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The AI is very weak char 21st August 2016 18:19
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Uzuki Shimamura GF : This is a v2.00 Update. Last Updated 2017/04/24 17th June 2017 20
Super Sonic MvC : OK, this is my first time Uploading, so please, if i get anything wrong, let me know. Anyways, this is from its Original owner who made this (kinda the same as Sonic MvC, but as Super Sonic) the AI are the same as it but its cheap power, so try (if you k ... 9th June 2016 615
Mario : its the one who made that Mugen if anyone was wondering. now i just found this and it works for Mugen 1.1, but 1 problem for it is: in intro (and possibly when using a super/hyper move) it has a mario clone summon for some reason (you will get what i mean ... 11th June 2016 109
Mecha Sonic (SMBZ Style) : This i found by Net Games. its gameplay is amazing, all it needs is a Challenging AI, it even has Super Form as well, so i think you will like this character ^^ Edit: file changed, doesnt need password. (i seriously dont know how they changed it, so ne ... 11th June 2016 646
Sash Lilac : Something i wanted to upload. Lilac's AI is good, her Gameplay is good too, so there is no problem with this ^^ =Updated 14 feb 2017= New styled hyper FXs and new portrait. 11th June 2016 573
Carol The Wildcat : Same i said with the last character i uploaded (Lilac), but her AI is Challenging to me of what i seen :smile: Plus, this one i found was an update on the character. 11th June 2016 214
Remilia Scarlet : i don't event know what to say about this but show a video about it (one thing is i need help with the AI ;~;) Edit: ok ik what to say, this Remilia is so cool in my opinion, the way i see her in gameplay is awesome (im still trying to get used to know ... 12th June 2016 102
Littlepip : Littlepip From Fallout Equestria Joins Mugen ^w^ i found this during my search for better character i had (AI type characters and ones i can better control). plus, this didn't say any author in it, the one i saw was this name "Stable-Tec Studios". 15th August 2016 88
Male Sonic : (im not joking, its what he said) this type of Sonic is different than what i seen in the other Sonic's i used This Sonic has mixed gameplay from ABAB's version, MvC version and SSBB version. No, really, this is a best version of Sonic i ever seen, loo ... 18th August 2016 181
Rainbow Dash (Revamped v3.5) : this is one of their best works on Rainbow Dash (to me it is) Hard AI, a lot of Move sets, well lets says it looks balanced to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VvKq5uoUyE 18th August 2016 148
Twilight Sparkle Revamped v1 : another Pony been made by those 2 (Mostly Captain Russia as RR8962 said) This one is like what i said with the RD Revamped, but she is something else. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3Nlj9j1A6A oh ya btw, in the folder it has 3 different DEF Types ... 18th August 2016 151
Akuma 1.1 : This Akuma character has custom gameplay, 2 Voice sets (Japanese & English), 2 win quote sets (Español & English), 5 modes: Akuma, Shin Akuma, Cyber Akuma, Oni and Shin Oni, all the win quotes, and over 120 SvC-ish pre-fight dialogues. AI, every Akuma mov ... 26th August 2016 34
Emerl Light : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4CJgL_hmHU 26th August 2016 61
Sonic.EXE : "Hello........ do you want to play with meeeeeee~?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvL9UYkzRAs 14th September 2016 1,019
Trixie Lulamoon : By the author: Note: This is the updated (v1.1) version of Trixie. After many years of waiting, and many months of work, I can finally release a new, proper version of Trixie Lulamoon. This version is loosely based on her Tribute version, and in ... 4th May 2017 632
Tikal : L6: "Updated Tikal with Team Attack included." 5th June 2017 138
Chaos 0 : L6: "it seems that my people are getting a round! Seen links in multiple sites to get them, so to save on updating I figured now is a good time to make a new MUGEN char season. Who better to kick off the coming summer then... Chaos!" https://www.youtub ... 5th June 2017 262
Magasame-Mft : Blackcurl: Misfortune umbrella MFT. (Latest version. Misfortune middle version, Var 5.02) 2017/07/10 Me: (the display name is MFT instead of MTF, but its still the version you know, but updated.) 10th July 2017 36