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    ? ehhh, sure. Why not.
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    Any trained Eye can see what your doing Glerp. You really think you are smart. It's gonna turn out bad if Dizzy and other mod ARE working with you, ill tell you that much ;)
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    Yeah sure. I guess this is an admit of defeat from a stubborn weirdo. Im glad you went into an argument just to not listen, like a child. Bye bye to you as well, then.
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    Are you so desperately afraid of being wrong about something that you fly off the argument just to save face? Sad, and stubborn. Hopefully you at least think about something i've said later on.
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    Dude lol, i didnt confess anything. Even if i did, my point is still completely valid. Are you delusional?
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    Are you just latching onto this to feel right? Nothing was proven, and my original point still stands.
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    No, youre just making an assumption. I was just responding with a solution to your hypothetical question. Dont be silly.
  8. Which means you are EXACTLY the controlling person that I labeled you as earlier! You can yap all you want after this, you can't push out a community just because you don't like them. Continue to disapprove them, as I will continue to disapprove your comments that you criminally charged me for to start this conversation in the first place.
  9. You know what, even though we've hammered each other continuously over this, I've really enjoyed this conversation. I've finally managed to extract out of you what you REALLY dislike. Regardless of what you say after this, I now know for sure you're simply not in favour for 18+ content at all on MUGEN let alone the horrible bits you additionally dislike!
  10. LMAO so what I said earlier is true then! You're in fact not as stupid as I thought you were being. This isn't even about rape lol. You just have a grudge against *** in MUGEN at all haha! I see now, you just dislike 18+ content...you'll probably deny it but I now for sure that's true now.
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    How about stop using a fighting game engine to make **** and just go watch actual **** LOL
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    Nor did i make equations to fictional rape and real rape. Stop making things up so much. Again, im just saying its a shitty thing to do.
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    I never said that it makes people do anything. Whether or not iy does is out of my field of knowledge. Im just saying that its a shitty thing to do.
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    Yes. The evidence to say that youre making shit up for me, that is.
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    And youre still ignoring the fact that **** =/= video game. Youre quite silly. Your reasoning for it to be rape **** doesnt mean anything. Its still rape ****. I dont know what youre hoping to accomplish with that reasoning.
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