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    Werent you a moderator before?
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    I guess you wnat this private. W.
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    (Snip, Double posted on accident)
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    Ryoucchi, you have uploaded quality material, I am most impressed.
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Sakura Megumi : The teacher from latest anime Gakkou Gurashi. Sadly this character is no more than lazy edit of Yuyuko from Touhou. 17th September 2015 80
Chino Kafuu : Chino Kafuu from anime "Gochiusa". A joke char that was released for limited time. 18th September 2015 122
Thrust : Thrust is a member of Decepticon faction who transforms into a VTOL jet. Pretty decent, originally sprited mecha character. 18th September 2015 110
Churuya-san : Chibi version of Tsuruya-san from "Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya". Long lost character, hope you enjoy this find. 18th September 2015 63
[nsfw] A.Vyssinis : Squid girl attack! Warning: she's an NSFW character. 18th September 2015 1,069
Itsuka Shido : The male protag from "Date-A-Live". This MUGEN version is merely a sad Shiki edit, collection purpose only. 18th September 2015 333
Tubaki : Abandoned beta, has basic attacks and such. Also a long-lost one. 18th September 2015 122
Offender : A character from anime "Ninja Slayer". It's quite accurate to the show, i must say! 18th September 2015 151
Othinus : Othinus from "To Aru Majutsu no Index". Cheap character with OHKO. It was private. 18th September 2015 923
Suigintou : Edited from Darkstalkers' Morrigan. Suigintou is come from anime "Rozen Maiden". 18th September 2015 189
Yoshino : Yoshino from "Date-A-Live". Previously private character. 18th September 2015 650
Itsuka Kotori : Kotori from "Date-A-Live". Previously a private character. 18th September 2015 846
Ginkaku Uneri : A character from "Katanagatari". (Seriously i thought he was a Bleach character). Previously 1.1 only but i converted it to work in 1.0. It's a silly, overpowered character. One hit from his attack deals a crazy damage, it even has ridiculous range. 18th September 2015 94
Juralian : From retro anime "Chargeman Ken". Quite a rare one. 18th September 2015 89
Fuhrman The Futility : The strongest one of Anton's four subordinate. He has the eye of oblivion. 18th September 2015 192
Tsuya : From Visual Novel "Sora o Aogite Kumo Takaku". Auto AI has been turned off. 18th September 2015 105
Louise F.B. Valliere (Old Version) : From "Zero no Tsukaima". This old version uses Tasofro-styled sprites, and it was taken down by the author after the Melty Blood-styled one released. A helper heavy character, it may lag on old computers. 19th September 2015 212
Eciton : Remember that one ridiculous SyFy Channel movie about killer ants? This character is basically MUGENized version of it. Cannot be killed (except by debug keys), for novelty purpose only. 19th September 2015 93
Saki Kusanagi : A kinda old original character and was a hard to find one. 19th September 2015 119
Sonya : From "Kill me Baby". An okay 5-buttoned character with decent AI, but those purple outline in her sprites are annoying. 19th September 2015 139
Mel : From an obscure Beat-Em-Up, "Pu Li Ru La". 19th September 2015 63
Eltnum (POTS) : A joke character, but its too funny to be forgotten! 19th September 2015 211
Seiyen : From "Gaia Crusaders". Some offline character by some author who did some obscure releases. Was a hard to find one. 19th September 2015 135
Noel : OC by Romanov for his MUGEN Full Game "DVS MUGEN". 19th September 2015 296
Clear : OC by Romanov for his MUGEN Full Game "DVS MUGEN". 19th September 2015 224
Claire : OC by Romanov for his MUGEN Full Game "DVS MUGEN". 19th September 2015 276
Tobiichi Origami : From "Date-A-Live". Previously a private character. 19th September 2015 779
Tohka Yatogami : Tohka from "Date-A-Live". It was a private character before. The most completed one among the other DAL characters made by this author. She has SBX cut-ins and effects, but not the gameplay. Gameplay is quite combo-heavy, and her attacks deal quite insane ... 19th September 2015 755
Shigure Kai-2 : Newest update (01/04/2015) A ship girl from "Kantai Collection". It's a very well made character with original, hi-res sprites. Most of her attack buttons are projectile-based (similar to Touhou fighter, and she has limiter gauge for them). 19th September 2015 254
Akatsuki : Newest update (23/04/2015) A ship girl from "Kantai Collection". A KOF-styled character, but her moveset actually mirrored Akatsuki from Akatsuki Blitzkampf. (Yeah namesake joke) 19th September 2015 105
Wo-Class Aircraft Carrier : Newest update (24/05/2015) An abyssal enemy ship from "Kantai Collection". Shimon's edit from Moiky's original character turned her from AI-only boss to a regular playable character. 19th September 2015 342
Gregariously : A creepy monster girl with delinquent-like voice....it's really worth trying out. 20th September 2015 201
Kitakami : Newest update (30/12/2013) A ship girl from "Kantai Collection". It's amusing how the author managed to make her sprites based off her card art. A joke character, you can't use her attack anymore once the battery gauge emptied. 20th September 2015 230
Aircraft Carrier Water Demon : An abyssal enemy ship from "Kantai Collection". It's cheap and uses effects similar to a certain Touhou edit that i can't recall. 20th September 2015 235
Northern Sea Princess : Newest Update (27/08/2015) An abyssal enemy ship from "Kantai Collection". This edited version has more fluid gameplay and AI. 20th September 2015 521
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