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    Please change the wording of the characters you just uploaded
    The 18+ tag must be placed before the name of the character
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    Congrats on Mod!?!?!?!? When did this happen?
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    Yeah, I sent you a reply back for every time you asked. Or the messages getting through.
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    Didn't see this until now, sorry (>_<)
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    okay, thanks.
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[18+] Applejack (vore) ai update : Ai by Vorse Raider With this Ai update, I decided to reduced the damage of AJ's vore atk while making her a competent fighter. 10th June 2018 1,552
[+18] Eelektross (vore) : backdoor = B+Y oral = X+A both require 1000 power to use This character is considered friendly by it's author and does not digest. 7th January 2019 1,891
[18+] Amy Rose (Vore) Ai update : Amy's AI has stepped up a bit while her vore grab now does less damage. Mega Amy AI reminds unchanged. Amy's UB attack is now a finisher requiring max power or her opponent to be about 250 hp. 21st May 2018 1,439
Miranda Herman AI buff : I, Vorse Raidier, made Miranda a bit tougher, added a better ai, and added some energy and health sapping damage to her attacks. 21st May 2018 235
[18+] Felicia Vore 1.1 : Main author "misao" vore animation = Vorse Raider vore coding = Eggbomber101 This is the 1st version with a update including a range attack in the far future. I, Vorse Raider, would like some assistance in the ability to change the color of the vore ... 19th April 2017 4,471
[18+] Shantae (vore) v 1.0 : vore sprite maker = Kphoria vore sprite editor = Vorse_Raider vore coder = Eggbomber101 Why dance thought the danger when you can eat it? Vore atk requires 500 power or if opponent is below 250 16th June 2017 1,952
[18+] Umbra Gardevoir : I've went in and reduced the atk power from 9999 to 130, def to whatever it was to 120, increased the power-max from 3000 to 5000 changed the hit data on OV to include air and AV to include ground increased the power requirement for av and OV to 3000 or i ... 17th September 2017 1,240
[18+] Kazami Yuuka (vore) : Now, I don't know much about Touhou, but this girl's really sadistic. She also apparently has something to do with flowers, and...is really strong or something. She seemed like an appropriate character to make an edit of. This is not her usual outfit, she ... 10th March 2018 4,856
[18+] Shantae (vore) v 1.2 : vore sprite maker = Kphoria vore sprite editor = Vorse_Raider vore coder = Eggbomber101 Why dance thought the danger when you can eat it? Vore atk requires 500 power or if opponent is below 250 Update: Resized using localcoord and scaling to ... 9th March 2018 1,503
[18+] patched Mawile Vore : Vore edit coding by nobod, Vore sprites by drpolice audio from Stevenstrumpf Additional coding by Vorse Raidier: I went in and allowed Mawile to devour anyone, added coding to allow Mawile to function in Team Matches rather than be locked down a ... 21st January 2018 2,361
[18+] Tifa Lockhart (vore) : A Final Fantasy 7 character who grows hungrier as her opponent weakens and as she as gains power. Vorse_Raidier's edit an made an additional edit to allow her to continue battle in team fights after eating someone. Vore button is "c" 9th March 2018 3,915
Honorbound Da-Ji : It took nearly a year to develop this version (A large part due to learning drawing, animation, rigging and designing). I'm happy to present to you, Honorbound Da-Ji, a dark fairy/plant hybrid with a badass AI to match. This merchant is not to trifled wit ... 7th March 2018 148
[18+] Mai Shiranui (vore) : Based off of Noctis's amazingly well done Mai Shiranui edit. Plays with a CvS style. Look in her readme for non-vore moves. Pilum's edit: -Added magic series of cancels. Like with Mama and many other fighting game characters, lights cancel into mediums ... 10th March 2018 4,378
[18+] Futa_Vore Felicia : Dinner and Entertainment CREDITS TO: Felicia Char: misao Felicia Victim moves: unknown Felicia Futa Rape moves: MugenFutaCharsMaker (NoobIV) Feliciamaru code: MugenFutaCharsMaker (NoobIV) (thanks Gettag to fix the crash with AILevel) Kuro ... 19th March 2018 4,517
[18+] Amy Rose (Vore) : Note; this is an older vore edit between eggbomber and yoshilover1000. I, Vorse Raider, added a boss version and attempted to beef up her Ai, but the result was the she became overpowered. I guess leaving her AI to be dumb as a brick is a feature not a dr ... 25th March 2018 1,042
[18+] Princess Sally Acorn (vore) : I, Vorse Raider, added a boss version, but unlike Amy, Sally has a hint of intellect. This character is dangerous close range. 25th March 2018 1,446
[18+] Slimegal (vore) : While I, Vorse Raidier worked on my original character (Da-Ji) Eggbomber101 worked on his character, the Slimegal. He finished this project some time ago. 25th March 2018 3,796
Neo Da-Ji : Reduced the null field duration but all attacks now sap the enemy's energy bar on hit while active. null field grants hp reg at 3000 power and at 5000 power Air combos are now a thing (the AI may or may not care) Improved combo potential in exchange f ... 3rd May 2018 174
[18+] Tsuruya-san (Vore) Ai update : This is an AI update I, Vorse Raidier, made based on Endercreeper9999's Tsuruya-san Final Update (hopefully) 5/28/2018: removed random whiffs of Tsuruya's vore atk (ai wise). Tsuruya (ai) will try to finish her opponent with her vore atk. ... 26th May 2018 2,770
Captain Marvel AI update : Based on: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=87504-captain-marvel-zvitor-abnerrse4-yolomate I, Vorse Raidier, farther developed the AI to an excellent edit. 27th May 2018 559
Dormammu (AI Patch) : AI patch made by Vorse Raidier. Hopefully this build will strike a balance between difficult yet fair for human opponents. I'll keep an eye out for any errors so let me know. 3rd June 2018 714
[18+] Karin (Vore) version 2 : A powerful vore edit made from combination of files and a Hungry Ai to boot. Enjoy 6th June 2018 2,012
Pamela : I doubt that Dizzy made this but that's what the author profile's name. (maybe a different Dizzy?) Anyways, I've made a strong AI and removed the failure chance making her moderately difficult to take down. 8th June 2018 220
Deadpool ai patch : Ai by Vorse Raidier based on Deadpool MvsC2(Crash Maybe Fixed) https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=50876-deadpool-mvsc2-crash-maybe-fixed-infinite-darkwolf13-and-walruslui I had to buff Deadpool's Shoryuken so it would be saf ... 10th June 2018 857
Colon ai update : I've made Colon more of a mid range keep away character since her close range combos are lackluster. Fair warning that her level 3 hyper, Yellow heaven is no longer blockable. 10th June 2018 215
Megaman Clone with Ai : I gotta say, this DCL guy wanted an AI to go with this awesome character; I hope I didn't disappoint. Megaman's attack plan changes based on the weapon he's using, from tactical mid range zoning to in-your face combat. (if he picks that damn flamethrower ... 13th June 2018 622
Pure&Fur(Ai update) : Ai by Vorse Raidier Fair warning, this character will give you a holiday beating if you enter melee range unprepared. :dirol: 16th June 2018 248
Ton Pooh updated by VR : I, Vorse Raidier (VR) made quite a bit of changes; Fixed numerous bugs that would cause Ton Pooh to glide off-screen. Changed Super-mode to Manual input C+Z rather than automatic, (requires max power or life below 1/3) changed all airborne specia ... 20th June 2018 261
[18+] Harmir (Vore) 1.1 : Vore Edit and Sprites by Vorse Raidier To say I'm pissed off cause some nameless bastards took down Eggbomber's channel is quite an understatement but our community will continue. To those who like vore but want some improvements let me know in the com ... 8th July 2018 3,942
DivineLilith Ai by VR : Ai by Vorse Raidier additional coding by Vorse Raidier extended invul frames of Splendor Love from 6 to 8 adjusted bat to match the fireball in soul flash normal and EX added small energy and hp recovery after losing a round Max mode only ... 12th September 2018 423
DivineTia Ai by VR : What I find interesting and frustrating about this character is her ability to sandbag some fights and go all rageface in another. Do not underestimate her or you'll end up like Captain Marvel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NE8bvG_lt4s 26th September 2018 260
Magmadragon AI by VR v1 : AI by Vorse Raidier and Gladiacloud? I noticed that this character already had and ai but it was lackluster on it's own. In this version I sought to combine my ai with the current to make him formidable. The next version will be a complete AI overha ... 27th September 2018 352
DivineMorrigan Ai by VR : Ai By Vorse_Raidier Morrigan's Ai will change based on distance and her palette. I placed a Hardmode ai in one of them but I can't remember which one. Works best in 1.1, Will work in 1.0 WILL NOT WORK IN MUGEN BETA update 12/8/2018 fixed de ... 27th October 2018 355
[18+] Patched Petey Piranha (vore) : Plant change log converted plant to 1.0 from beta, (cuz fuck the beta version and to add ai) fixed numerous minor bugs added get up 5120 animation (this is required) tripped 5070 animation (this is required) added 1021 land B animation ... 12th November 2018 1,838
DivineAthena Ai by VR : Ai made By Vorse Raidier Note to Self: I am 150% done listening to the words Psycho Ball!!! Other than that, this is an excellent AI edition balanced for Ai combat to human combat. Will work in 1.1 should work in 1.0 WILL NOT WORK in Mugen beta 30th November 2018 511
DivineEliza Ai by VR : Ai by Vorse_Raidier This character is pretty dangerous at close range given her super throw; Genocide cutter isn't making it any easier. Will work with Mugen 1.1 and 1.0 WILL NOT WORK in Mugen beta. update; 12/22/2018 I've sent an update to Eli ... 9th December 2018 333
Unbound Da-Ji : This character is for 1.1 Only https://imgur.com/zSAE8zv https://imgur.com/9m2T9mc Full Name: Da-Ji Species = Plant/Fairy Former Origins: Classified Current Origin: Emerald Groove, Hyperion Age: Unknown due to Dimensional travel Likes: The ... 25th March 2019 206
Annette Edited by VR : According to Wikipedia, Annette comes from El Viento (エル・ヴィエント Eru Viento, from Spanish meaning "The Wind") is a platform game developed and published by Wolf Team for the Sega Genesis game console i ... 10th June 2019 256
PC Elemental Lopunny : Politically Correct Elemental Lopunny, no vore no 18+ content https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Habpu7EAeWg&t=0s https://streamable.com/445uw I would like to thank Wicloud for fixing the palettes and Endercreeper for the base character. ... 31st December 2019 166
[18+] Elemental Lopunny : Authors: Endercreeper9999 base character Vorse Raidier elemental enhancements, ai , and vore coding Wicloud Candy helper and palette fixes Drpolice vore sprites and ... 8th February 2020 507
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