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    What a surprise :)
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    Fala Jansen! Estava vendo as traduções dos docs que você fez no grupo e cara que ótima idéia, parabéns! Precisando de ajuda com as traduções me dá um toque, eu ando afogado no tédio esses dias. Valeu \o
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    Hey Jansen121. (It's me when I made bad chars before without coding, but now stopped)
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    i have a YouTube Channel for Mugen Videos and Crossover Videos
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    Thanks Jansen
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    Sim..sim.. eu entendo e concordo , eu falo por experiência própria , pois já tive canal de mugen , um grupo de whats de mugen e é terrível como a mente das pessoas de mugen funciona ,eu sempre digo que mugen é dedicação! vc deve dispor de tempo para aprender, eu tenho uma tradução aqui e já repassei pra muitos e o que aconteceu? nada! deram a mínima, agora diz que tem video aula, ae eles crescem o olho, mais ainda sim parabéns pela iniciativa kra, estarei acompanhando.
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    eai man, eu estava vendo sua traduções dos doc. de mugen , inclusive já tem uma que achei pela internet e ela me ajudou MUITO , é um joia pra quem gosta de programação de mugen, pena que a GRANDE maioria dão a mínima pra isso, querem só vídeo tutorial , se é coisa pra ler , a maioria ignora, mais sua iniciativa é louvável kra, parabéns
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    Thanketh thou.
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    Thank youuuuuuu x.x
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    Obrigado ������������������
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    Thank you.
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    Happy New Year! Let's treat this one with precision and care, Jansen.
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    Hello good morning! Have ya sleeped well?
    I have read your post, i'm from bangu too heehee
    Well.. i wish you have a nice day!
    For me sundays sucks it's the worst day of the week for me, cant' wait for monday again
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    Thanks for accepting my request :)
    Eh that Angelica avatar bring good memories to me, the funny thing is that i watched more the Rugrats than the Growups heehee
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    thank you very much!
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Blood Akiko San : 15th June 2017 81
R Mai : 15th June 2017 197
Nayuki : 15th June 2017 66
EXnanase : 15th June 2017 68
Mizuka Nagamori : 15th June 2017 191
Misaki Kawana : So curious here why i host this char because uploading EFZ Stuff 15th June 2017 82
Akiko Minase : 15th June 2017 140
Keropi : Just bad Spriteswap of Tuki no Turugi's sleeping nayuki,it's crap. 15th June 2017 29
Nayuki the Runner : 15th June 2017 63
Akiko Minase : 15th June 2017 59
Disrupter : 15th June 2017 155
Reviver : I Find how was some Cheap edits of EFZ Chars were awesome but This one is awesome cheap edit. 15th June 2017 118
Fallen Angels - Tears go by : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAhMrm_ZIR0 5th July 2017 3
Son Goku : A Different/rare version i found that is way different than CHOUJIN's version despite being from DBZ arcade. 16th December 2019 583
Mistilteinn : sm36090289 16th December 2019 152
Austin : O.RLY??? 12th November 2017 80
Rapid vs Comode 1 : From Queen of Heart 99 6th May 2017 9
Daniel_CVS_DP Edit : Some typo of edit... 12th November 2017 31
Daniel Red Hot Edition : And then ?? 12th November 2017 56
Kung fu fiunn clones : He did an very good. 12th November 2017 67
Timote : Look at sprites please... 12th November 2017 39
Mr.Kung fu Man : reupload this here 12th November 2017 96
< > : The famous mugen youtuber in mugen 12th November 2017 200
ESupermario : Another edit... 12th November 2017 89
Genkai : Perfectly Accurate to Yuyu Hakusho 2: Kakuto no Sho (Snes) UPDATED : 2017 Spirit bar Integrated. 8th August 2017 114
YU-NO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZNpXV8niBs 8th March 2018 19
Dark Reiko : image is dead... "gets tricked" And i present to you an Offline char which is edited... I know this Char was Edited. Kamek (aka: NeoKamek) Made an Edit of his own KKGY Char. She is fun to play with awesome Moves. Enjoy. By the Author: Dark Re ... 11th March 2017 244
Kei Okuda : This Character is an Kakuge Yarou character Known as K.Okuda. She is Nanashi's Normal form That Plays Like in Said game,Along with Sprites,Sounds and Hyper Background all ripped From the Source game. Also,I Changed the commands of Sorta 2 Hyper combos bec ... 13th July 2016 124
Mayu Shiina : More and MORE Offline EFZ Chars from shimon. Enjoy. By the Author:     EFZより椎名 繭 (mayu_shina from Eternal Fighter Zero) 元ネタ 黄昏&#12501 ... 3rd March 2017 49
Chae Cook : Another bad creation of mine... 7th October 2016 53
Misaki Kawana : From Eternal Fighter ZERO,Accurate to Bad Moon edition,Offline for a while. By the Author: 川名みさき   60%(微妙 このキャラは零牙(&#6532 ... 28th October 2016 46
Akane Satomura : From Eternal Fighter ZERO,Made by the Same author who made Misaki. Only Specials and IC Gauge,No Hypers. But it plays Decent. 28th October 2016 122
Misaki Kawana (Old Version) : When the name of That creator was Called "NOR",He decided to make an Old version of Misaki. The author name of the New version Is the Current one. The Old version has 2 Specials and 1 Hyper,As for the new version has 3 Specials,an IC Gauge and 3 Hypers ... 28th October 2016 30
Kaede Kasiwagi : From The Queen of Heart '99. Rare char... For WinMUGEN Only (I Guess) ;dirol Sprites: 610 Animations: 283 Sounds: 49 A.I: No 28th October 2016 87
The Universe : An Original Stage i Made for Mugen,My First stage with My own Coding. Animation: Yes Floor Type: Parallax Super Jump: No Original Link: https://sites.google.com/site/jansenfrancamugensmugensite/stages Note: This is my Current Website. 30th October 2016 162
Matias Ariel Zurita : Facepalm,A self insert made by Matias himself. Enjoy. 6th November 2016 155
Makoto Sawatari : From Eternal Fighter ZERO,Like other of Reiga's EFZ Chars such as Akane and Misaki,It's accurate to the RENEWAL edition. This char Seems to not Have any Specials and hypers,At least it has IC Gauge,Which will only work if you do an Slide attack. At least, ... 30th November 2016 32
Miyako Arima : One good Conversion of her Based on the first MB Game. 7th July 2017 139
MF2 Ryu : My Crappy/cringe character, Don't get it, Collection purposes only 3rd January 2017 95
Comode Serika : Rare Character i found. From The Queen of Heart '99. Not so bad. Has an Hyper combo Involving Ayaka Kurusugawa as an Partner. ;dirol Sprites: 383 Animations: 143 Sounds: 17 A.I: Yes (Plz note that the A.I Was taken from Chotto-Komaru's Kaname Amer ... 7th January 2017 62
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