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Master Mold : An enlarged and recolored Sentinel with an added orbital satellite thing (that's purely decorative, sadly). Not amazing, not terrible. Uploading in case anyone wants it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqoxQ8bjets 1st July 2016 185
Cannonball : An alternate to elecbyte's Cannonball. Both versions are pretty bare-bones but this one is the more interesting of the two imo. Has stuff like a limitless superdash/jump and comic accurate PALs. Still not very good from a gameplay standpoint but worth a d ... 1st July 2016 147
Archangel : An old Archangel, dating back to 2009. The AI isn't as smart and the sprites aren't as pretty as the later Arkady versions but this one is in Archangel mode 24/7 and good for if you just want another Apocalypse lackey on your roster. Fun fact: Some of th ... 3rd July 2016 401
Bishop : An older version of Wucash's Bishop, dating back to 2008. Good for WinMugen and 1.0 users, has a robust AI. TARGET! 3rd July 2016 294
Iron Patriot : An Iron Patriot dated to 2011. I've never actually tried him, he's from my "characters to try" folder that I never got around to. Maybe better than the IP currently available from MMV, maybe not? You tell me. 3rd July 2016 284
Mystique's Hideout : The first version of the Mystique's Hideout stage with the Blob and Pyro in the background. Zvitor redid this stage with the Dark Beast and Destiny instead after Blob and Pyro were made as playable characters, so here's the older version for anyone who pr ... 4th July 2016 43
Doom 2099 Stage : Titled "Avatarr's lab" for reasons I can't even begin to fathom, this is a stage for Doom 2099 from the Marvel 2099 line (a character which, AFAIK, has never been made). There is a Spider-Man 2099 floating around somewhere, so use this stage for him maybe ... 4th July 2016 73
Mystique's Hideout v2 : The updated version of Mystique's Hideout with Dark Beast and Destiny as well as a new swinging lamp light effect. Normally available on Zvitor's website, but it appears to be down atm so I'm uploading it here. https://i.imgur.com/naURe53.jpg 5th July 2016 104
No Mutants Allowed! : An X-Men-themed stage from wolviesam of the Atlas Productions team. Features cameos from such X-Men alumni as Callisto, Leech, Graydon Creed and Mikhail Rasputin. Highly recommended! https://i.imgur.com/ucvzhEx.png 5th July 2016 60
Apocalypse : An edit of N64Mario's version of giant boss Apocalypse from Tran Ngoc Truong of MMV. The custom attacks make it maybe the most formidable version of this character, but the palette is also custom and unfortunately evokes "Ivan Ooze Apocalypse" more than t ... 12th August 2016 152
Jean Grey : A very slightly edited version of Joancarlo and Femrril's Jean Grey that has winquotes for 1.0 and up players. Excellent character, has a very aggressive AI. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcufJiKlAGU 12th August 2016 336
The Theme of Exodus : Since we have Exodus the character and Exodus's stage here's the theme of Exodus to complete the set, composed by MUGEN theme maestro Wizzy in 2011. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCdue_6yfLY 12th August 2016 16
Spiderman : An MVC2 Spider-Man by Zvitor, dated to 4/6/2010. I have no idea how it compares to the newer versions, it's from my "characters to try" folder that I never got around to. Probably inferior to newer Spideys but uploading for collection purposes. 19th August 2016 385
Catwoman : A Catwoman that I never got to try, dated to 2009. Seems to be a basic KFM edit. Might be worth a try for fans of the character. 19th August 2016 250
Batman : A Batman identified in the read me as being a "combined effort of the Infinity Mugen Team Forum" and dated to 2008. I have no idea how it compares to modern Batmans; it was in my folder of things to try forever as "Infinity Batman" and I thought it was so ... 19th August 2016 414
Wonderman : Wonderman v 1.01, by Zvitor and some other IMT guys. Never tried this guy, you'll have to tell me how good (or bad) he is. Note that this is an older Wonderman than the one currently available on Zvitor's website. 19th August 2016 194
Captain Marvel(old) : An older version of IMT's Captain Marvel character, dated to 2008. Likely outdone and outclassed by whatever's available on their website now. Uploading for collection purposes. 19th August 2016 131
Automotus Action Unit : An EXShadow stage currently absent from our archives, date of creation seems to be unclear. Good stage with a solid superjump, tested and works in 1.0. Could probably use a zoom edit for 1.1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkLlleOiP1s ... 20th August 2016 48
Chateau medieval : The Chateau Medieval is a rare and highly sought after stage in the MUGEN community. We currently have two versions here, but both appear to be identical remakes of the original. What I have here for your consideration is... well, I do not know for c ... 21st August 2016 37
Sentry(old) : An older version of Acey's Sentry, dated to 2009. Good for WinMugen players as the later update is 1.0 only. 21st August 2016 274
Anti-Venom : An Anti-Venom from my "characters to try" folder that I never got around to, dated to 2013. Date lines up with the one already here but the authors appear to be different. 21st August 2016 1,291
Spider-Man : An old Spider-Man, identified as version 2.0, and dated to 4-28-2007 in the ReadMe. Uploading purely for collection purposes. 21st August 2016 289
Power Over Sense : A CPS2 original theme for the Superior Spider-Man. The MP3 has the intro cut out for more seamless looping. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_R47SLzzy3M 6th September 2016 25
Psylocke(old) : From the readme: "base (sic) on MSH & X_MEN COTA (mainly MSH)" A Psylocke by Qkrtkf (gesundheit), dated to 2001. Possibly one of the first Psylockes. There are many better ones now, of course. Uploading for collection purposes (and to get her off my ha ... 6th September 2016 206
Invisible Woman : An Invisible Woman by Arkady, from my "characters to try" folder that I never got around to. Dated to 2011 but shows some 2012 edits. Seems to have code to allow for playability in WinMugen as well as 1.0. I have no idea how well she plays, but Arkady's ... 6th September 2016 574
Sky Noah (Edit) : An edit of the KOF 2003 Sky Noah stage, incorporating the background from Spider-Man's MSH stage (that city sure is popular) and a night theme. Nice wide dimensions, give it a shot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaYMcC_Jw34 ... 7th September 2016 90
The Far Plane : A 2011 stage that's suspiciously reminiscent of Mazemerald's more recent "Sunset Fantasy" stage from MMV, both stages are clearly edited from Charlie's SFA2 stage. This one comes with its own BGM. Uploading for collection purposes, as we already have the ... 3rd May 2017 27
Training Area ("Weld") : An odd stage indeed... the file is called "Weld" but the title is "Training Area". Combines elements from Loganir's Gamma Base stage, Bison's SFA2 stage and adds... Metal Slug refugees? Members of ISIS? I can't even begin to tell you who these background ... 3rd May 2017 26
Gustab Stage : A nice little edit of the final boss stage from KOF EX2. No superjump, sadly. 3rd May 2017 29
Dynamo : A Dynamo dated to 2008. Not bad, but better versions of this character exist now. Uploading strictly for collection purposes. 3rd May 2017 111
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