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About GodzillaFightn
Making MUGEN Character progress when i have free time, i guess.
...Does making amaetur MUGEN characters count as a mini-job?
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Toriel by MAD_X, Zens by Pizzasause, The upcoming Gaster by Gramsen/sumin2393, not sure which one at this point unless its the same person but going by different names...idk
Favorite MUGEN stages:
Undertale - Asriel Dreemurr and lastcorridor by sumin2393.
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Windows 7
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Mozilla Firefox


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Character keeps going to top layer for a single frame? 18th May 2017 19:18
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11th July 2016

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Balanced Ultimate Chimera : A supergeon edit, to look like Ultimate Chimera and be a beatable, balanced Ultimate Chimera that does not oneshot you. :thumbup: I did not in any way create Ultimate Chimeras sprites, they are ripped sprites from the game "Mother 3" sprite file from th ... 20th November 2016 95
NES Gigan : This is a edit of an NES Godzilla character. This edit is meant to be more intune with the original NES game than what its an edit of. I have another edit, which is a more original NES version of the original Godzilla character this is an edit of. :g ... 30th December 2016 44
NES Godzilla Edit : An edit of Mothra67's NES Godzilla. This edit makes the attacks more like the original NES game, instead of a custom layout. Everything usally made the screen shake, but no more. :gamer: 30th December 2016 82
ą® : A old character by sumin2393. Easy to use, works like a SSBB character, like mostly rest of his characters. Its face kind of looks like megusta, i guess? EDIT: I set this to upload to Characters in general... Why did it get redirected to Joke Edits? T ... 31st December 2016 46
Vengance Sans (OP EDIT) : *An OP edit of AngryBirdCooler's Sans. Changes include: =More palettes. =Palettes based around being very light colored. (Because it's a ghost sans, i guess?) +Faster attacks. +No cost for hypers and supers. +Gaster Blaster damage buffed. (50 -> 90) ... 18th January 2017 80
Vengance Sans (OP EDIT) V2 : *An OP edit of AngryBirdCooler's Sans. It had a palette problem. Changes include: =More palettes. =Palettes based around being very light colored. (Because it's a ghost sans, i guess?) +Palettes fixed. +Faster attacks. +No cost for hypers and super ... 19th January 2017 234
Underpants Gaster : A Underpants Gaster made from sanspooltheskeleton's Underpants Sans. Changelist for edit: =A will summon a blue bone. =B will summon a single g.blaster. =C will do "dumb creepypasta shenanigans" and make the opponent back off if it hits. +Light Punch ... 20th January 2017 1,038
W.D. Gaster : A Gaster made from Underpants Sans. Changes include: =No jump, replaced with an attack. +Dash replaced with a teleport for aslong as you want to. =An idea by a friend. =A "cheap" mode on Palette 12, which includes infinite power and health regens to ... 22nd January 2017 159
W.D. Gaster (UPDATE) : An updated Gaster made from Underpants Sans. Update: Problem with Death, it would play the death monolouge from UP!Sans, now its replaced by the proper Dust sound. Changes include: =No jump, replaced with an attack. +Dash replaced with a teleport for ... 22nd January 2017 944
Peleg the Mudkip : A entirely made char by me, not an edit! :grin: :arrow: Movelist and credits in the readme file. :question: 24th January 2017 38
Funtime Frisk : This is yet again a completely made from a basic template, no base character edits! READ THIS (IMPORTANT): This is NOT an edit, it is made from N64Mario's template. So please, before you said this is a spriteswap or edit, please understand that it is not ... 26th January 2017 209
Chica's Magic Rainbow : Chica's Magic Rainbow from FNaF World is now in MUGEN. Movelist inside the readme, also credits there too. 19th February 2017 134
Adventure Fredbear : A friend asked me to make an Adventure Fredbear, so i did .p. Credits and moveset in the readme! V2: Forgot to change certain parts of the readme file, fixed now, dont download the first one if you care about it being correct. 21st February 2017 48
Adventure Fredbear V3 (srsly.) : Yea...i'm serious, i've already made a V3. Changes include: New, better palettes (Except the last one, its still a wake me up inside meme.), explainations for palettes in the ReadMe, two Supers and a Hyper. New stuff also documented in the ReadMe, inclu ... 22nd February 2017 151
Security V1 : Back at it again with another FNaF World character! Important stuff in the readme, as usual now. 25th February 2017 101
Lolbit : And a THIRD FNaF World character! Movelist is in readme, along with palette selection buttons and credits. 2nd March 2017 120
Warlock (EDIT OF AN EDIT) : Might as well get an average-ly made thing out there this month! Also, this is NOT a late April Fools joke. I swear, okay? 6th April 2017 39
RED : Yes, because Warlock had a RED intro and because i've always wanted a normal RED to use. Credits in readme, Config options in readme and Config is in State -2 at the top in the Config section. Click on some of the images to animate them. ... 8th April 2017 61
RED V1.2 (aka less Undertale sounds : This version uses less Undertale sounds. Right now, some of the previously used sounds are replaced by FNaF World and Terraria sounds until better sounds can be found. 9th April 2017 96
Ghost (PKMN) : Yea, i know ill get some bad feedback on this, because its a bit strange. Notes: Movelist in the readme, credits aswell. You can only hurt Ghost when they are attacking, meaning you have to risk getting hit. Once Ghost has max power, they can use Curs ... 25th April 2017 33
Goomba V1.0 : Well, time for a proper description! This is a Goomba with sprites from Mario & Luigi Dream Team. Readme holds movelist and such. Extra features: Cheap Mode when fighting an Iron Commando character, will be updated with others and stat-checks later on ... 13th May 2017 50
slib beta : rushing still dont download, barely finished only here incase WannaCry worm gets mah comp 13th May 2017 2