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    Aw Diamondswag. Wat up
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Dororo : Yep, I'm releasing it. Not much to say here, unfortunately so...enjoy this character! VIDEO: https://youtu.be/UhMdwWO-6Ak 16th May 2020 17
Lord Brevon V2 : A most likely major update if you ask me. -AI has been buffed THANKS TO DARK LUIGI!! -Damage Dampener has been added -Fixed stopsnd bugs for Biker assist and powercharge -Fixed some guardflags -The commands for Mines are now D, B, a (or b, and c) ... 16th September 2017 272
Master Mecha Sonic edit update V1.1 : Like FlareGamer64 said, this character will be updated to be stronger. At this rate, he already is, due to the update I've been working just now. Here are the changes: (10/10/2017): Update V1.1: - Buffed the AI and fixed the teleporting AI codes (I ... 11th October 2017 886
Kyouko Sakura AI Patch Update V1.1 : A mini AI buffed update of Kyouko Sakura. Guards a bit more often and attacks 5% more often, if I'm not mistaken.... :3 Enjoy the delighted update! :D 11th October 2017 699
Pink Ranger V2 : Pink Ranger's update log: v2: -Replaced sprites for Mega Laser -Special guest characters (and white ranger) now turn directly to p2 while doing attack -Buffed AI -Added proper guardflags -Fixed Victory Quotes -Fixed Major Bug with intros -Repl ... 4th November 2017 307
Bowser Jr. V3 (Remastered) : Well, this took about 2 weeks since its W.I.P debut, but I suppose I've been working on it since the end of January. So, this little koopaling's making his first release in M.U.G.E.N. Hopefully this one will replace my old...infamous Bowser Jr. from 201 ... 15th April 2019 394
Super Better Mario V3.11 update : Oh cool, another update for Mario. Except that might be the LAST one before I carry on with my hiatus from character creations. Changelog: Super Better Mario V3.11 (A small, red plumbing fix): - Special intro against Bowser Jr. no longer plays during ... 28th September 2019 623
Super Better Mario V3.01 update : A little update on the remastered Super Better Mario: -Added juggle limit to Super Jump Punch -Shortened Super Spin by 10% -Lowered Hammer Mario's damage -Lowered Thunderstorm's hyper damage by 20% -Lowered volume of the thunder hyper by 50% -Adde ... 6th July 2019 301
Super Better Mario V3 (Remastered) : Well this was a lot quicker than expected. Then again, I had Super Better Mario nearly complete when I posted my W.I.P vid. So, this brave plumber is making is "remastered" appearance in M.U.G.E.N. Hopefully this one will replace the old...version. VID ... 6th July 2019 150
Bowser Jr V3.1 (Updated) : Yeeeeey, an updated Bowser Jr. I hope I fixed out all the bugs that you guys pointed out. Though, I may have missed some oppurtunites, but it's sufficient that took care of the bugs. Other than that, enjoy this update! VIDEO: https://youtu.be/5jYQXx5GmL ... 6th July 2019 259
Super Better Luigi V3 (Remastered) : Awfully quicker than expected for a 2 month creation, probably because I'm too used to this fighter factory stuff now. However, I actually wanted to get this out of the way because I have some things that are concerning my life right now. Basically, sch ... 22nd September 2019 117
Super Better Mario V3.1 (Updated) : Oh look, another update. And it's the mario man himself! Here's his changelog: V1.1: The Bros. Update -Palettes are now available, thanks to BestGamerReview! What's in them you may ask? Check them out for yourself! - Though the custom palettes ... 22nd September 2019 219
Super Better Luigi V3.01 update : Super Better Luigi's been updated for a hotfix: V1.01: A Green Hotfix - Shrinked hitboxes for the shockwaves from SilverBall - Added a Pause effect for the OHKO sequence - Added "no foreground" for the OHKO sequence - Added a new victory Portrait - ... 23rd September 2019 102
Super Better Luigi V3.1 update : Oh cool, another update for Luigi. Except that might be the LAST one before I carry on with my hiatus from character creations. Changelog: Super Better Luigi V3.1 ("I wanna do absolutely nothing already" small fix): - Fixed stone intro where you coul ... 28th September 2019 485
Lord Brevon V3 Revamped : So....just to let you guys know, I did NOT do this Revamp. A guy named, Joey the Tricky revamped it for me cause it had a lot of flaws and such. I tested it before releasing this, and the coding was utterly ridiculous. So I made some changes myself. He ... 4th January 2020 89
DS12 Updated V1.1 : Yaaaay, an update on a certain guy that I no longer couldn't hold back on, and also it's christmas! CHANGELOG: V1.1: Big Blue Update - Added a CONFIG for Palette Selector - Fixed Hyper Portrait sequence with Kyubey assist - Fixed infinite on Heavy ... 25th December 2019 29
Kyouko Sakura AI Patch Update V1.2 : 2 years huh? About time I got to dealing with her. UPDATES: - Stats are buffed a little bit - No longer dashes straight at opponents - Guard AI improved - Fall recovery AI codes added - adjusted velocities on some attacks - added more comboabilit ... 14th February 2020 120