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    Did you know that you can reset passwords?
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    Is this your alt?
  3. Ok
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    Once Benjamin sends me him back so then I can set his life, you can test it.
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    I hope she made lotsa spaghetti!

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    Not the Mugenite I used to be

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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Christian : hi guys i only uploaded this piece of shit made by crustin have a nice day and bash this :cool: 14th August 2016 111
NOTHING : Nothing 4 you as char 14th August 2016 102
The Void : The void in mugen!:nuts: 17th August 2016 184
Undyne's House (Custom made) : a custom made Undyne's house by sanstheawesoem! :nuts: 17th August 2016 103
Music Box Statue : My first UNDERTALE stage! :nuts: 18th August 2016 196
Frisk's Reflection (Genocide run) : :facepalm2: hope you enjoy...... 18th August 2016 250
Flowey Stage : Another Flowey stage by viorel! 23rd August 2016 69
Frisk&Chara stage : Finnaly, the first Frisk and Chara stage by viorel! :grin: 23rd August 2016 79
Papyrus Battle! : A papyrus battle stage:wink1: 23rd August 2016 49
Overworld Papyrus : A overworld paps! :grin: 23rd August 2016 307
Frisk BETA V1 : Version 1 of Frisk by Nathan!:thumbup: 27th August 2016 120
Frisk BETA V2 : Now he done Version 2!:cool::thumbup: 27th August 2016 474
Genocide Frisk : i do not know the author on this edit, but its Pizzasause and shane's Frisk, but only with the stats changed:mad: Why? 27th August 2016 183
Frisk! : Austin made his own version of Frisk! 27th August 2016 234
Underfell Sans : :facepalm2: wow... a recolor... 27th August 2016 286
Underfell Chara : ts mickes chara recolored 28th August 2016 324
Mettaton EX ver 2 : 28th August 2016 110
Brutal Frisk : Just a 4 buttoned Frisk edit. Also @Endercreeper9999, it dosent have your portrait in.:thumbup: Enjoy! 29th August 2016 240
Chara : Another Chara! Thios time its a edit of Logan's Chara with assists and more attacks!! Enjoy! :smile: 29th August 2016 430
Paps V2 : It's the same as his V1 but with the sprites being transparent. 2nd September 2016 567
Sans edited : Somoene made another Sans edit and its decent. Enjoy!:smile: 4th September 2016 600
Frisk : MY PRIVATE OLD FRISK. just a animation change,spritechange,no ai and 4 palletes to shane's frisk its old,burt crap:uhuh::facepalm2: 2nd November 2016 193
asgore : edit of a asgore 2nd November 2016 893
Radu Sabau Aurel : I DID MYSELF IN MARIO STYLE He has 2 palletes 1-myself pallete 2-my bro's pallete hope you enjoy:laugh: 4th November 2016 55
TheHaxrDewd : yes, i did @TheHaxrDewd in mugen i was bored:so_sorry: 4th November 2016 52
Balanced Chara : I DID THIS EDIT 18th December 2016 170
Sans And Cubone : lel 27th December 2016 1,242
Kung Fu Mari : HE RELEASED KUNG FU MARI 29th December 2016 388
HET : WARNING:Gory and scary for children. May cause you nightmares. READ THIS BEFORE DOWNLOADING 29th December 2016 70
W.D GASTER STAGE : Our fellow Ali made this WDGASTER stage 29th December 2016 150
UNDERTOAD Mario : a collab charachter that zens did with sydney 10th June 2017 593
Gaster Blaster (BETA) : it's angrybirdcooler's version not sydney's. it's still a beta (not one of the unfinished crew tho) 9th July 2017 881
Genocide Frisk : he didn't release this on Google Drive but I did and no, it's not just an stats edit it's an actual character https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FW0JFsFdHKY 15th September 2019 709
Sans : another sans made in 2019 zip file claims to be the best version around try him and see if he is truly the best sans around 13th September 2019 1,458