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Muhammed Avdol (Color Separation) 4th October 2019 02:07
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31st May 2020
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16th June 2016

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Stark Industries 1.1 : I am new here , and as my first contribution I bring Iron Man 's stage but edited by me with Zoom to MUGEN 1.1. Contains BGM 21st June 2016 337
Asgard Bifrost 1.1 : Loganir 's stage for his Thor, upgraded by me to 1.1 with Zoom. Contains BGM 21st June 2016 290
Batman New 52 : A simple edit of Alucard's Batman done by darkgeist. It contains a "without underpants" SFF based on the appearance of the New 52 comics and features a new voicepack 22nd June 2016 1,299
Deadpool Alley 1.1 : Hey guys, I bring Deadpool 's stage of AvX with zoom for MUGEN 1.1 done by me. Contains BGM 22nd June 2016 397
Central City Crash (640x480 ver) : Hey guys, here I bring The Flash´s stage by Anarky. The original was exclusively for a 1280x720 resolution , but I fixed it and adjust so you can play at 640x480 23rd June 2016 174
Oan Moon 1.1 : Hi guys, here is the Green Lantern's stage for DC vs Marvel game done by ScruffyDragon Members, which I added zoom for MUGEN 1.1. Contains BGM 24th June 2016 204
Batman Flashpoint Pallete : Hi guys, I bring this palette for Alucard's Batman inspired by The Flaspoint Paradox where Thomas Wayne is Batman. PD: Don´t worry, teeth are not red 26th June 2016 50
Captain Falcon : Hello, there is a little edit of Chuchoryu´s Captain Falcon. This Edit Features: Edited SFF, with Color Separation in the Gloves. New Palletes (SSB4, Blood, Brawl, Green & Pink). Modification in Falcon Punch animations, because they were very fas ... 8th July 2016 2,428
SSB4 Mario (Beta) : (Old edit from a long time ago, have compassion please) Hello, now here is a edit done by me of mariotime´s Mario. The char features a New SFF that i made with the sprites of Fan-game Super Smash Bros Crusade (sheet by Gregarlink10) and a SSB Gameplay+ ... 15th July 2016 565
SSJ3 Gokou Latino : Que tal gente, les traigo el fabuloso char de gabe555 pero traducido al español latino por mi. Disfrutenlo :very_good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DuvS_slQBk 26th November 2017 224
Jotaro (Anime/EoH) : A good palette for Warusaki´s Jotaro made by me. It's the jotaro with black jacket and green shirt along with Purple Star Platinum, as in the anime and the game "Eyes of Heaven". Demostration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iO-f54f0GII 16th April 2018 286
Kakyoin (Anime/EoH) : A palette for Izumo´s Kakyoin made by me. It has redder hair and dark green clothes, basically like in the anime and the game "Eyes of Heaven" Demostration: https://youtu.be/iO-f54f0GII 17th April 2018 141
Joseph Joestar Anime Edition : Here is what many were waiting for, the recreation of the charismatic joseph joestar in his animated version with the great voice of tomokazu sugita. CREDITS: Char by Nimame New SFF and Palettes by JohnVyttalRay Sounds by asdfghjklzxcvbnm (little ed ... 30th May 2018 1,559
Noriaki Kakyoin (Anime) : A subtle edit, but made together. Naza15 separated his eyes and earrings, and me, I put the buttons on his uniform. Join to the JJBA MUGEN Discord server: https://discord.gg/YuekPmH 8th January 2020 601
Josuke (Anime) : Great Daze. Josuke and Crazy Diamond with their anime colors and some new voice clips. https://youtu.be/qkkzan4iMdw 19th July 2019 481
Dio PB - Anime (leaked by myself) : Happy New Year! this is a gift from me to all. It was made for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure M.U.G.E.N Proyect BETA 3 (W.I.P), but now i upload it with only 2 palettes for the moment, enjoy :grin: P.S: 50x50 mini portrait, sorry 7th January 2020 147
Devo (Anime, fixed) : Basically the edit of kiritoonline but with better shading and the tongue is no longer green. Also the hyper portrait was edited 6th September 2019 153
Jotaro Anime Palette 2.0 : A slight update of the palette that I did quite a while ago for Warusaki's Jotaro. The hyper portrait was corrected also. And yes, it also works with Mr. Giang's edit. 6th September 2019 90
Alessi Anime Palette : For Nimame's version. Also Sethan is Black. 8th September 2019 35
Jotaro OVA Palette : Based on the old OVAs of Studio A.P.P.P 26th September 2019 37
Jotaro Anime Palette 3.0 : For this: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=121431-jotaro-kujo-anime-mr-giang-warusaki3-naza15- I modified the colors of Star Platinum and also (slightly) to Jotaro. Big Thanks to Naza15 4th October 2019 69
Jotaro (Anime, fixed) : Fixed some sprites where the shirt "clasp" (if that's what you want to call it) had no color separation. I also modified the colors of Star Platinum and slightly to Jotaro. Big Thanks to Naza15 6th October 2019 302
Old Joseph (Anime V2) : Added separation in the white part of the eyes and yellow hamon sprites. Palettes: 1-Anime/EoH 2-OVA 3-Young Colors 4-Classic HFTF 5-ASB 6-Don Ramon/Seu Madruga (Joke Palette) Palettes 2,3 and 6 have their corresponding colors in the hyper por ... 17th October 2019 502
Anime Jonathan (Beta) : Technically unfinished, but with almost everything done. Used in early versions of JoJo's M.U.G.E.N Project Beta 3 [W.I.P]. I have been very busy, but I upload this version (for you) to enjoy it in the meantime (and because I am afraid that the despair ... 30th October 2019 290
Trish Una - Anime voice patch : Yeah, finally Trish voice patch completely with anime voices, clean without BGM or similar things. Enjoy it 11th January 2020 38
New Noriaki Kakyoin (Anime) : (Yeah, I'm alive! I was only a little over 2 months without internet) The Cooler Kakyoin, now with uniform's buttons and separated shoes. Also new sounds for the two "Emerald Splash" The Normal Kakyoin is now with separated shoes too, but i prefer r ... 7th April 2020 518