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    21st May 2020, 05:25
    Dan is a favorite. I'm not sure if you'd consider Bonus Kun from Waku Waku 7 to be a joke character, but he's definitely another one of my favorites....
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  • hwarf's Avatar
    20th May 2020, 23:34
    I surprisingly did not see this specific version on the site until now, and could only find outdated versions. It's a slightly updated version of...
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  • hwarf's Avatar
    20th May 2020, 17:06
    the older version of Everything vs. Everything (solely out of nostalgia) Drephantom's screenpacks (partially because nostalgia) Kamek's screenpack...
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  • hwarf's Avatar
    20th May 2020, 02:00
    hwarf commented on file Samus Aran in Metroid
    Always nice to see older MUGEN creators share their work.
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    20th May 2020, 01:58
    hwarf commented on file Bugs Bunny in Warner Bros.
    Moondreamer IIRC the dog striker comes from the classic short "The Heckling Hare", but I may be wrong about that.
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  • hwarf's Avatar
    17th May 2020, 01:29
    The main character of the popular Brazilian franchise. This might've been a joke character because she has barely any attacks. I don't know when...
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    Ah, I see. Yeah, I almost lost all of my stuff as well until I miraculously found a backup drive that I didn't even know I had. It always always sucks to lose all of that stuff, that's why I've been making an effort to upload as many of the old an obscure characters as possible so others don't have to go through the agonizing and tedious process of recovering each of them one by one, now that I know what that's like. Anyways, thanks again for your help, I'm extremely grateful!
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    Alright, thanks again! One more thing, since you seem to have a lot of the much older and obscurer characters (the kind I like lol), I thought I'd ask if you happened to have a character with a name along the lines of "Homer Simpson in Walrus Form" or something like that? I made a forum post about it, but no one seems to really know where to find it, so I thought I might as well ask to see if you happen to have it.
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    Awesome, thank you so much! I greatly appreciate it. I'm assuming you don't mind if I upload them to this site for the sake of keeping them accessible if you've lost interest in it?
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    Hey there! I saw on a comment you made that you are one of the few who happen to still have a lot from Idiot's pack? I've been looking for these characters for quite a while, but to no avail and was wondering if you'd be so kind as to upload them to Archive for easy access? I'm particularly looking for Mr. Burns and Evil Waddle Dee, but I noticed a few names that I'm not familiar with (mainly "Dark Byakuyah" and "Tsutarja"). If you could upload these, I would greatly appreciate it!
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    Here's a stage based on your's and Vance's streams. If you feel like I forgot a few characters, let me know and I might add them later. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0pt1rpnwpt...ights.zip?dl=0 Also, I didn't put any music in the stage, so just choose whatever music you want for the stage.
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    Anton didn't kill all the Undertale Mugen content, but he was the main catalyst.
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    Please don't change the name of your upload as this disrupts our work.

    If you think you have posted a duplicate file, leave the link to the other file in the comments of your upload that will analyze whether the file is actually duplicated or not.
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1.1 for when i just want to play, 1.0 for testing
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Just about everything that plays fun and is well-balanced
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pretty much anything that:

- is from Capcom vs SNK
- looks fun
- has a "dark" atmosphere to it
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.Frog. : Frog?(Abstract) STAGE ......................... by Crivon Mugen. (http://www.mgbr.net/crivon) This version updated: 30/ 11/ 2001 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Despite the name, there is nothing re ... 12th April 2018 48
Windows XP-inspired screenpack : A screenpack that gives MUGEN the appearance of a Windows XP-era OS. Holds 121 slots. Doesn't have a VS screen for some reason. Last updated 11/10/2004. 21st November 2019 209
VF5 Lifebars : A very nice, and classic lifebar based on the game Virtual Fighter 5 7th October 2012 1,435
Munch : It's Munch from the painting, The Scream 5th November 2012 563
Magnemite (Coil) : Magnemite, a Pokemon. Also called Coil. 20th December 2012 473
YouTube : Bash YouTube up! Password is ebutuoy 2nd February 2013 587
Boggy B : The worm from Worms. Last update date: 7/4/2005 Low res. Special anims compatible with: Electrocuted Sange=Passare 19th August 2013 1,074
Super sonic : Last update: 7/29/2000? 19th August 2013 1,014
[email protected] : 3d vegeta 26th September 2013 382
Zidane [A.I. Patched] : A character based off Zinedine Zidane and his infamous headbutt at the 2006 World Cup. Just imagine a KFM with a stripped-down moveset and you get this, basically. This character also has an A.I. patched into it by ofirt5, edited off an A.I. patch for Kun ... 15th June 2018 69
APOCALYPSE : An early conversion of Apocalypse with two new hypers in addition to his regular attacks. Doesn't have a proper K.O animation. 10th June 2018 346
U.S. Agent : A weird, old conversion of U.S. Agent from Marvel vs. Street Fighter that makes him more than just a Captain America paletteswap. A Shun Goku Satsu, a teleport, and a few voices from other characters have been added in this version. 11th June 2018 266
Captain Lou : The Captain himself from the Super Mario Bros Super Show. A spriteswap of NES Mario. 10th July 2015 314
Squidward Chokes on a Fork : Behold, one of the most pointless stages ever! I made this a few months ago, and I've decided to upload it after a while. The stage is a bit long in width, and also supports Super Jumps. It comes with two music files - "Nostalgic_Hawaii" is if you want a ... 14th March 2017 113
Mr. Game & Watch [Edit v1.5] : In short, this edit of GIF_Mr.T's G&W makes him play like a psuedo-MvC character, with chain comboing and aerial raves. A complete movelist can be found in the readme file. In long, here's a list of changes: --------------------------------------------- ... 13th March 2017 399
{UNFINISHED} Patrick Star : An unfinished character that I simply lost motivation to work on. Feel free to edit this character all you want! HAS: - Standing weak punch - All required sprites - Crouch and jump animations - Super Jump - Win and lose poses - 2 specials - 2 intros - A ... 27th October 2017 118
Mr. Game&Watch Edit (the real) v1.5 : I mistakenly uploaded the past version as 1.5 - this is the "real" one. Released 10/28/2017. I figured I might as well post it here. Changes since last version: - Oil Panic has been added! - Added new Hyper, "Down for the Count". - Added new intro. - Mo ... 31st October 2017 453
Jellyfish Fields - Night : Not much to say, except that this is an edit of the Jellyfish Fields stage by MugenJF. Originally released 7/14/2017. Animation? - Yes Super Jump? - Not really BGM? - Yes 31st October 2017 90
Omega Tiger Woods [2007 Update] : I believe this is the first update of Omega Tiger Woods. Changes from the original version include (from the ReadMe): -Damage dampender -Few moves weakened a bit -Specials have now three versions -Fade effects -Modified stance and walking animations -Mo ... 9th November 2017 162
King Koopa : A Bowser character with sprites taken from the original Super Mario Bros. and some other games. Although he has 4 specials and 3 supers, he's quite lacking. His moves are based on the original Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, and Super Smash Bros. Melee. 9th November 2017 126
King Dedede : He'll kick dat Kirbeh to deh curb! Except...he can't, because he has a rather limited moveset. Also, like the majority of other King Dededes, this one uses the Nightmare in Dreamland/Kirby Super Star Ultra sprites. He also has his voice from Super Smash B ... 10th November 2017 536
Tiff Lagomorph : Does not work in M.U.G.E.N versions 1.0 and beyond. To fix this, open up common1.cns in Tiff's folder, go to where it says ";---------------------------------------------------------------------------; AIR GUARD (guarding) [Statedef 132] type = A phy ... 10th November 2017 87
DarkWolf13's Fox & Falco SSBBVoices : I made this a long time ago for anyone who didn't want to listen to the SSB4 voices. Melee versions possibly coming soon. To install these, just place them in their respective folders. If it asks you if you want to replace the existing .snd, click Yes. 10th November 2017 27
Timote95 : A spriteswap of Cartoon Guy, which was a KFM spriteswap with minimal amounts of edited code. It also has a multitude of (loud) sounds from random sources, such as Captain Falcon, Zero Wing, and Team Fortress 2. For collection purposes only. Also seems to ... 10th November 2017 51
sikato : Know those weird Japanese animations with the moose? Well, this character is based off them. It's a very simple but odd character - it can't attack, it moves in a preset direction which you can't control, and it can only create clones of itself, while yo ... 10th November 2017 38
Kung Fu Man [01/01/2000 Version] : This character does not work on WinMUGEN and beyond. To fix this...well crap, I actually don't know how to fix it. Uh...use this in ancient DOSMugen builds maybe? Behold, what is probably the first ever public version of Kung Fu Man! Pretty basic. Uses 2 ... 17th November 2017 80
Jerry's Apartment : What's the deal with M.U.G.E.N?! 18th November 2017 68
Merv : A character (a rather old one at that, made in 2001) from a webcomic named "Road Waffles", which is fairly obscure nowadays. Has a special and a super similar to Kung Fu Man's, although he mostly has original ones involving him attacking with his fiery... ... 7th December 2017 28
Planet Express : Here's a hand-drawn Futurama stage that looks to be somewhat rare, featuring cameos from the characters of the series in the background as well. I found this in a random MUGEN pack from 2006. 15th July 2018 94
Egghead : some character I found on a HDD. basically just a reskinned KFM. apparently the author's friend designed the character, at least according to the readme. 28th February 2018 23
Drunk Homer Simpson : another character I found on a HDD. basically JudgeSpear's Homer but he's drunk by default. 28th February 2018 657
Blade : Gotten off a now-dead 4shared folder. A simple paletteswap of Jonathan Blade from Eternal Champions. 4th March 2018 289
Golgotha : Jesus's stage from Bible Fight. 22nd March 2018 40
Everything Vs Everything .85 : An older version of the (in?)famous Everything vs. Everything screenpack. Features a different title screen and VS screen, prominently. 11th March 2018 1,055
SEGA RESTAURANT : a restaurant with various sega characters. self-explanatory. 16th March 2018 47
Microwave : the heat of battle, literally 16th March 2018 44
BellAired : Now this is the story all about how My life got flipped, turned upside down And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-air In west Philadelphia born and raised On the playground where I s ... 16th March 2018 33
Does this look unsure to you? : mmm jpeg RECOMMENDED MUSIC: Metal Gear Solid 2: Documix OST - Intermission II [Substance] 16th March 2018 57
Inside Building : from the NES game, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" 16th March 2018 17
Paper Plains : From the Amiga CD32 version of the game, Zool 2. 21st March 2018 8
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