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    ok, wish you luck dude.
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    what are you gonna make next?
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    Then just upload the new one and ask someone like Dizzy or Left4Joker to merge all the versions then. The only way to overright old files yourself is if you have the creator rank, but you must make a certain amount of creations to get that and then you must go to a thread where you link all your creations and ask for the rank.
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    I'm guessing you want to remove the older versions of Altertale Sans and Asriel. Well just ask here: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/show...ar-quot-thread
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    Maybe i can help you. what do you need deleted?
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    As in Altertale Sans or Toriel? None that I know of.
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    I know I saw his comment. But there's can always be more then one version of a character in Mugen. E.G there's Street Fighter 2 Ryu, Street Fighter Alpha Ryu, Marvel vs Capcom Ryu, SNK style Ryu, Pocket Ryu and many more. So you can still work on your Asriel.
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    Ok good. Hope it will turn out well.
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    Maybe you can try to finish one of Pizzasauce's unfinished characters which are Error! Papyrus, Space Papyrus, US! Asriel or maybe try to finish one of AngryBirdCooler's unfinished Undertale characters. That would be neat.
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    k thanks
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    Your referring to the two stage packs you uploaded right? The mods are going to delete them so don't worry about it.
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    I will take my own I guess :P
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    Sure I will add screenshots for them. But for now the preview images are fine.
  14. ok
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    Ok good. Plus it will get you more points which upgrades your rank. P.S you don't have to use @ in these messages.
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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Hotland : 5th August 2017 60
Clover (EDIT) : This is a edit from Frisk BETA 2 made by NathanAwesomeness9000 Clover is the yellow soul from Undertale Yellow 17th August 2017 111
Snowdin : The map begins in Grillby's and end in Sans and Papyrus Home 17th August 2017 137
Waterfall Pack : Have 3 maps Waterfall Bridge And the Undyne Stage 17th August 2017 22
Swapfell Sans and Papyrus House : The outside of the house 19th August 2017 108
School : The School from Pacifist ending with the Blue Soul 19th August 2017 51
Surface : 20th August 2017 68
New Home : 21st August 2017 81
New Home Throne Room : 22nd August 2017 66
Ruins Gate : The Toriel's stage 24th August 2017 113
Oceantale Ruins : 25th August 2017 28
Sandfall (Swapfell Waterfall) : The Waterfall from Swapfell 27th August 2017 23
Starrin (Outertale Snowdin) : This stage is the beginning of snowdin from Outertale 30th August 2017 28
Outertale Ruins : 2nd September 2017 36
Iceland (Underswap Hotland) : 31st August 2017 62
Asriel : 8th September 2017 314
Asriel Update 1 : I added special intros, damage sprites and attack sprites 16th September 2017 234
Aurorafall (Outertale Waterfall) : 17th September 2017 54
Muffet Stage : 17th September 2017 86
Altertale Sans (BETA) : 22nd September 2017 66
Asriel small update : I only added a special move 30th September 2017 433
Alphys Lab : 30th September 2017 84
Altertale Sans Updated : added: hit sprites one special move special move portrait quotes 30th September 2017 286
Underswap Ruins (Updated) : 6th October 2017 28
Clover New Version : now it's not a spriteswap 1st January 2018 68
Beach : The beach from the pacifist end 3rd January 2018 29