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  1. I have answered, hope your satisfied and end this topic.
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    https://plus.google.com/b/1040437642...ts/cwDLNHqRHBh this post shows that the creator of Redzone Magician, Super Donaly Death, and others doesn't like you leaking his characters to here. I'm butthurt
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  3. Idiot is my middle name, how did you know? amassing.. :)
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    I'm an Idiot.
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  5. I give you a thumb up for that. Listen serious character editing abuse is as rare, as your way of trying to defend it. Go put your energy in something useful like uploading a nice mugen character. Cheers.
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    Yeah, no, you don't respect the author's wishes, and if you were to read the readme on characters such as Chaos C. Madoka (I'm giving an example), you know that you can't reproduce (reprint) that character. But it seems you ignore the author's wishes and upload characters anyway to MUGEN ARCHIVE. As a result, I'm calling you an obvious pleb.
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  7. Justice it's nice of you too notice, but your machine choose this sprite as the new palette. So?
  8. http://mugenarchive.com/forums/downl...=file&id=47986
    Not the good palette, read procedure, don't butcher.
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  9. Sorry but lol Diz reading it now for the 1st time, all your visitor requests, please just PM me like you eventually did, i never look here ok. hehe
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    Waiting for you on the staff chat room.
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    I might leave by then, but if I'm still there please drop me a PM on discord.
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    Hello, I need to talk to you, can you join the discord server please?
  13. i'll explain to you in PM ok
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    I have no idea what you think it's a metadata, but you are not fixing it. Metadata can only be fixed by admins, cuz it needs a reupload. Those files didn't even need a fix.
    What you think you are doing?
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August 29, 1978 (38)
About anthimus
Collecting rare characters, football, fishing, my dog ;)
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Favorite MUGEN version:
The original :P
Favorite MUGEN characters:
Mizuchi's Orochi's and all the rest of the SNK Arrange edits.
Favorite MUGEN stages:
Enjou.def ^^ never gets bored
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Blessed with speed ;)
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W7- Lite 64bit
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Commodo Ice Dragon
my flat-tv 65inch ^-^


Water Food and a Roof is all i need to enjoy life


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boss final black nao : Very cool K' edit named boss final black nao, there no video to be found yet, this edit is brand new. Enjoy 31st January 2017 73
Trideca Alecto Mizuchi : Few more edits to fill up your mugen roster. For your collection. 1st February 2017 31
Hyper Orochi : Lets keep those orochi's coming, for your collection. 27th January 2017 16
Mizuchi Mix Mode : Lets keep those orochi's coming, for your collection. 27th January 2017 9
Orochi : Some more Orochi edits to enjoy. For your collection. 26th January 2017 13
legend orochi : Some more Orochi edits to enjoy. For your collection. 26th January 2017 20
SUN OF OROCHI : Some more Orochi edits to enjoy. For your collection. 26th January 2017 7
Boss God OROCHI : Some more Orochi edits to enjoy. For your collection. 26th January 2017 29
ALMIGHTY MIZUCHI : Some more Orochi edits to enjoy. For your collection. 26th January 2017 13
Crime of seven orochi_60% : Some more Orochi edits to enjoy. For your collection. 26th January 2017 8
Paroniria Orochi : Some more Orochi edits to enjoy. For your collection. 26th January 2017 13
Azure Chaotic God Mizuchi : This is great character to enjoy, lots of special effects, judge yourself! you won't regret it ;-) 12th August 2016 52
Adrammelech : Adrammelech an old school edit of Mizuchi, hard to find, and a nice add to your collection. 12th August 2016 44
Element The Angel of Death : A rare edit of Element, fancy Aura FX, and nice supers, enjoy! 13th August 2016 63
Gorgeous God Kyo : A sweet edit of Kyo, lot's of colors, supers etc, not to be missed, have fun ;) 13th August 2016 167
IORIZUCHI 25% : This rare Iori mixed as an Orochi (He's both) plus loads of new moves, supers, aura's, have fun! 14th August 2016 75
Extreme Dark Akuma : The name says it all, he's EXTREME rare, unbeatable, and a sweet add to your collection. 14th August 2016 153
Legend Gold Metal Clone Zero : A very nice edit of Zero, besides being gold he got awesome moves. 14th August 2016 103
GreenPink : A fancy Orochi edit, nice specials, supers, aura's (the whole package) Have fun :amuse: 15th August 2016 21
Asmodeus : Very cool Orochi edit, looks like nihilistic, he's plain crazy, check it out! 15th August 2016 50
Abaddon : This rare Orochi edit is ultra strong, has many different supers, another sweet add to your collection. Enjoy! 16th August 2016 27
God despair Angel -V4 : A quality Orochi edit, with a BOOMING intro, and allot more to check out. Have fun :thumbup: 16th August 2016 46
Elancia v0.65 : This rare character is a must have for any SNK collection, he's pretty strong too. Enjoy! :amuse: 17th August 2016 182
Lunatic Cars : Another quality Orochi edit, with great special effects, check em out! (He's Purple) :thumbup: 17th August 2016 24
Das Schwache : He's very cool, like a flowing GHOST, and his appearance makes you DIZZY :P 18th August 2016 49
Legend Gold Itzamna kyo : This is as RARE as it gets, Kyo mixed with the God Itzamna unique collectible. Enjoy 18th August 2016 10
Heaven's Fallen Saint : It's in my top 5 most beautifully edited, prolly cause he's from Heaven :thumbup: 18th August 2016 43
Dark Eyes : He's one scary looking Orochi edit, a nice add to your Collection. 18th August 2016 60
Gustab-Munchausen : A great edit of Gustab Munchausen, RARE, check him out, he's white with a fancy aura, and kicks major butt :P 19th August 2016 154
Ignis11.20 : Odd edit of Ignis (as a bright Orochi) , very weard and abit cheap :P for your collection. Enjoy :thumbup: 19th August 2016 38
New Orochi Gustab : Another unique edit of Gustab, with new moves to enjoy. Have fun ;) 20th August 2016 165
!UniqueEmperiorIgniz : The name speaks for itself, Igniz the Emperior, whipping for victory :P 20th August 2016 57
Metal Orochi Zero 1ST : This cool edit of Zero is a serious fighting machine, strong but not cheap, and his effects are quality. Have fun ;) 21st August 2016 87
Green Alsiel : Rare green transparent version i found a while ago, for your collection. ;) Not 100% sure about author, therefore i named both. 21st August 2016 45
Sapphire : Here you go, an AWESOME Blue-winged edit, loads of high quality special effects, fun to play with. Not the Sapphire as on youtube.. it's way better. Not Cheap. 23rd August 2016 64
Legend Gold-Metal Magaki 1st : Gold Magaki edit, he's pretty cool, no regrets it's worth your time, check him out. ;) 23rd August 2016 48
Ouranos : Ouranos is a very good edit of Igniz, lot's of new stuff to check out!. Have fun ;) 24th August 2016 100
Spaceowner : This edit is one of my Favorites, he reminds me off T-1000 from the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day . He moves like liquid metal. Enjoy! ;) 25th August 2016 51
Hige : What a Zero edit, Hige has so many moves (i lost count :P) He can transform or bring up MANY SNK Characters, a must have for your collection. ;) 26th August 2016 83
Psyqhical-N : Psyqhical-N is a beauty in every way, fun to play with, lots of nice effects! Have fun. 26th August 2016 110
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