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    Yo! GT! I have question about the DBZ chars I know there a Gohan Char that allow its foe to clash fight each other untill one another bar is the first to full. I'm trying to find a code! And the code for beam clash

    Thanks for reading my message
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Mugen 1.0
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SSJ Goku Z2,Duke Nukem,Strider Hiryu,Jin Saotome,Oni.
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Hyperbolic Time Chamber HR,KFM Dojo,Cornered In Crime Alley,Rooftops,Mugen Marathon.
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Piccolo : A good high resolution character. It wasnīt made by me, I simply uploaded it here. http://i46.servimg.com/u/f46/12/56/97/39/piccol10.jpg 28th December 2013 633
Vegito (Hi-res) : I guess its around version 2.0 still pretty good tough 28th December 2013 1,489
Goku (Hi-res) : The Coolest High resolution character made! 28th December 2013 974
Vegeta Super Saiyan Form (Hi-res) : One of the best characters Alienqueen has made. 28th December 2013 1,439
Goku Super Saiyan Form (Hi-res) : An average character.Not too good,not too bad. 28th December 2013 686
Cell (Hi-res) : A really nice character :) 28th December 2013 899
Future Trunks (Hi-res) : Its really good to play with once you get used to him :amuse: 28th December 2013 1,279
Super Gogets (Hi-res) : 28th December 2013 1,295
Broly (HD) : Its basically a taller Broly.With a few changes in the sprites,they now look smoother.The gameplay of this character is really good too:amuse: Also,its appereance seems to fit 3d characters somehow 28th December 2013 2,038
Raditz (HD) : One of the best 2D high resolution characters i have ever used. Its graphics fit 3D tough :3 29th December 2013 1,047
Freeza 2nd Form (Hi-res) : Even tough this characterīs AI is a little defensive its still a real challenge to fight against! 29th December 2013 764
Freeza Final Form (Hi-res) : Its really nice to play with. 29th December 2013 964
Super Buu (Hi-res) : All i have to say about this character is that it needs to have dashing movement.But i guess the jump fixes that :cool: 29th December 2013 1,287
Goku Super Saiyan 4 Form (Hi-res) : No comments on this character... 29th December 2013 1,555
Omega Shenron (Hi-res) : Itīs the best high resolution Syn/Omega Shenron character around. 29th December 2013 1,817
Goku SSJ3 HD : Itīs a really cool super saiyan 3 Goku! Really nice to play with too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Id8ddwUk8Q 29th December 2013 12,738
Gohan SSJ2 (HD) : A really cool character by Choujin? Already have Choujinīs Perfect Cell? Then put thesse two in a fight to the death! 29th December 2013 1,516
Piccolo (Hi-res) Bodukai 3 style : The original one made by Kram3r. The other one was a more or less bad one made by alienqueen. 11th April 2014 1,130
Teen Gohan (All Forms) : Ozīs Gohan.A really nice character with good gamplay.The transformations are selected in the same way as his Frieza.If you want to transform yourself press down forward twice and the energy charge button. 25th May 2014 2,283
Vegeta ssj4 transform : Edited version of LegenTTAīs Vegeta. It transforms into a super saiyan 5. 1st June 2014 1,496