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    Thank you so much for the suggestion on the animation of inflating your head for the stomach, i will take it in mind ^^
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    This way, you can ask for help for Bison Shadaloo, Gettag, NoobIV or moko_moko. They are references in 18+ content here on the site.
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    I'm glad that you ask me for that.
    I plan to make intro and ending for Slime. There are still in progress now, since it is rather difficult to find sprites representing your "Slime". I'm still drawing the sprites for the scene by now, but my lack of spare times due to my working schedules will make the progress a lill bit longer, I'm afraid.

    About the story, I have some ideas about Slime, but since it is too long to post here, I'll send the complete scenario in your inbox.
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    I know, I only gave this message because I had forgotten it before and it would be good for you to know that. :)
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    My friend, now that you are a Creator, you just have to go to your already posted file, click on the "Edit" tag, and there at the bottom of the page is the option for you to upload your file.
    The difference is that instead of posting a new file, this old file will be updated by you.
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    Congrats! Now you're Creator.
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    All the uploads you requested to be removed are done.
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Rain MK2 : I edited his water special to be OP and deadly, and his 2 of his fatalities are edited and extended... also minor unoriginal edit to 1st pallet. edited sounds as well (uses some mk9 water effects) also special sounds and extra fatal reaction sprit ... 27th June 2017 336
Motaro : I edited this version of motaro, originally made by omegapsycho- for MKP 4.1 (or 2.5 etc) since i edited my mugens, the avatar's *might* not show up in the right spot, thanks to local coord and all. but i do have the localcood updated with the standard 2. ... 2nd July 2017 748
Kabal Edit : I only edited the fatality in the video below, that is the only change. Alternate pump fatality version ; original kabal by MKP Team ; MK3 arcade sprites ripped by Fly ; MK3 sound rips by [email protected] ; hook sound effect rips by PhoboSS, ThaRealest ; explo ... 17th July 2017 304
Shang Tsung Mk2 EDIT : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKso0mvRVzo Edited Shang Tsung MK2 version by me, 2 moves have been changed- the soul steal is now "soul flation" which will pop the victim if theyre out of health. the other move was the triple fireball, now "super sou ... 3rd September 2017 180
Jedah MKP : MORTAL KOMBAT VARIANT WIP (intended for MKP season 2.5 mugen) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrGZZVIxkP8 MORTAL KOMBAT VARIANT WIP (intended for MKP season 2.5 mugen) I'm editing the "jedahX" becuz it works in mortal kombat and I don't have to c ... 3rd September 2017 247
Nami UPDATED mkp 2.5 : Moves have been changed and fixed: Updated after new port from 2.9 version (compatible and fixed blood helpers etc) 1/1/18 -"fan lift" move is gone and a custom sword attack special has been added -hitbox on projectile fixed -grab special is no lo ... 22nd October 2017 66
Slime 2.9 : 1-21-18 UPDATE FINAL UPDATE: Cosmetic updates and all moves are now changed to fit his theme. custom effects and all. "Slime" is an intentionally overpowered character for MKP 2.9 has some unblockable specials, double health, and set up stun moves ... 31st December 2017 700
Kitana V3 MKP 2.9 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RfSL4g0SwE&feature=youtu.be 1-20-18 UPDATE fixed costume (was working on a new one, went back to old one) Hara-kiri edited (pulls out mirror) general updates. <10/11/2017> NEW UPDATE- *EDITED version of th ... 9th November 2017 655
Kitana V3 MKP 2.5 : THIS IS A PORTED VERSION OF THE 2.9 KITANA I MADE BUT FOR **SEASON 2.5** OF MKP I fixed any avatar issues there were and got rid of any blood helpers that didnt exist in 2.5 and replaced them with other bones/etc. Just a reminder this is a 2.5 vers ... 24th November 2017 234
Nami MKP 2.9 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RfSL4g0SwE UPDATED NAMI FOR MKP SEASON 2.9 3/11/18 Update: added compatibility for new ruby/smoke and altered other coding. 2/26/18 (edited reactions that arnt dependent anymore on whether my other characters are us ... 27th November 2017 173
Rain V3 2.9 : ----VERSION 3 UPDATE!!!---- 3-11-18 Updated: has a 5th fatality now, movelist updated, new water effects and new sounds! (1-20-18) New edited water and eletric effects added, made by "Emsi-D Velaskiz" (Permission to use was granted) (i ... 4th December 2017 460
Li Mei V2 2.9 : UPDATED 1-20-18 mkp 2.9 new move, edited moves, new 4th fatality. edited pallets. sprites etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4n2tAGE3wE&t=344s 9th January 2018 411
Kabal edit 2.9 : Updated 2-21-18 has a modified fatality. mkp 2.9 11th January 2018 321
Sareena edit 2.9 : has a modified fatality. mkp 2.9 11th January 2018 245
Shang Tsung edit 2.9 : edited fatality mkp 2.9 has "soul-flation" fatality 11th January 2018 345
Li Mei 2.9/final : Latest update: 7-20-18 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqVeY-itV18&lc=z22kuhq40uz2dd3bq04t1aokgs4unkpavaoh1ex1031crk0h00410.1538699688946324 **UPDATED** -thanks to leandro for helping me fix the brutality error, I also went and added some more ... 7th July 2018 305
Li Mei Rev2 2.9/final : Li Mei Fully updated/fixed for MKP Revitalized 2 -flying punch no longer in air -hara kiri now properly displays -updated bio pic HOTFIX for reaction to Cyrax's 4th fatality. that was a bug and not intentional- this has been fixed now! **(video ... 9th November 2018 178
Slime 2.9 V2 : -added brutalities depending on what move you use after the trap move -fully heals on inflating oppononent (works with slime grab and trap) -lots of unblockable moves **Character is intentionally Overpowered!** not meant to be taken seriously!!! ... 10th November 2018 506
Rain MKX : I added 3 mkx-style brutalities, and edited the bubble burst fatal no gameplay changes were made otherwise from the revitalized 2 version, so this would still be legal for tournament runs etc. 26th December 2018 322
Smoky edit By Darkburster1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75uYRsmmh7M&feature=youtu.be Finally got around to finishing my edit for Tem(a)'s "Smoky"! A couple typical changes from me: pallet edits Edited her Smoke ball special move -Now deals damage, different falling ... 4th August 2019 120