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    yolomate not be sad! Reload the stages separately. ;)
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    I deleted your He-man Thundercats upload. Its required that you separate the stages into individual files since there is a no stage pack rule in place.
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    Congratulations my friend, now you are a Creator.
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    Forwarded to mod friend
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  5. hi yolomate, thanks for sharing your stages.
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Heimdall by Arkady Steppenwolf : Heimdall by Arkady Steppenwolf Palettes dedicated for Older Me https://i58.servimg.com/u/f58/18/48/59/32/heimda13.png for this char: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=58660 ... 15th June 2017 11
Ice by Smogon Kane, Buyog2099, etc : Ice Maiden by Smogon Kane, Buyog2099, ShinGouken (AI) https://i62.servimg.com/u/f62/18/48/59/32/icepal11.png for this char: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=3536-ice-maiden-smogon-kane-buyog2099-shingouken ... 20th November 2017 5
Watchmen stage : is a so simple stage but full color with sound Desolation Row sountrack instrumental...I wanna put rain but I try and nothing!! is no easy!! only 1.0 mugen ok? http://i39.servimg.com/u/f39/18/48/59/32/watch10.png 8th May 2016 114
Blue Bettle stage : http://i38.servimg.com/u/f38/18/48/59/32/sin_ty11.jpg ok I try is so easy stage with music from Young justice tv series! name is The Scarab Connection 8th May 2016 56
Silver Samurai movie : this a new pal Silver Samurai movie for RAHLONNIR versión! http://i19.servimg.com/u/f19/18/48/59/32/movie10.png 8th May 2016 19
Bizarro : Bizarro by Kal-Elvis & Buyog2099 http://i86.servimg.com/u/f86/18/48/59/32/bizarr12.png] 8th May 2016 50
Batgirl by Zvitor edited by THX_113 : Batgirl by Zvitor edited by THX_1138 https://i86.servimg.com/u/f86/18/48/59/32/batgir11.png 8th May 2016 111
Deathstroke Red Hood : MvC Deathstroke by chuchoryu idea for Red Hood http://i86.servimg.com/u/f86/18/48/59/32/redhoo11.png 8th May 2016 71
Flash Sic-1 with new sprites new 52 : Flash Sic-1 with new sprites new 52 versión ZOOM TV SHOW AND OTHERS PALS! http://i68.servimg.com/u/f68/18/48/59/32/2210.png http://i68.servimg.com/u/f68/18/48/59/32/f10.png 9th May 2016 55
Simon Belmont is Skaar son of Hulk! : this a char edited by Yunnin and I created new Pals! Simon Belmont is Skaar son of Hulk!! thank you Yunnin!!! http://i21.servimg.com/u/f21/18/48/59/32/210.png 9th May 2016 23
Gorila Grood new update : Gorila Grood new update versión uses Fighter Factory 3 for this! http://i86.servimg.com/u/f86/18/48/59/32/gorila10.png 9th May 2016 18
Professor Zoom : Professor Zoom by Erradicator, Black_Dragon, EGOLESS, and Phantom. http://i68.servimg.com/u/f68/18/48/59/32/zoom211.png 9th May 2016 134
Siniestro by Chimoru, Buyog, Larram : Siniestro by Chimoru, Buyog, Larramones and Iron Angelus. http://i19.servimg.com/u/f19/18/48/59/32/s110.png 9th May 2016 14
Nightwing : http://i19.servimg.com/u/f19/18/48/59/32/119.png 9th May 2016 55
Scarlet Spider : Scarlet Spider creator is same name Scarlet Spider http://i18.servimg.com/u/f18/18/48/59/32/s10.png 9th May 2016 36
He-man & Skeletor : news Pals for He-man & Skeletor!!from movie Masters of Universe! http://i86.servimg.com/u/f86/18/48/59/32/heman11.pnghttp://i86.servimg.com/u/f86/18/48/59/32/skelet12.png 23rd May 2016 104
The Joker by Legends of the Dark Kn : http://i86.servimg.com/u/f86/18/48/59/32/t10.png 30th May 2016 35
Superman new 52 by Logansam : http://i35.servimg.com/u/f35/18/48/59/32/superm12.png 13th June 2016 35
Exodus Loki pal : Exodus by Arkady Loki pallete http://i35.servimg.com/u/f35/18/48/59/32/loki10.png 18th June 2016 31
The Question : The Question by Jin Kazama, edited by Team Spoiler http://i35.servimg.com/u/f35/18/48/59/32/questi12.png 18th June 2016 25
Bulleye & Sentry Zombies : Bulleye & Sentry Zombies http://i35.servimg.com/u/f35/18/48/59/32/bullse10.png 18th June 2016 15
Marvel Zombies Pals! : Marvel Zombies Pals! Invisible woman by Arkady, Thor by Loganir & BlackDragon, namor by SGM version zvitor 1.0, the thing by Warner, Mr. Fantastic by ZVitor http://i35.servimg.com/u/f35/18/48/59/32/zombie11.png 18th June 2016 27
She Hulk by Cravd, Arkady, : NOW IS REAL PALLETES FOR THIS GREAT CHAR SEE!! http://i35.servimg.com/u/f35/18/48/59/32/shehul10.png 21st June 2016 48
Batman & Wonder Woman : http://i35.servimg.com/u/f35/18/48/59/32/batman10.png Batman & Wonder Woman 21st June 2016 10
Superman by Kalelvis & Hannibal : http://i35.servimg.com/u/f35/18/48/59/32/superm13.png see details in the pic...no all palletes are for Superman by Hannibal/Kal-Elvis and Friends!! the last are for first Superman by Hannibal versión 2.5 21st June 2016 30
Spider-Man originally by Seth Zanku : http://i35.servimg.com/u/f35/18/48/59/32/spider10.png Spider-Man originally by Seth Zankuten, edited by Koldskool 21st June 2016 45
Ironman by Zvitor with a new Smart : http://i35.servimg.com/u/f35/18/48/59/32/ironma11.png 3rd July 2016 28
Red Skull : http://i35.servimg.com/u/f35/18/48/59/32/redsku10.png 3rd July 2016 14
Birdy by Eclipse : http://i35.servimg.com/u/f35/18/48/59/32/birdyb11.png 3rd July 2016 46
Ironman by Zvitor part 2 : http://i35.servimg.com/u/f35/18/48/59/32/ironma13.png 3rd July 2016 23
Blair is Silk Spectre II : Blair by Zero-Sennin is Silk Spectre II for Watchmen comics original idea by Rena1ss4nce http://i35.servimg.com/u/f35/18/48/59/32/silk_s10.png 1st August 2016 14
Four Horsemen Apocalypse : Four Horsemen Apocalypse idea by SIRALEXBABY Wolverine by ZVitor, Gambit by DCL, Banshee by Acey & Arkady, Sentry by Acey http://i35.servimg.com/u/f35/18/48/59/32/4horse11.png 1st August 2016 20
Red Tornado : http://i35.servimg.com/u/f35/18/48/59/32/redtor10.png Red Tornado news and fixed palettes! 2nd August 2016 9
Azrael by Jasontodd and SpiderMew : Azrael by Jasontodd and SpiderMew I created this palettes...because I hate the original Palettes! https://i37.servimg.com/u/f37/18/48/59/32/azrael10.png 6th February 2017 31
Poison Ivy by bradern666- sprite p : news palettes for Poison Ivy by bradern666- sprite patch http://i35.servimg.com/u/f35/18/48/59/32/poison14.png 7th August 2016 28
Katana by odin123, Antagonist : Katana by odin123, Antagonist palette by Beware the Batman for Metamutant https://i58.servimg.com/u/f58/18/48/59/32/katana11.png 5th June 2017 5
palettes for Killer Croc by  Acey : news palettes for Killer Croc by  Acey http://i35.servimg.com/u/f35/18/48/59/32/killer10.png 16th August 2016 10
news palettes for Martian Manhunter : news palettes for Martian Manhunter by Z(?) http://i35.servimg.com/u/f35/18/48/59/32/martia10.png 17th August 2016 5
Astonishing Cyclops by Loganir-Verz : Astonishing Cyclops by Loganir & Verz36 http://i35.servimg.com/u/f35/18/48/59/32/910.png 19th August 2016 15
Captain Agent, Beast, Punisher : Captain Agent by SpiderMew, Beast zombie! by Acey, Punisher 1.0 zombie! by RAHLONNIR http://i35.servimg.com/u/f35/18/48/59/32/captai10.png 20th August 2016 17
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