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Newbie : This is a ROBLOX character created by Tanicfan22 and this version has costume made sprites. FACTS: This character was going to be a six button character but the command wouldn't work. MOVES: X Y Z (can't be used) A B C [DODGE] 27th July 2016 227
Newbie [EDIT] : This is a edit for Newbie by CoolAkramTV 27th July 2016 131
Dark Newbie : This newbie edit is a parody of Dark Donald. 30th July 2016 125
RenatoOfRoblox [EDIT] : This is an edit of sparta412's RenatoOfRoblox. 30th July 2016 94
Golden Dr. Mario : GOLD. GOOOOLLLLLLLDDDDDDDD! 31st July 2016 264
Neo_Fire_Sonic's Characters [EDIT] : Alright, here's a edit for Neo_Fire_Sonic's characters [ONLY THE ONES I EDITED!] Here's what's the same for all of them. 9p: Shadow: Regenerates power and life 11p: Complete Chaos! 12p: Almost unstoppable but beatable if you use characters like Da ... 31st July 2016 243
Shin & Neo's Mario Bros [EDITED] : Hello everyone! :D I finally released my edits for ShinRyoga & NeOaNkH's Mario Bros! And the edit includes... - Removed Blue Backround in Icon. - Their Fire Palettes are invisible. They also have some codes in Statedef -2 incase if there's cheap charact ... 31st July 2016 80
Newbie 3.0 : [WARNING] This character's 12p might give you seizures so use 12p at your own risk. Here is version 3 of my Newbie edit! The file now looks more orginized. 10p: Even more gold 11p: Zombie, dead. 12p's the same :P TO EVERYONE: I'm fine if you he ... 1st August 2016 346
Dark Donald '16 : 2nd August 2016 194
Newbie Version 3.7 : This is a new update to the Newbie character for MUGEN. I added new portraits, fixed some bugs, and other stuff. I hope you enjoy the character. I also made summoning helpers easier. I'll upload it here first before releasing it to the non MUGEN Archive ... 19th June 2018 71
Newbie Version 3.8 : This is Version 3.8 of my Robloxian Noob character. Here's what I updated: -I fixed the problems with the palette on Newbie's legs because they kept changing color/shade. -I had also fixed the thunder mode by putting it above Newbie and adding in dupli ... 22nd June 2018 564
Guest 666 (remake) : Hello everyone! This is my Guest 666 remake, and I hope I never have to edit Newbie ever again after a month or so. Anyways, I made this one cheaper and added directdeath. NOTE: THIS CHARACTER ONLY WORKS WITH WINMUGEN! 6th October 2018 153
EoH Robloxian (BETA 1013) : This is an EoH version of Tanicfan22's Robloxian character. 14th October 2018 507
SSBB Meta Knight : This is the SSBB version of Meta Knight. This is accurate. 5th January 2019 723
Fhago : 8th January 2019 59
Mario : I finished this edit just a month ago, but couldn't upload it because I was banned from here, so I waited it out. I know I did an edit of this character before, but pretend that it doesn't exist, okay? 10th February 2019 150
Kasera and Senren Edit (why?) : I made an attempt to make this character less bad than it is. Did it work? Who knows? I don't even want to associate myself with this shit because Camren doesn't need more attention. I'm done with him. 10th March 2019 35