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  1. Dragon Ball Z Mugen Butouden fullgame 90% finished
    In game uses moves and gameplay based on 16 bits versions
    No playable chars fly sorry but is necesary to keep the spirit of the original games if I cant use the divide screen system
    All sprites, screenpack, music and edits are based on 16 bits generation.
    Each Character are personalized and balanced to the others to bring the most competitive matchs
    No one hit ko moves
    Palletes based on Super Butouden and Buyu Retsuden
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  2. Dragon Ball Z Mugen Butouden

    4 Buttom Format
    Based on Buyuu Retsuden, Super Butouden, Hyper Dimension and Final Bout

    Intro, Screenpack, and Editing Chars 100%
    Ending 50%

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    Good =D
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  4. Dragon ball z mugen butouden 1 fullgame (old school chars) 80% finished
    dragon ball z mugen butouden 2 fullgame (new school chars) still in development
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Teen Vampire : This is a Beta version for my wattpad Original Character. He is a vampire who fights with a Katana. I use Jawson´s Alucard Sprites and some edites of vergil to made it. Moveset: Speed Slash: D,F,x Teleport Slash: D,F,y Air cut Near: D,F,a Air cu ... 14th April 2016 242
Alucard Series Acurate : Here is my personal version of Alucard with powers edit to be more acurate to tv show. Use a Hat in game but the sprite archive have the both versions only need to use a edit program to change if you want the other. (Note: The sprites don´t works wel ... 23rd April 2016 184
Alucard by cafe easier gameplay : The Same version of Alucard by Cafe but with comands edited to do a easier experience. This have a two sound packs Japanese and English the last is set by default but you can change this in def archive. Basics: D,F,x or y or a = Baskerville hound di ... 23rd April 2016 111
Count Dracula : The same boss Dracula by Raigugirarun updated by Sky79 & Seravy what we all know and love, but this new version "walks" and do a cape animation before teleport is ideal to be the boss of a vampire special mugen enjoy it. The have a three new palletes inc ... 23rd April 2016 384
Demitri Maximoff : Classic Demitri with personalized Palletes 24th April 2016 90
Goku SSJ2 : Classic Goku with new palletes. Normal. Orange and Blue Lighter. Yellow and Blue Darker. Red and Black Begins. Blue and White 24th April 2016 95
Cooler Buyuu Retsuden : 24th October 2016 47
Piccolo : DBZME2 New Sprites 30th October 2016 76
Vegetto Buyuu Retsuden : An Sprite edit of GohanSSM´s Goku Buyuu Retsuden to give him an Vegetto look. Recoding the cmd to give him a more versatile gameplay. This char uses retro sprites and I made him thinking in that style. I add the Original sprite archive if you want t ... 26th November 2016 60
Piccolo Z2 (Color Edit proj) : It is the Piccolo of Balthazar in its latest version. I try to change the system of pallets to the classic system with SFF V1 to have pallets closer to my taste and that can be customized for the taste of others. I failed but I was able to create two spri ... 17th January 2017 76
Son Goku : Normal Goku from DBZ ME2 with replacing the Hyper Dimension Sprites with Super Butoden Sprites from kakaroto 17th February 2017 116
Majin Vegeta : Majin Vegeta from DBZ ME 2 with Super Butoden 3 Sprites 20th February 2017 58
Gohan two outfits : Komodo`s Super butoden 3 gohan with edits in the sprites to can use his blue suit and mystic gohan suit only choice diferent pal 21st February 2017 41
Super Buu butoden : Originaly created by ssjtrunks with ub22 sprites I do an spriteswap with Super butoden style sprites and some minor edits only details is what he cant fly and need more moves if you have an old school dbz mugen is the super buu what you need. **DOWNLOA ... 24th February 2017 77
Super Buu SNES V2 : **New Version realeased** Aereal knee changed to Aereal CannonBall and Add Genocide Attack Originaly created by ssjtrunks with ub22 sprites I do an spriteswap with Super butoden style sprites and some minor edits only details is what he cant fly and ne ... 26th February 2017 171
Piccolo DBZME2 : Piccolo from Ssconic with Super Butouden 2 Sprites reemplazing the Hyper Dimension Sprites 9th March 2017 82
PuiPui SNES : Spriteswap from zarbon with minor edits full playeable and compatible with dbzme2 18th March 2017 31
Vegetto Butouden : Spriteswap with the Super Butouden 2 Goku from Komodo with minnor edits to do compatible with dbzme2 and another fullgames with old school chars please download my edit of majin vegeta and the ssj goku from roken to have a nice trio 18th March 2017 45