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About kylepounder
football, video games, mugen, art and my gf
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Frank West, biohazard many more
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not sure
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i have a desktop PC that has 3 hard drives custom built gaming pc from 2008 or 09 upgrading the drives to samsung drives

i also have a windows 8 laptop which i use my own segate hard drive to play Mugen on. the laptop is pretty shitty and can run really old games but stuff like cod bops 2 it lags like crazy on low settings. Its a lenovo laptop.
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Windows 7 and 8
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opera or internet explore


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10th September 2017
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6th August 2016

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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
[18+] Poison : Hentai edit of Poison victim char 26th December 2016 1,029
Wolf : Wolf from Battle K-road 26th December 2016 49
tam tam : Found tam tam by Ali as i was looking for this char i found him yay so i thought i would share him 26th December 2016 184
[18+] Poison : a hentai edit of poison this version is a raper 27th December 2016 1,894
tiger mask : Yoshihiro Yamazaki better known as Tiger mask is a professional Japanese wrestler he is mostly famous for his work in NPJW as well as his work in TNA there are many other wrestlers named tiger mask there is about 6. 27th December 2016 31
[18+] Blue Mary : Hentai edit of blue mary victim char 27th December 2016 853
[18+] ki : a hentai edit of ki 27th December 2016 938
[18+] nonowa san : a hentai edit of nonowa san 27th December 2016 379
[18+] Kudoi : a hentai edit of kudoi san an origional char 28th December 2016 853
[18+] mako : a female version of KFM but a hentai edit 28th December 2016 745
[18+] Kisarah Westfield : a hentai edit of kisarah westfield victim char 28th December 2016 1,100
[18+] newking : a hentai edit of king from kof this is a new version one also a victim char 28th December 2016 851
[18+] ngbc_ai : a hentai edit of ai this is a victim char 28th December 2016 1,170
Griffon/Tizoc '03 : this is a grifforn edit by CROSS†CAT it is the pro edit 29th December 2016 202
Final Goenitz : this is the final edit of goenitz by gonzo 29th December 2016 106
[18+] minotaur double raper : this is a double raper edit of minotaur 29th December 2016 1,314
[18+] cvs nude mai : this is a raper version of the cvs nude mai by cvsnudemai has new moves and rape moves had to replace the original images cause the images are nude so i replaced them with clothed images 29th December 2016 1,354
[18+] Kuromaru_strike : this is a edit of Kuromaru with some new rape moves here is a list of the new moves Name change to "Kuromaru/Strike" instead of "Kuromaru-G" Added new KO move for dog helper. New Alien move. New Ox move. New Minotaur helper added. 3 new fini ... 29th December 2016 1,529
[18+] minotaur : this is a hentai edit of minoraur by ショクシュスキー&UJI it is a raper char 29th December 2016 2,117
[18+] octopus : a hentai editl creation of an octopus a raper char and by the doctor 29th December 2016 1,277
[18+] special kuromaru 4 : a special edit of kuromaru by tengu and pornking with a background girl (nude sprites) new moves raper char 29th December 2016 1,370
[18+] Maji Iroha : this is a female raper char henati edit of maji iroha 29th December 2016 537
[18+] I-no (tessa 60%) : this is a futa raper edit of i-no or tessa 60% by meka 29th December 2016 1,258
[18+] blackraiya(deku) : a futa edit of B RaiyaD4 by elecbyte this version has some special ko's 29th December 2016 797
[18+] cvs nude mai : this is the normal nude version of mai from cvsnudemai 29th December 2016 961
[18+] maji Iroha edit : non futa version of maji this is the female edit version 29th December 2016 342
[18+] MAJI_IROHA : the v1.3 edit of Maji by Elecbyte this one is a victim female char 29th December 2016 149
[18+] MAJI_IROHA : this is the final version of Maji by Elecbyte victim char 29th December 2016 458
[18+] shermie KO raper : this is a ko raper of shermie 29th December 2016 1,749
[18+] cvs jill : this is a victim char of cvs jill with some rape moves made by Warusaki3 29th December 2016 1,302
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