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    No you shouldn't do it. That request was more novelty at the time. I could probably request something better then that one.
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    Actually, that request is so old that you might as well just ignore it.
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    And answering your question, it applies to ALL files.
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    Please post your files in their respective categories.

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    I deleted you post. It is required that you separate the files and post them individually. We don't allow packs
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    I have a request: Kor Betty vs another Betty called "Betty Betwork". I know you have yet to do a video on the new characters but still do it later plz. Betty Betwork link: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...rk-neonsunfire
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    Well you are not very active here :/. just woundering
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    Hello. Are you okay?
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Toriel : Toriel! finally for Mugen! by the great creator "MEGA_X"! :laugh: 20th September 2016 2,098
Luigi : by Sumin2393 (Gram Parson) ready for use,As you know, is based on SSBB, probably will draw more updates Sumin.:thumbup: 19th October 2016 511
Marth : by Sumin2393 (Gram Parson) ready for use,As you know, is based on SSBB, probably will draw more updates Sumin.:thumbup: 19th October 2016 867
Ganondorf : by Sumin2393 (Gram Parson) ready for use,As you know, is based on SSBB, probably will draw more updates Sumin.:thumbup: the character is not quite complete, approximately 85%, but soon will be and I will set up complete with the other chars (Luigi, Mart ... 20th October 2016 2,005
Toriel V.2 Final Vercion : the final version of Toriel! It includes new sprites, new attacks, error fixes, etc. I hope you enjoy ;) All credit to the Great Creator MEGA_X:laugh: 30th October 2016 11,933
MettaSans : :shock_jaw_drop: 5th November 2016 680
Glitchtale Chara : 5th November 2016 533
Underfell MettatonEx BETA(wip) : 6th November 2016 483
Killer Sans V2.0 : New Vercion :v 9th November 2016 1,033
Undertale - Snowdin4 : 14th November 2016 202
Frisk UPDATE : Leave it ready to be used :v 14th November 2016 1,185
B A D T I M E : It's only for winmugen : 13th December 2016 734
Kor Asgore UPDATE : Sumin corrected that the lifebars disappeared, besides other errors that had the original char, Balancing some things, etc. 22nd December 2016 5,129
Error Papyrus : 6th February 2017 1,768
Grillby (Kor) : :D 17th February 2017 3,391
Frisk UPDATE : :D 17th February 2017 2,303
Sans UPDATE : :D 17th February 2017 4,437
Waterfall : 17th February 2017 392
Freeway : 17th February 2017 461
Asriel Dreemurr (Kor) : YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (MUGEN 1.1) 28th April 2017 6,306
BOSS: W.D Gaster (Kor) (1.1) : FINALLYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 21st May 2017 1,613
BOSS: W.D Gaster (Kor)(1.1)(Update) : Completely decoded to play with! 21st May 2017 4,496
Dust Sans UPDATE LV.10000(Kor)(1.1) : This is one of the best updates of the moment, many things have been added, and the sprites have been improved. But the best thing is that a new transformation was added: *LV.10000* with this Dust Sans transformation it's quite a show, see for yourselv ... 7th June 2019 1,664
Cuphead (BETA) : spriteswap of maddog. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6rpCUyMTLo&t=30s 25th October 2017 448
Toriel (Kor) : :D (1.1) 27th October 2017 1,952
Omega Flowey (Individual char)(Kor) : http://blog.naver.com/sumin2393/220525141357 15th November 2017 1,865
Chara (Kor) : Warning: (1.1) Only 23rd December 2017 2,292
Disbelief Papyrus (Kor) (1.1) : Finally! he has returned from the grave! sorry for being so "dead" time, but because of an old and silly deal I could not do anything until Gram Parson did something, soon answer some questions (although no one cares). and as always, decode the character ... 15th September 2018 3,495
Jotaro Kujo (Kor) (1.1) : Another character of Gram Parson, he came with strength! Original Link: https://blog.naver.com/sumin2393/221359698513 15th September 2018 434
DIO (Kor) (1.1) : Another character of Gram Parson, he came with strength! Original Link: https://blog.naver.com/sumin2393/221359742653 15th September 2018 564
Disbelief Papyrus (Kor) (1.0 Edit) : And yup, I learned how to remove the zoom these chars for 1.0, although these chars, I do not know if it works with others, but with these at least xd 15th September 2018 1,213
Mega Update: Sans V.2 (Kor) (1.1) : ENGLISH: Gram Parson is more alive than ever! :D This char is COMPLETELY different from the old Sans, it is recommended to keep the old and add this vertion next to it, they are very different. Sans can no longer win the battle for Time Up, he have the ... 16th September 2018 3,113
MegaUpdate:DETERMINED Frisk(Kor1.1) : PD: This is a char of Frisk, Chara is just a palette skin. ENGLISH:This is the next and final update of Gram Parson so far, again, it is quite different from the original, because again, I recommend not replacing it with the original. The differences wi ... 17th September 2018 1,460
Bendy (Kor) (1.1) : Gram Parson is a machine! I had never climbed so many chars in a row! It was definitely worth waiting almost a year after his return! original link: https://blog.naver.com/sumin2393/221360567273 17th September 2018 1,279
THE PLAYER (Kor) (1.1) : Another great character of Gram Parson! Apparently is a character created by the one who represents the player, is very powerful, and can even take control of reality, breaking the screen and stopping the time, making appear a lot of powerful monsters w ... 17th September 2018 438
BOSS: Carnage (Kor) (1.1) : More Gram Parson characters! I'm still happy, I've never been so active :D, this is a very very veeeeeery strong boss! Original link: https://blog.naver.com/sumin2393/221360955833 https://youtu.be/KKbAL-Ifisc 18th September 2018 500
Luigi Completed (Kor) (1.1) : Finally! after years Gram Parson finally completed this char, hopefully do the same with Ganondorf and Marth Original link: https://blog.naver.com/sumin2393/221360447148 20th September 2018 278
BOSS: D.E.M (Kor) (1.1) : This is probably the last climb of Gram Parson at the moment, this is another VERY VERY VERY powerful boss, in the Mugen of Gram Parson there's we let's have a lot of ability to defeat him, a technique is to hit him a lot and not let him attack, but he ha ... 20th September 2018 133
DETERMINED Frisk (Kor) (1.0 Edit) : Yup, sorry for the delay, But I'm already transforming these chars to 1.0, later I'll do it with Bendy, and the others chars. W A R N I N G ! ! ! ! ! Remember, to use the Op mode, select Frisk with the button "Z" of your Mugen 25th October 2018 1,804
UPDATE: Dust Sans (Kor) (1.1) : This update changes some animations, besides improving the physics of the character, balance in his attacks and his error mode, changes in the color palettes, etc. PD: I tried to transform this char to 1.0, but it gives me a lot of problems, it habe s ... 29th October 2018 1,292
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