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    Yeah I'll do that when I can.
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    Pretty sure you saw this live, but...
    Joel played the fangame.
    You can see it here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/230773078
    Skip to 1 hour 20 minutes.
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    Thanks for informing me. But the truth is I stole it from Know Your Meme: http://knowyourmeme.com/photos/12225...55357;� I don't mind if they keep that colour-loss one up honestly. If anything it advertises the character. But I will keep an eye on that user.
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    happy (late) birthday! :Happy BD:
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    Happy Birthday, Oliver! (don't mind me, i was browsing your profile)
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    Happy birthday dude! Keep up the good stuff my man! Here's to your 18th birthday
  8. Today is my birthday! :D
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    Oliver I have something quite important to tell you. The creator of Dave has given us a little status update on Dave's upcoming update... And he changed something JUST to avoid something you added when you fight Dave. And he also seems to have stolen something from your self character. Just see for yourself: https://masx37.deviantart.com/art/Da...tion-706065795
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    lol thx
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    Oh good to know he credited me. Or gave thanks to me. Anyway I think it's fine now.
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    Oliver can you please tell The 14th Doctor to Credit me for finding Suketoudara? He uploaded it to Game Banana but he did not Credit me in anyway. Can you please ask him to add it? Thanks.
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    A Smol Loan of a Million Dolans
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About Oliver As Latias

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About Oliver As Latias
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Favorite MUGEN version:
Favorite MUGEN characters:
Rare Akuma, The_None's MissingNo., Psychopath Kyo, Shovel Knight, New Dink Smallwood, Galacta Knight, Scolipede, Latias, & Porygon-Z.
Favorite MUGEN stages:
Lavender Town, Training Room Hexagon, 5gorge, Terror Vision and Judgement Hall.


Have you ever wondered when these paletteswap/spriteswap creators won't stop?


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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
MegaMUGEN : A screenpack he made when he was done with M.U.G.E.N. It's based off Mega Man 9, as one of his favorite games. The lifebars aren't included, so you'll have to add a custom one by yourself. Note: This is 1.0 only. 21st November 2017 162
AndersonKenya1 : This character is just a portrait swap (based from his YouTube avatar) of SuperLuigi853. So there's nothing special about it. :notrust: 26th May 2016 72
GameBanana Website : A simple stage I've created of the website, GameBanana. This website/stage uses a TF2 background. You can check it out if you want or not. 28th May 2016 18
Skaxl Roa : A 3 button character (6 if wanted to do button command shortcuts like counter, grab, etc.) and is an edit of H"s Roa from Melty Blood: Actress Again. 30th May 2016 60
Hol Funtimes : A fast, spamable character with random sounds and weirdness. He's an edit of y.y's Hol Horse. 30th May 2016 116
Well : Propably the last character I upload by DrKelexo. He's mostly a sound edit of Seanaltly's Squall with random changed animations. For example, walk forward to standing, standing to walk forward, jumping to walking back, walking back to jumping. 30th May 2016 152
Muffet's Spider Bakery Sale : An Undertale stage where you fight where Muffet is. There isn't much to explore, and Muffet isn't animated. 22nd June 2016 384
Sonic.exe (Fixed Sprites) : I know you guys aren't impressed but, I just wanna say, I fixed the sprites for the Hyper Portrait, Super Form, and Dark Form, since the custom color palettes didn't work. I might also plan to fix the win (end of round) sprites because of the green line a ... 30th June 2016 1,182
Dragon Valley : From Freedom Planet. The first stage you play on. It took like over 10 mins to finish this stage. I used the sprites ripped from the game. This stage is not animated. 23rd July 2016 170
Dual voice for Dee Bee Kaw : Having problems to decide, which sound (Classic or normal) you wanna use for Dee Bee Kaw? Well, this sound will combine these 2 sounds together (Classic and normal). They might sound weird, but I had trouble deciding what sound I wanna use for Dee bee Kaw ... 5th August 2016 77
Scolipede Palettes : Contains 5 color palettes for Scolipede. Order (From top left to bottom right) Dark Gold Invert Latias Latios 6th August 2016 11
[18+] Scolipede Vore : There are 2 versions for the Scolipede Vore. Male and Female. I won't say what the differences are with the gender. 8th August 2016 973
Psychopath Kyo Palettes : Contains 3 color palettes for Psychopath Kyo. Order (From left to right) What have I done 1 What have I done 2 ROBLOXian 8th August 2016 12
LEGS : A stage filled with Mettaton EX legs. 9th August 2016 119
Demmie Village : I feel like an idiot, right...? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Pbh99Y_OU0 10th August 2016 74
The Game Theory : A stage with The Game Theory on the background. I managed to make the floor to look like how the intro was. 18th August 2016 36
Snowdin : Credit goes to AwokenArts for this image. You can find the image right here: http://awokenarts.deviantart.com/art/silly-background-1-600193371 19th August 2016 258
Marble Zone : 26th August 2016 223
Carnival Night Zone : Since the very old one is dead, I've decided to make my own. 26th August 2016 254
[18+] NT-Mama : This is an edit by Pilum, JackHereTheRealOne, ArgobargSoup, and ShinySpiritSeer. This NT-Mama uses new sprites, attack moves, etc. For the updated version, click here: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=51668 NT-Mama is still a 3 ... 14th September 2016 1,362
Grillby's Bar V1.1 : 17th September 2016 331
SSF4 Ryu & Evil Ryu English voice : This soundpack is only used for this character: http://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=10793 There's just one voice (or more) part that hasn't been changed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7CURqLaG0w 23rd September 2016 78
Super Mario Maker : This is a stage based from Super Smash Bros. 4. It uses the Omega form of the stage and the NES style only. This stage is not animated. 9th October 2016 283
7 GRAND DAD HD : An HD version of 7 GRAND DAD. Known bug: The top is black if you don't use widescreen. 10th October 2016 204
Kid Dracula : The FULL release of Kid Dracula. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvRIeGYd5wI 1st November 2016 74
Kung Fu Man minor edit : This is combination edit that include things from N64 Mario's edit to KFM (Kung Fu man Capcom) and uses Warner's edit (KFM_09) as a base. 21st November 2016 21
Marco Rossi : 28th November 2016 441
Mars People : 28th November 2016 408
Undertale YELLOW - Ruins (Bridge) : The first stage based from the fangame, Undertale Yellow! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_vZ353NRVs 18th December 2016 158
MM8BDM Proto Man : "Finally, you're here. Don't hold anything back. This is one battle you can't afford to lose!" -Proto Man The background and Proto Man is animated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VQ3xNrTAK4 18th January 2017 70
Chuckya Sprites : This file contains some few sprites of Chuckya. (GND Style) Who knows if this might come in handy to make Chuckya. Credit goes to SmithyGCN for making these sprites. I just cutted the images. 3rd January 2017 6
The Explodatorium : My first animated stage. Forgot to upload it for a while. Comes with 3 musics. Normal, boss and arranged. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgobHypkVn4 18th January 2017 20
MM8BDM Evil Robot : Evil Robot from Mega Man 8 cutscene. Stage from Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch. Both Duo and Evil Robot is animated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zkhjQmv9Es 18th January 2017 29
Latias : A decent well made Latias. She can't jump or crouch and she's a 3 button character, plus her moves are really good. And no, she's not a spriteswap of Some Guy 2000's version. Also, if you use the 12th palette, you will use the Shiny palette with a shiny ... 22nd February 2017 462
Nitro Man : A stage from Nitro Man. Only Proto Man and (Treble Boost) Bass is animated. 26th February 2017 56
[18+] NT-Mama : NT-Mama just recieved one of the greatest updates from Pilum, JackHereTheRealOne, ArgobargSoup, ShinySpiritSeer and drpolice! Now, you might be asking, "what's the update?" Well, I'm about to tell you that right now. NT-Mama can now Unbirth TWO oppone ... 27th March 2017 1,574
Egghead Alphys (Easter Alphys) : This a holiday version of Alphys, which is celebrating Easter. When you double jump, Alphys will drop an egg from below her, which explodes when touching the ground. Her Pillow Throw has also been changed. Depending how much you charge it, there will b ... 10th April 2017 175
Foxy : If you thought Toy Chica was a pain, try Foxy instead. 22nd April 2017 1,702
Vortex Infinity lifebars : The new and improved Vortex Lifebars! It still support the old Vortex portraits, don't worry! The folder contains both the default and custom lifebar portraits as before, including templates and fonts. EDIT: Guys, this is not a troll, this is real. ... 22nd April 2017 306
Mangle : She's finally released. 14th May 2017 636
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