ;-| hyper |---------------------------------------------------------------- "Uppercut Genocide" ~D, DF, F, D, DF, F, y ~D, DF, F, D, DF, F, x ;-| Special Motions |------------------------------------------------------ "super_punch" ~D, DF, ... 13th February 2017 622
Splatterhouse Stage : A mix of 3 level of Splatterhouse: Body Eater Level + Poltergeist Level + Boss Jennifer Level Have Fun! 16th February 2017 149
Po (Kung Fu Panda) : Skadoosh! Pandamonium coming on mugen!!! :smile: 20th February 2017 2,661
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