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    Ok amiga
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    Ok amiga, mucha gracias por el consejo, saludos.
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    Ok amiga, gracias por las recomendaciones, aunque cuales bases de cabezas le recomiendas a mi primo que use para esos 2 chars por curiosidad? Saludos
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    Estuve buscando cuales bases puedes usar para esos personajes, y solo pone encuentrar a uno, y fue Nonon Jakuzure (Puedes usar sprites de este char para crear a Nonon https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...tlasia-shiroto), Despues te busco otras bases para esos chars, por cierto, los proximos chars que creara mi primo son: Sabu, Abdullah The Butcher, Man Mad Pondo y Black Warrior (Aunque cuales bases le recomiendas que use para crear a este char?)
  5. Ok amigo usare esas bases para hacerlas muchas gracias, y tambien que bases me recomiendas de los chars de kill la kill que te mencione y podrias subir el char de dario porfavor.
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    Bueno amiga, estuve buscando unos chars para que los uses para crear a esas 2 personaje, y esto fueron los que encuentre: Puedes crear a Sucy con sprites de Ciel (https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...0-ciel-shiroto) y a Constance la puedes crear con sprites de Rena Ryuugu (https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...ugu-rena-baggy). Ah por cierto, mi primo ya termino el char de Dario Ripoll.
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    De nada amiga.
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    De que mi primo habia creando las cabezas de 4 luchadores, y son Bobby Roode, Terry Funk, Tye Dillinger y (Adrian) Neville, y tambien hizo unos potraits de esos luchadores, aqui el link (http://www.mediafire.com/file/ihs3wg...2C_Neville.rar).
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    hola... tienes una pagina web donde descargar tus chars??? porque aqui no me bajan mas que con error y no puedo instalarlos...
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    hello again
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    Hey, I saw your GTA characters and well I'm a huge fan of them. Where do you get the sprites from/how did you rip them? I want to make a Tommy Vercetti character
  12. Oh sweet. I remember her. She's cute.^^
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  13. Wow. I Iove your Avatar. XD
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    I really enjoy your work. keep it up :)
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I love Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, GTA, Kill La Kill, Gravity Falls, And Wrestling Lucha Libre.
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1.0 and 1.1
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Son Bra U16, WWE Chars, MK Chars, DBZ Chars, Boku No Hero Academia Chars, Kill La Kill Chars, 3D Chars, Entre Otros.
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DBZ Stages, WWE Stages, MK Stages Y Otros.
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La Parka Negra : Edited Char By Wrestling Revolution Mugen. 2nd February 2017 38
Gast Carcolh : The Super Namekian Of Dragon Ball Multiverse. 25th June 2016 42
Gast Carcolh : The Super Namekian Of Dragon Ball Multiverse. 25th June 2016 112
Super Calo : Super Calo Triple AAA Y WCW Wrestler Superstar 7th July 2016 62
Mil Muertes : Mil Muertes Of Lucha Underground El Rey Network 7th July 2016 77
Hernandez : Hernandez The Wrestler From TNA AAA And Lucha Underground. 13th July 2016 54
Mil Mascaras : The Mexican Wrestler Leyend Mil Mascaras! From WWF WWE AAA CMLL AJPW WCW And Renegades Rampage Wrestling. 13th July 2016 87
Psychosis : Psychosis The Mexican Wrestler From WCW WWE AAA CMLL And Independient Circuit. 13th July 2016 65
Yokozuna : WWF WWE Leyend From The Video game "WWF Wrestlemania The Arcade". 13th July 2016 393
Konan Big : Mexican Local Wrestler From Triple AAA And Noches De Coliseo. 14th July 2016 57
Pentagon Jr : The Wrestler From Triple AAA And Lucha Underground, Pentagon Jr El Cero Miedo!. 14th July 2016 76
El Hijo Del Perro Aguayo : The Mexican Leyend From Triple AAA And CMLL R.I.P. 14th July 2016 74
Pocket Octagon : The Mexican Wrestler From Triple AAA, CMLL And Mexican Independient Circuit. 14th July 2016 31
CM Punk 2008 : The Wrestler Cm Punk Version 2008 WWE UFC. 14th July 2016 585
Porunga : The Sheng Long Of The Planet Namek Porunga. 14th July 2016 391
Mabel Pines : Mabel Pines From Gravity Falls For Mugen. 15th July 2016 505
Taven : Taven From Mortal Kombat Armaggedon MKA. 15th July 2016 230
The Dead : The Dead Zombie By Kazmer13 16th July 2016 165
New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) Ring : NJPW RING ARENA FOR MUGEN. 19th July 2016 74
Giant Baba : Japanese professional wrestler Leyend From Japan Wrestling Association (JWA) And All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW). 20th July 2016 60
Cruis'n USA Girl : Cruis'n USA Girl 20th July 2016 102
Al Snow : Al Snow WWF ECW WWE TNA And Independient Circuit Wrestler. 20th July 2016 78
Tatanka : Tatanka WWF WWE Wrestler Leyend. 20th July 2016 89
The Boogeyman : The Boogeyman From WWE And Independient Circuit. 5th August 2016 110
The Hurricane Helms : The Hurricane Helms From WWF WWE Superstar. 5th August 2016 119
Goldust : Goldust From WWF WWE Superstar "I Will Shatter Your Dreams" 5th August 2016 154
La Parka AAA : La Parka AAA From Lucha Libre Triple AAA. 5th August 2016 102
WWE NXT 2016 : WWE NXT, often referred to simply as NXT, is a professional wrestling promotion and a division of the American entertainment company WWE. It is based in Winter Park, Florida. While its primary purpose is to serve as a developmental division for WWE, NX ... 1st January 2017 59
L.A Park : The First Parka Of The Lucha Libre For Mugen, L.A Park From WCW, AAA, CMLL And Independient Circuit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PH7SXtpj9SE 7th August 2016 92
Super Fly : The Mexican Wrestler From Triple AAA And Lucha Underground. 9th August 2016 73
Suppaman : The Japanese Superman Of Dr Slump - Dragon Ball. 9th August 2016 135
Lucha Azteca Liga Elite Ring Arena : Lucha Azteca Liga Elite Ring Arena By Vc. 10th August 2016 22
Prince Puma : Prince Puma The Superstar From Lucha Underground. 10th August 2016 91
Shaggy 2 Dope : The singer of the band insane clown posse and superstar wrestler from JCW, ECW, WCW, TNA, WWF And Backyard Wrestling. 12th August 2016 65
Oozarus SSJ : Edit Chars. 6th January 2017 376
WWE 2K16 Mugen Screenpack Hi-Res : WWE 2K16 Mugen Screenpack Hi-Res 1.0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcnKTxGceNg 14th August 2016 103
Laredo Kid : The Mexican Wrestler Laredo Kid From Lucha Libre AAA, WWE, TNA Impact Wrestling And Independient Circuit. 15th August 2016 66
Videl : Videl Satan By Team Revolution Z. 15th August 2016 313
Chibi Hatchiyack : Chibi Hatchiyack JUS By Bills Dios. 15th August 2016 160
Kakarotto DBM : Kakarotto Arcade Style From Dragon Ball Multiverse. 15th August 2016 136
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