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About Jansen121
Mugen (Used to hate it Since 2014,Now started to like in 2015),Anime,Mario Games and more.
Making Mugen chars and Stages,Also hosting Offline chars.
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Super Mario,Ryu,Athena Asamiya,Mai Kawasumi,Daniel and Others.
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Various Stages.
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Various Gigabytes,Intel Core i5 and OpenGL (Windows 10 always Has OpenGL)
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Windows 10
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Google Chrome


Hisui is Really Really Triggered.


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KOF XIV Steam edition Closed beta Leaked (+Pre Order) 19th May 2017 18:56
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21st May 2016

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Rapid vs Comode 1 : From Queen of Heart 99 6th May 2017 2
Dark Reiko : image is dead... "gets tricked" And i present to you an Offline char which is edited... I know this Char was Edited. Kamek (aka: NeoKamek) Made an Edit of his own KKGY Char. She is fun to play with awesome Moves. Enjoy. By the Author: Dark Re ... 11th March 2017 45
Byaken : One of my Old chars i made. Original link is here: https://sites.google.com/site/jansenfrancasmugenwebsite/characters-normal-ones Or here: https://sites.google.com/site/jansenfrancasaltmugenwebsite/home/characters 21st May 2016 48
Kei Okuda : This Character is an Kakuge Yarou character Known as K.Okuda. She is Nanashi's Normal form That Plays Like in Said game,Along with Sprites,Sounds and Hyper Background all ripped From the Source game. Also,I Changed the commands of Sorta 2 Hyper combos bec ... 13th July 2016 71
Mayu Shiina : More and MORE Offline EFZ Chars from shimon. Enjoy. By the Author:     EFZより椎名 繭 (mayu_shina from Eternal Fighter Zero) 元ネタ 黄昏&#12501 ... 3rd March 2017 10
Chae Cook : An Hate Character,Based off an Cringeworthy Youtuber who can't Take Criticism. This uses CvS Axel as Base. This Also Comes with an Punchbag out of Him. 7th October 2016 16
Misaki Kawana : From Eternal Fighter ZERO,Accurate to Bad Moon edition,Offline for a while. By the Author: 川名みさき   60%(微妙 このキャラは零牙(&#6532 ... 28th October 2016 25
Akane Satomura : From Eternal Fighter ZERO,Made by the Same author who made Misaki. Only Specials and IC Gauge,No Hypers. But it plays Decent. 28th October 2016 29
Misaki Kawana (Old Version) : When the name of That creator was Called "NOR",He decided to make an Old version of Misaki. The author name of the New version Is the Current one. The Old version has 2 Specials and 1 Hyper,As for the new version has 3 Specials,an IC Gauge and 3 Hypers ... 28th October 2016 18
Kaede Kasiwagi : From The Queen of Heart '99. Rare char... For WinMUGEN Only (I Guess) ;dirol Sprites: 610 Animations: 283 Sounds: 49 A.I: No 28th October 2016 20
The Universe : An Original Stage i Made for Mugen,My First stage with My own Coding. Animation: Yes Floor Type: Parallax Super Jump: No Original Link: https://sites.google.com/site/jansenfrancamugensmugensite/stages Note: This is my Current Website. 30th October 2016 53
Matias Ariel Zurita : Facepalm,A self insert made by Matias himself. Enjoy. 6th November 2016 16
Makoto Sawatari : From Eternal Fighter ZERO,Like other of Reiga's EFZ Chars such as Akane and Misaki,It's accurate to the Bad moon edition. This char Seems to not Have any Specials and hypers,At least it has IC Gauge,Which will only work if you do an Slide attack. At least ... 30th November 2016 12
MF2 Ryu : From the Master Fighter 2 bootleg. Has 3 Specials and 2 Hypers. ;dirol It also uses KFM Oldish template. ;grin I Might fix the Hitspark Alignment sooner. 3rd January 2017 40
Comode Serika : Rare Character i found. From The Queen of Heart '99. Not so bad. Has an Hyper combo Involving Ayaka Kurusugawa as an Partner. ;dirol Sprites: 383 Animations: 143 Sounds: 17 A.I: Yes (Plz note that the A.I Was taken from Chotto-Komaru's Kaname Amer ... 7th January 2017 20
Ristill : Edited Character. Has Edited sprites from Chizuru Kashiwagi (The Queen of Heart '99). It also has OHKO Hyper moves. Sprites: 457 Animations: 144 Sounds: 41 A.I: No 7th January 2017 25
EQG Sunset Shimmer : Finally an EQG Sunset Shimmer for Mugen. It has some Kof ish Gameplay. For Collection purposes Only. Sprites: 1132 Animations: 310 Sounds: 222 A.I: Yes 7th January 2017 278
Athena Asamiya '02 (sfw) : An edit of Fumitsuki's Athena Asamiya 2002. Now Safe for work. Removed Compatibility with Kuromaru,Slime etc... And also switched Strip K.O Animations to Normal K.O Animations. This edit is on beta because I Need to Clean the sprites removing Strip K. ... 11th January 2017 140
Remy Miyauchi : This is an Queen of Heart char. Cool,Has some To Heart chars as Strikers. Got this char from an Qoh'99 Fullgame. 12th January 2017 25
Saori Shinjou : This is an Queen of Heart char. Cool,Has other Chars from Shizuku as Strikers. Got this from an Qoh'99 Fullgame 12th January 2017 20
Rio Hinayama : This is an Queen of Heart char. It's cooler but it's Missing some Sounds on it Got this from an Qoh'99 Fullgame 12th January 2017 16
Mizuho Aihara : This is an Queen of Heart char. Looks cool but it's impossible Do anything With this char. Got this from an Qoh'99 Fullgame 12th January 2017 15
Serika (Comode) : This is an Queen of Heart char. Another char that needs Sounds. Got this on an Qoh'99 Fullgame. 12th January 2017 43
HMX-13 Serio : This is an Queen of Heart char. It feels Beta but it looks Cool char. Got this on an Qoh'99 Fullgame. 12th January 2017 21
Mizuki Takaze : This is an Queen of Heart char. It's neat Char so i host it. 12th January 2017 25
Peach Mizuki : This is an Queen of Heart char. Actually an nice char I Downloaded. 12th January 2017 37
Murderous Instant Shiho : An Hidden char from QoH '99. 12th January 2017 17
Leaf Fight '97 Aoi : This is an Queen of Heart char. Very rare,found this at 4Shared. One of alowe aka: クマコ's Offline chars. 14th January 2017 21
TEKKEN ADVANCE - Jin Kazama's Stage : An stage i made from Tekken Advance. BTW,I Used Visual boy Advance to Rip the Sprite,Paint to crop Images and Fighter factory ultimate for Make this stage. Thanks to Ryon Persaud for the Parallax Floor tutorial i used to Make the Parallax floor thing ... 24th January 2017 25
Black Raiya with Another Blood (AB) : Because it exists... 29th January 2017 46
Kunio : Looks bad. I Searched "kunio kun mugen" And i saw There are better Kunio kun chars than this horrible KFM Spriteswap with missing sounds. For collection Purposes only. 3rd February 2017 15
Rid Hershel : It's an char from "Tales Of" series. That's one of tom's better creations But without sounds. For collection Purposes only. 3rd February 2017 13
Chun-Li : Could get her on Wayback Machine (I Just tested her on my Mugen) It's an Very good rare char (I am Assuming) From Street Fighter II with Easy-to-perform moves. Enjoy. By the Author: ***Chun-Li version Street Fighter 2 (+SSF2) by Jo*** ... 4th February 2017 64
QOO CM Itazura : Yeah he did it. Will fit well with his QOO Char. By the Author: ---------------------------------------------------------- QooE QOOitazura Last update 2000.10.16 Created by 月の剣 --------------------------------------------- ... 4th February 2017 4
Haikyo Stage : Yep he did it it's an Stage from Warriors Rage (PSX) 4th February 2017 14
Seinaru Mori's Stage : Yep he did it. More awesome stages from Warriors' Rage (PSX) by Tuki no Turugi. 4th February 2017 8
Seidou's Stage 2 : Yep he did it,From Warriors' Rage (PSX) I Decided not upload the first one Because the file of the first one was corrupt so i decided to upload the second one. :dirol: 4th February 2017 6
Mon Hiruma's Stage : He also did it. Here we go more stages from Warriors' Rage (PSX) by Tuki no Turugi. :D 4th February 2017 4
Akatsukimura Hiruma's Stage : Another Stage from Warriors' Rage (PSX) by Tuki no Turugi. 4th February 2017 8
Rou's Stage : Yet another Warriors' Rage Stage by the creator. 4th February 2017 5
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