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    2nd January 2020, 04:28
    Dante I'm currently using for UMvCX! Spent the most time in development on this ONE character. What's New: - 6 Button to the best of my...
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Suzaku Castle SSB Mod : This is my first mugen stage that I have created. It was made exclusively for the Super Smash Bros. Mod for Mugen 1.1. I hope you enjoy it. 😁 5th August 2016 202
Gerudo Valley SSB Mod for MUGEN : A stage for the Super Smash Bros Mod for MUGEN. Not my best stage, but it is certainly fun to play on. 15th October 2016 118
Marvel vs Street Fighter Lifebar : From the Mugen Multiverse website. Not sure if it was uploaded here. 6th July 2017 397
Captain America U (Auto AI removed) : A Captain America made by Unkoman that's visually based on Marvel vs Capcom 2, but gameplay-wise is solely ripped from Marvel Super Heroes. It had an auto-AI problem. Seeing as I removed it, it is now one of my personal favorite Captain America's in MUGEN ... 1st August 2017 345
Amazing Spider-Man : This Spider-Man is interesting. Has a web-zip similar to MvC3, and a few new intros. He also has a 2 new hypers involving both his Symbiote and Iron Spider suit. Felt I needed to share. 26th September 2017 483
Ryu by DG : A pallete I made for Ryu to celebrate MvCI. It's based on his Evil Ryu costume. I like it. What do you guys think? 26th September 2017 23
Venom MVC2 : REDHOT has just released his MvC2 Venom this morning. Are you not entertained?! What was edited?: - Metal hit - HD Special Hits - Better sounds - No tag system - Removed all the extra moves that not appear in MvC2 - Hitdef, anims, and some code ... 26th November 2017 1,606
Dante (UMvCX!) : Dante I'm currently using for UMvCX! Spent the most time in development on this ONE character. What's New: - 6 Button to the best of my abilities. - New Moves - New Teleport - Adjusted super to connect 90% of the time on airborne opponents ... 2nd January 2020 164
Ryu (MvCX!) : An edited version of Ryu I am using for my project MvCX! Version 1.0b - Has MvC2 Hyper BG effects - OTG attacks - MvC cancels - Removed unnecessary hypers - New Stance sprites - Most normals hit falling opponents now - New palettes (including ... 7th September 2019 217
Mega Man X (MvCX!) : A edited version of Nexus Games' Mega Man X that I use for MvCX! Version 1.0b - OTG attacks - MvC cancels - Converted to 6-button to the best of my abilities - Can chain specials into one another like MvCi - Tweaked air chaining Update - T ... 7th September 2019 401
Strider Hiryu (MvCX!) : An edited version of SSonic's edit of Infinite's edit of Splode's Strider Hiryu edited by me. This is the version I use for MvCX! Version 1.0b - No longer stays airborne during Air Cipher Slash - Removed most unnecessary hypers - Changed hyper in ... 7th September 2019 118