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    18th January 2018, 22:42
    Iceberg821 commented on file DOA5 Home 1.1 in Dead or Alive
    Alas, my eyes are pleased with the dimensions of this homely kitchen. I very much appreciate this Manuz.
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    o.o weird. I use it with 1.1 and I have no problem at all
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    Works fine for me. What version of Mugen are you using?
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    That's REZ from Gex: Enter the Gecko
    You can see this "Gif" at the beginning XD
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    I got your back o/ I'm fixing right now
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Tiffany Lords : I've come to see that this character was not archived. hence I'll make an effort to provide such characters, if i'm able :sdrop:... A CVS adaption of Tiffany Lords from "Rival Schools: United By Fate"; Property of Capcom. A high ... 2nd October 2015 1,803
Skullomania CVS : An 3D version of this character was also released. I didn't see any trace of the 2D archived,so...:unsure:uh...here? A CVS conversion of Skullomania; Featured in Capcom's "Street Fighter EX" series before being reclaimed be ARKIA, his original creator ... 2nd October 2015 255
Gouken CVS : This one comes from a long line of prior creations. It also comes from the learning legend, "CVS The Abstract" or "cvsng". The Sprites and Infinite's Awesome Coding makes this the best 2D interpretation of of the bunch thus far. The moralized half of ... 2nd October 2015 647
Ryu (SEGA stance) : I grew tired of Ryu and Ken and Akuma and Sean, bobbing around in the EXACT same fashion. I look at Dan however, and I saw he was in a much different rhythm and stance than them. Other edits had the stances, but were so overpowered that I soon made lu ... 2nd October 2015 260
Sean (Dark Sean Stance) : I took the animation from Dark Sean(Alexlexus), Exorcised it:wink1:, and embedded the re-palette sprites to Buckus's edit of regular Sean. 2 Sprites I didn't re-palette for three reasons: Laziness Uneeded to finish stance Couldn't implement ... 2nd October 2015 203
189 Slot Motif 1.1 : Loved the look of your 1.1, but still needed more than 60 slots? Well I made a tweak to mines, and now it holds a neat 189; Plus it all fits well. Simply replace the "big" system folder; that's what I modded anyway. Your Welcome. :smile: DETAILS: 640 x ... 2nd October 2015 2,382
Goro Daimon CVS : Was it only me that had to insert 700+ of Dampir's sprites into Sander's Goro Daimon? If not...:facepalm2:...I better archive this, cause i can't lose sleep doing this again... A product of SNK,this man is a Judoka, and third member of the King of Figh ... 3rd October 2015 405
Clark Still CVS : For the popular, bright colored cast of CVS characters, another character! On the wiki, Clark Still(apparently not "Steel") is a notable partner of Ralf and Leona; Together, The Ikari Warriors. He's was a gifted wrestler before his mercenary training, ... 4th October 2015 332
Whip CVS : This is a KOF conversion outfitted with a new palette, courtesy of Aumio Khan. What i took from the SNK Wiki is that this agent is a clone of K's deceased older sister, Seirah. She has come to plot against NEST, working in the background of The Ikari war ... 17th February 2016 705
Asuka CVS : I Hardly know the dilemma that forced Churchoryu to close the first beta, but it's been awhile since. Asuka is a relative of Jin Kazama. Adopting her father's style, who was allegedly injured by Feng Wei, Asuka enters the Ironfist Tournament to avenge ... 17th February 2016 480
Mr. Big CvS : Another Boss to join the ranks in the CvS Boss Club(Sagat, Bison/Vega, Geese, Rugal and Akuma). An infamous mobster prior to being contested, Mr. Big grudgingly stands second to Geese. It was he who initiated the kidnapping of Takuma's daughter, Yuri, on ... 3rd March 2016 207
DoA 5: Street : My first stage. A simple screenshot rip with an added layer and music. Familiar to stages byTradt-Productions I think it looked very crispy and to decent scale. It took a long time to figure out the camera, it might still have issues. Please, le ... 27th May 2016 24
DoA 5: Azuchi : The Azuchi (indoor section) stage featured in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round. This is the second stage I've ever put together, so it's inherently simplistic. Only known issue is that P3 (Simul mode: P1's partner) twitches slightly at the start. :unsure: ... 13th August 2016 23
Nash CVS (SF5 Revamp) : This is Churchoryu's standard SF5 Nash with a few upgrades. This one has the an animated stance and running animation, worked on and polished by zero de armentis. I removed the "charge" from his moves and remap his "genocide cutter" to REVERSE QCB be ... 18th August 2016 678