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About kylepounder
football, video games, mugen, art and my gf
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Frank West, biohazard many more
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not sure
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i have a desktop PC that has 3 hard drives custom built gaming pc from 2008 or 09 upgrading the drives to samsung drives

i also have a windows 8 laptop which i use my own segate hard drive to play Mugen on. the laptop is pretty shitty and can run really old games but stuff like cod bops 2 it lags like crazy on low settings. Its a lenovo laptop.
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Windows 7 and 8
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opera or internet explore


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6th March 2018
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6th August 2016

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File Date Downloads
Wolf : Wolf from Battle K-road 26th December 2016 299
Tam Tam : Found tam tam by Ali as i was looking for this char i found him yay so i thought i would share him 26th December 2016 255
tiger mask : Yoshihiro Yamazaki better known as Tiger mask is a professional Japanese wrestler he is mostly famous for his work in NPJW as well as his work in TNA there are many other wrestlers named tiger mask there is about 6. 27th December 2016 47
[18+] Kudoi : 28th December 2016 1,547
[18+] mako : 28th December 2016 1,094
[18+] Kisarah Westfield : 28th December 2016 1,457
Griffon/Tizoc '03 : this is a grifforn edit by CROSSü§CAT it is the pro edit 29th December 2016 541
Final Goenitz : this is the final edit of goenitz by gonzo 29th December 2016 361
[18+] blackraiya(deku) : 29th December 2016 1,278
Jun Kubota stage : some sort of wrestling or boxing ring arena from Advance to Variable Geo by JAM 1st January 2017 19
ssf2x zangief Arrange : stage from street fighter 2 X arrange 1st January 2017 72
Lavaux Temple : Lavaux Temple white stage 1st January 2017 69
Angela Stage : Angela stage from lucky temple 2 1st January 2017 53
FF Hwa Stage : Hawaii stage from fatal fury by Kuroneko 2nd January 2017 52
FF Rolento Stage : Rolento stage from Final Fight by Kuroneko 2nd January 2017 128
FF Billy Stage : Billy stage from fatal fury by Kuroneko 2nd January 2017 91
FF - Duck Stage : duck stage from fatal fury by Kuroneko 2nd January 2017 52
Arma : this version of arma has some new sprite's sounds and blows this version is also made by Fernando Buffa and Jessica Smoke who has made all the new improvements to this version 3rd January 2017 525
Wolfgang Krauser : Custom wolfgang krauser 3rd January 2017 359
Duck Dodgers : Duck Dodgers by Tronboone 3rd January 2017 1,429