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    bueno en todo caso hola y acepto tu amistad pero es mas por hablar en español y por las dudas te pasare mi deviantart
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    @EstebanG18 Okay Then, I'm Glad you like it
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    I Just wanna Know why you Commented Lol on my Char
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Mugen 1.1 Dark Theme V2! : HELLO! here is the v2 of the mugen dark theme for mugen 1.1, sadly is hard to comvert the sprites to work on 1.0 it will change the quality of the img i recomend OpenGL to use this screenpack to make it work on your mugen i hope you know how to instal ... 7th January 2020 525
Dic* face : Well this is a completely strange character that I created I think I regret having created this monster well I hope you enjoy this character :laugh: AND YEAH HE IS "EL RUBIUS NO SHIT" 10th May 2016 144
Shadow_Eiji : Well this is an edited Eiji Kisaragi character of the saga KOF is the bad part of eiji against movements and very different from the original character powers, also has the voice of the character "shadow jago" game killer instinct 3 and several of his sp ... 10th May 2016 118
Wrestlemania arcade game stage : Origin of the stage "Wrestlemania the arcade game" created by me Enjoy <3 :very_good: 3rd December 2016 198
MUGEN 1.1 dark theme : OpenGL USERS ONLY! im very proud of this work, makes me wanna keep doing mugen stuff, but one day i will come back This is a modified version of the original screenpack of mugen 1.1 i made this one because some screenpacks are very flashy and could ... 2nd May 2019 1,675
Joshsh Cesna (John cena) : This is a BETTER version(not really) of the char JOHN CENA is just add him some cool things yes ENJOY! 11th May 2018 1,260
Shadow Eiji Updated : UPDATED!!! Well this is an edited Eiji Kisaragi character of the saga KOF is the bad part of eiji against movements and very different from the original character powers, also has the voice of the character "shadow jago" game killer instinct 3 and sev ... 17th July 2018 214
God_Orochi 2018 : Original creator: Ahuron 27th August 2018 165
God_Orochi UPDATED 2018 : Original creator: Ahuron do you like god orochi?? WELL this is NEW This is one of the first CHEAP chars i ever know i really like this char back in the day i was awesome New sprites and voice clips and MORE. ENJOY!! https://www.youtube.co ... 21st September 2018 215
Fierce_Deity : Hello so this edit was made a loooong time ago i just abandoned him, but now i release him finally he does't have a AI i was to lazy to add him a AI so yeah HE HAS NO AI ENJOY! :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile: this video is old so he is ... 8th October 2018 314
Zoom Training STAGE : This is a grey training stage with a loot of space and with the zoom effect I HOPE YOU ENJOY! 2nd May 2019 105
SSB WII U Screenpack MOD BETA : It works like the classic SMASH BROS MOD FOR MUGEN of course I made some changes to the original states is very easy to install the mod to your chars is just like the original smash bros mod for mugen :boxing::boxing::boxing::boxing: "IMPORTANT ... 1st April 2019 281
Enderman(orochi edit) : I made this char loong time ago ENJOY! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqXOrHROp4Q 28th April 2019 279
Tekken7 lifebars : HELLO! this my tekken7 season 2 lifebars i make this lifebar long time ago and i add it to my screenpack the mugen dark theme v2 but i will separate them this time like a lifebar is not the most complete but still a v1 version of the lifebars ... 16th January 2020 292
The Destroyer : HELLO! this a sprite edit from the original char of the destroyer made by MabsKMK not only sprites edits, stats and states of the char to make it look like the original destroyer from terraria this is a boss type char you can't control, but still is f ... 18th January 2020 42
JOHN CENA SSJ1 : HELLO AGAIN, what else do you need to know?? this is just john cena but in super saiyan mode ENJOY!!!!! Many thanks to the original creator of the john cena sprites Mr randy bighead 16th February 2020 185