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Patch for Piccolo Daimao by Francynaldo 24th May 2020 15:35
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File Date Downloads
Igniz-EV1.5 : Older version than the ones present here. 17th May 2020 31
Rose Bernstein 100% : UM sprites by KamranBernstein, supposed to be 100% completed. Seems to have Botan (Mukai's lady servant) as helper. 17th May 2020 79
Chaos-Ken-+ Ya D : Iori edit with black clothes & black face in stand pose. Nices effects, got an Orochi mode. Original name was "亂-墾-+雅D". For your collection. 2nd February 2020 93
City Android : for mugen 1.0 & 1.1. 27th February 2020 217
Element-Zelgadis : Aka Clone Element. Found in an old mugen, seems to be a sort of beta of Element-RN by the same author. Got insane stats & different intro against himself. Collection purpose. 2nd February 2020 45
Broly AF : Original WIP from DBAF italian mugen project 1st beta version. use KFM & Goten AF as a base, can transform to SSJ4 at 2nd round begin. I fixed some colisions boxes, added sprites & sounds but still unfinished. Collection purpose mainly. 11th May 2019 368
[18+] NChun-li SFA : 2nd January 2017 2,829
God Orochi Reimu : Mainly for collection purpose, has some amazing differents news sounds & efects from G-Orochi though. 12th February 2017 60
Raditz SSJ God : One day I was around here & I saw a sad palette swap of Raditz by Sawady to make him SSJ God. Then I saw SSJGod Goku by LegendTTA . Then I saw a nice fanart of Raditz in SSJGod. So I told to myself there was something better to do with these elements xDD ... 15th December 2019 92
Pocket Nightmare Broly Remade : Can be as cheap as his Normal version ^^ I added some sprites effects & sounds from the original character & Limiter Cut Broly too. In consequence, credits to Ristard87 & Kamase. video to see him in action = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hibN1fsA8N ... 23rd April 2017 435
Shampoo : UPDATE 04-10-2018: -better sprites quality -some hitsparks aligned -some colision boxes fixed -AI fixed. 4th October 2018 231
Kunoh : From the SNES game Ranma 1/2 Chonai Gekitosen Quick Moveset: Dust Demon command = D,DF,F, a Kokuu Zan command = D,DF,F, x Asherazuki command = D,DF,F, x AI is optional, just put "KunohAI.cmd" instead of "Kunoh.cmd" in the def file. https://www.youtu ... 15th October 2018 111
Ranma Saotome : From the SNES game Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle Inspired by Nyan™Kiryu's Ranko character. http://i67.tinypic.com/2vtnx8p.gif Quick Moveset: Amaguriken = tape x or y quickly several times Hiryuu Shoten Ha = F, DF, F x or y Mouko Takabisha = D, DF, F x or y ... 21st October 2018 201
Osmidrosis Axillae : For collection purpose only, bad character who has several clones of himself as aura, can kill in 1 hit (apparently). His name is a bacterian corporal odour illness' name... 23rd October 2018 63
Ryoga Hibiki : From the SNES game Ranma ˝ - Chonai Gekitosen (Neighbourhood Combat) https://i.ibb.co/TmpLM6y/Ryoga-Explode.png AI is optional, replace "ryohga.cmd" by "ryohgaAI.cmd" in def file if you want it. Quick moveset: Shishi Houkoudan D, DF, F, x Punch fury ... 27th October 2018 120
A-16 SB : UPDATED 03-11-18 -AI fixed & now optional (put a-16AI.cmd in def file if you want it) -somes hitboxes fixed -somes hitsparks fixed -gameplay easier commands -necessaries sprites added (thanks to G.o.D for spritesheet) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfP ... 3rd November 2018 77
Hyper Cell UB22 : A long time ago (2007-2010 I think), a guy called Supermystery made DBZ UB22 mugen AI cheaped chars which keep a long time private. However, a dude called MUGENEDITOR1009 succeeded to re-made one of them, this one: Cell. Supposed to be with UB22 sprites b ... 4th November 2018 225
Android 16 UB22 : UPDATE 05-11-18 -fixed AI -fixed some animations (run, back flip, suicide move) -fixed the 4th palette. Old video demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bc8F52Oi2P4&t=45s History: A long time ago, a guy called SuperMystery made DBZ chars for ... 5th November 2018 90
Android 16 : Rather rare, Android 16 by MaJita, made with sprites from the arcade game DBZ 2 Super Battle. His gameplay works with 3 buttons ( a, b and c). 6th November 2018 335
Vegito Clones : Vegito with clones of himself.... Cheap AI for sure. UB22 sprites, clone code from the char Kung Fu Men. 7th November 2018 53
Lugia : Rare version of this Legendary Pokemon. 7th November 2018 413
Dark Shenron : Dark Shenron at Kami's Palace, scene from DBGT saga. Saved on time before his download link died. found on that place: https://theblowofthedragoon.blogspot.com/ some stuff from that place are missing unfortunately.... 8th November 2018 119
Ultimate Goku UB22 V1 : "Ultimate" version of Goku in UB22 sprites... got TeenGohan & Goten as helpers for one big kameha father-sons. 10th November 2018 43
Ultimate Goku UB22 V2 : Well, I don't know really if it's a V2 or not. But this one is Goku with UB22 sprites & SSJ3 transformation, but no helpers. 10th November 2018 83
UB22GOKUV2 : Another SSJ Goku UB22 by Sammy saved from oblivion... This one seems to be the previous version to his 1st Ultimate Goku, because somes moves are similars but not all the moveset. Got a balanced AI. 11th November 2018 135
Pack Vegitos UB22 by Hyper921 : 8 versions of Vegito with UB22 sprites, made by Hyper... I think I got all Vegitos he did, but I'm not sure :P Master Vegito V2 Vegito V3 Boss Vegito Super Vegito V4 Vegito V4 Special Edition Vegito Clones Ultimate Vegito SSJ aka Hyper Vegito V1 Vegitoub ... 13th November 2018 93
Hyper Gohan UB22 : Teen Gohan with ub22 sprites & shiny effects. Most of files are called "kfm" because times ago, some hosting files websites deleted files due to big companies' pression in name of copyright, even if you don't make money with MUGEN ... Myself I was strike ... 20th November 2018 36
Gohan UB22 : Another TeenGohan with UB22 sprites & shiny effects. Some moves are different from the original Supermystery's creation though.Works in 1.0 20th November 2018 46
Super Gohan : Teen Gohan UB22 by Hyper released for cancelled UB22 MUGEN Project game. Shiny effects, standing basics moves are released automatically with a previous warp move... Got a a father-son kameha super move too. 20th November 2018 82
Mystic Gohan AF : Around 2008, a group of Italians Mugen players began to build a Mugen fullgame project based on a Dragon Ball fanfic, called DragonBall After Future (AF). 3 betas versions were released but the full game was never finished. This Gohan is from the 1st be ... 20th November 2018 141
Mystic Gohan AF MUGENEDITOR version : Mystic Gohan from DBAF Italian Mugen Project. this version was edited by MUGENEDITOR1009 to make his AI tougher. MUGENEDITOR1009 made 2 AI patches for this char but I refound 1 patched version only. (I guess it's the 2nd patch though). Got an automatic ... 20th November 2018 129
Piccolo "Junior" AF : From the beta n°1 of DBAF italian Mugen Project One day I get bored, so I fixed portrait, AI basics & some hitsparks. :very_good: I'm a big fan of Piccolo character btw :grin: 22nd November 2018 67
Garlic Junior : Old DBZ creation by Bicio, seems sprites are fully handmade but not sure. One day I was bored, I fixed some colision boxes, fixed some hitsparks & added AI.... 22nd November 2018 128
SZGJdeGs r (ξ-?何?) : God Orochi edit... The original def file name was: "ξ-?何?", translated from chinese by "Hey-? What?" The author is called "黑蛟魔尊", translated from chinese by "Black Sorcerer" (thanks google translate lol) This c ... 24th November 2018 55
God Despair : God Orochi edit, seems to be the base of God Despair Angel V4 & SZGJdeGs r, & other God despair versions probably... The author name is "菜鰓徴恊", which means "Dish"... For collection purpose. 24th November 2018 89
Darkness G Heaven old versions : God Orochi edits, I noticed the V0.06 was already here, so here is the V0.04 & the final one... or first one, dunno lol Collection purpose. 24th November 2018 118
Omega Orochi : Orochi edit with nearly transparent palette, can regenerate himself. 24th November 2018 287
Green God Ash : Ash Crimson edit... the original name of the char is "绿神Ash" translated into "Green God Ash" Got interesting moves but curiously lake some sounds. Works for 1.0 only. 25th November 2018 149
MVC EOH Sakura + AI : Unlike the version previously uploaded here, this one comes with 3 AI mode made by MGMURROW (easy-medium-hard). For your collection 18th January 2020 77
Ultimate Gotenks UB22 : Gotenks with UB22 sprites, shiny effects & hard AI, for the cancelled mugen "UB22 project". I just fixed 1 intro & aura charge code. 27th November 2018 120
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