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    There is a fine line I think, between discussing 18+ characters and describing their content, which is a severe violation of the community rules. Those tags should be reserved for downloads that have actual viewable 18+ material, imo
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    I've seen threads about 18+ characters, so I think it's ok
  3. Me too @anthimus
  4. Hey mate, thanks for the f-request, beware eh ... do not be too knowledgeable, I am only a mugen child^^ of 2.5 years old, who gets knowledge from all friendly mugen friends in its broad variety. Nice meeting you Pepe21 ;-)
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    y vos que haces o como te va
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    hola si es cierto hace tiempo que no te escribo es que aun no posteo nada pero si yo quería hacer un sistema de striker para el clarck y el proto recién hoy comienzo a tomar de nuevo el proyecto es que estaba ocupado con un proyecto en la vida real y me tomo mucho tiempo pero lo hice bien
    y ahora comenzare hacer el proto y si puedo a la vez hacer el morden tanque alíen
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    no lo hagas
    tienes que pedicelo directamente a el si te dice que no es no
    aparte tendrías que convencerlo que el lo suba
    si lo hace alguien mas adiós a los chars
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    Ya estamos como amigos, aunque no quería seguir llenando de comentarios ese char
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    Pepe tu sabes sobre AI

    Es que necesito saber una cosa de como hacer que la AI ejecute los comandos y no los states

    y si no sabes por casualidad no conoces a alguien

    es que el brain robot funciona con comandos y no con states
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    hee.. tu publicas ideas yo las tomo y me las imagino como quedarían bien en el char osea toda idea que publiquen o e digan yo veo como lo integro al char
    creo que te debo poner en agradecimiento en "leer si sabes leer" cuando lo termine
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File Date Downloads
ted broiler : from metal max 2 :wink1: 26th June 2016 111
famicom wars : a hard to find char :notrust: 26th June 2016 93
cless alvein ps1 : the version of tales of phantasia ps1 cless alvein :thumbup: 26th June 2016 69
Red Zaku : 2nd November 2016 36
SD YMS-015 Gyan : 2nd November 2016 27
SD ZAKU 2J : 2nd November 2016 38
SD Wing Gundam Zero-Custom : a very rare version of wing zero custom:smile: this is not hyuga 2nd November 2016 73
SD Devil Gundam : 2nd November 2016 114
Kinbaraito ZAKU : another zaku i find :grin: 3rd November 2016 23
SD Ez-8 : the only ez8 char ever 3rd November 2016 25
SD God Gundam : GOD FINGEEEEEEEEEEER! 3rd November 2016 55
SD RX-78-2 Gundam : this is not elric :smile: 3rd November 2016 19
SD F91 : sd gundam everywhere :uhuh: 3rd November 2016 22
Nu Gundam : the author is elecbyte anyway i found this rare and hard char so please like this 3rd November 2016 322
rockman 9 : a offline megaman char from megaman 9 battle and fighter :very_good: 4th November 2016 335
protoman : another offline char from megaman 9 battle and fighters 4th November 2016 405
SD Hi Nu Gundam : another one sd char :uhuh: 4th November 2016 52
SD Zaku Kai : another zaku 4th November 2016 36
Tank (nakoruru) : a metal slug char with nakoruru as pilot the tank 4th November 2016 636
karn : a metal slug 1 boss 4th November 2016 556
Sue Sakamoto : a cave story char and rainbow six vegas in one 5th November 2016 83
Dr. Willy Classic : another emiliano palleres char 5th November 2016 448
Rockman : the worst megaman char ever seen so weak that can die in 5 hits 5th November 2016 121
Sazabi : this is not kon :grin: 6th November 2016 203
RX-78-2 GUNDAM : a taurusac195 char :grin: 6th November 2016 539
BladeX : the second x blade armor char ever made and this is no edit 6th November 2016 438
Acguy : this is not syu also the char is nearly finished than syu work :grin: 6th November 2016 275
Trigger : this is not mass :grin: 7th November 2016 82
Haiji Mibu : this is not Gargoyle :grin: 7th November 2016 78
Harry Ness : this is not NS 7th November 2016 65
Wing Gundam : this is not syu and more finished than syu :smile: 8th November 2016 404
metalman : this is not vince j and khamibq 8th November 2016 261
FP-701 (God Gundam) : im not kidding this is god gundam of battle assault 2 however this is a edit 9th November 2016 188
dann of thursday : a rare gun x sword char 12th November 2016 186
Turn-X : a offline gen gundam char its sprites are taken from super robot taisen z 12th November 2016 275
clovis : a offline foxtlot char the character comes from dragon buster 12th November 2016 68
Layzner MkII : this download http://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=27871 does not have it so i uploaded here also its not ankokunaitou its ecoshi instead 13th November 2016 143
bull drill : this is not nsx2015 also its easier to use 15th November 2016 139
Blazing Star Boss 1 : the blazing star boss from stage 1 its playable actually 15th November 2016 603
ms alice : a metal slug attack char. a slug controlled by an ai 31st January 2017 519
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