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  1. oh look mugen archive finally works after almost 5 months, hello there i still exist just don't do mugen things as much :v
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    someone named 70 and I am not sure the other. I think it's Nathan I forgot the name?
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    Right... or could be someone else. Theres like 2 people i saw on discord that have your artstyle
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    Youre a mugen database spy
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    Some person named "Nodog" decided to leak a character. I'm panicking, what should I do?
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    We don't accept packages of two files or more. If you want to post these files, you will have to separate those files.
  7. I Need A Classic Megaman Character But There's Alot of Classic Megaman.
    Please Tell Me What's The Best Classic Megaman Character In Mugen?
    Note: I'm Talking About Megaman The Main Character.
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File Date Downloads
Enemies of Fear Vs Sound : For People Who Want EOF Sound Vs. I Converted To A Mp3 File. . 28th April 2016 69
Everything vs Everthing 1.0 Edit : This Edit Only Changes The Music Like. Opening Theme Stayed. Title Theme Replaced To Sonic 3 Title Screen. Character Select Theme Replaced To MVC2 Character Select Theme. Versus Theme Replaced To CVS1 or CVS2 Versus Theme. I Hope You Enjoy This Scree ... 8th July 2016 4,305
8bit CvS Daniel : Well it's My First Character. This Was Edited By Lucas345. But This Character I Made Sucks Maybe I Should Learn About CLSNS. :sdrop: 7th August 2016 68
Yoshi (alt. version) : This Not A Edit Ok It Have A Modern Soundpack In There. To Put It You Need Fighter Factory To Change The Soundpack. THIS IS NOT A VORE EDIT. :mad: Anyway Enjoyed This Mike's 2nd Version Of Yoshi With A Modern Soundpack. :smile: 9th August 2016 803
Mugen Tournament 3 : I was going to a random mugen site and it has the link of this screenpack, but the eships site was shut down. So I got to web archive, paste the link and I download it and hosted on this site. Sorry for the clickbate image that has alot of slots, I just ... 21st August 2016 3,593
Archaic Low Res Pack : Just a Low Res Archaic Screenpack on Mugen 1.0 and Mugen 1.1 4th September 2016 445
Crobert Edit : yeah i made a edit of Corbret, one of Carmen Springer's oc. Here's the stuff i mostly change 1. 2 of his Specials are Nerf 2. Grab is kinda Nerf i guess i don't know but you tell me 3. His Hyper is Nerf 4. Fixed His Clsns since Carmen is too lazy to c ... 21st May 2018 26
8-bit Green ball of crap : Its have been a long time ever since I upload that low res Archaic screenpack 1.0 and 1.1, I improve on my spelling so it won't be like I caps locks on the first letter everytime and I improve on punctuation. This is offf-topic so lets go to the real-top ... 1st April 2017 24
8-Bit CVS Daniel (Last Update) : I cancelled so BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! You can edit if you want to but please credit to the original author. CamtheMUGENboy please make a video about this character or bashed it or even ... 12th May 2017 53
Gummy Bear : Another character with ok stuff, but however it has bad sprites. Oh yeah! it has undertale hit sounds so it can be a undertale style character. 15th May 2017 71
Nathen The Dog : Just a character with ok coding and stuff, I edited some sprites like taunt so it would have some lip-syncing and the Mojo Breakdown. And yes this version is private and have new moves and I hosted because his account got closed including his old account ... 15th May 2017 43
Christian (2014 Version) : Well its Christian's older self and got hosted by me, and its not good! it used reese sprites without permission, have his real voice, has a ohko shun goku sastu (that reminds mes of that bloo character) have some ok hypers, and some stolen coding from ni ... 17th June 2017 94
MvC MS paint Bob : What you kind of expect it to be a edgy stickman or daniel rip-off like carlos or garjado whatever you name it but its not! its just a stickman with a blue hat with yellow hands and feet, nothing else. 25th June 2017 87
MVC Reese Yammoto (Final Version) : I found this version of Reese by this video I found https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZB8dHM_K-s 17th September 2017 42
Stimpy (Old Version) : I found this character on deviantart (you can also find it on youtube) 17th September 2017 203
Ren (Old Version) : Found this at gamerguy5TheScratcher's site 17th September 2017 134
Zim (Old Version) : For FlareGamer64 I found this at aperson98's < >'s forum including the old rocko, old aardvark, and v2 stimpy (not the one thats poorly made that I uploaded) 19th September 2017 218
Tetsuo9999's Blues 1.0 Compatible : I made this character from a winmugen character to a mugen 1.0 character. oh yeah this character has a dbz style (that what it says on the mugen wiki about this character) 21st September 2017 91
Aardvark (Old Version) : had nothing to say about this file, just enjoy. (or not enjoy.) 6th October 2017 187
Rocko (Old Version) : Again had nothing to say about this character, just enjoy it and test to see how wlanman improves overtime. 6th October 2017 197
Another Old Version of Stimpy : 6th October 2017 97
The Awoken Kid : He might be the first one to be an edit of The Kid, Mostly just check him out because he's the first cheap character ever in MUGEN that has IWBTG characters. Creator Notes: Here is the edit of The Guy, he is pretty buggy... also make sure he has order= ... 15th January 2018 148
Super Mario Power Charge Patch : This is a patch for SM853's Version and Shinryoga's Mario (The Latest Version) because the old version of Super Mario have the power charge code but it's removed on the final version because what Flare Gamer 64 said "It was removed because it was buggy an ... 10th February 2018 81
Tyren : Because someone LEAKED my self-insert to Mugen Archive so I decided to upload it. Okay, the only difference between the one that was leaked is that I fixed the damage so it's not cheap anymore. Another difference is that the GUARDEND clsns are fixed. ... 17th February 2018 66
Banana Phone : yeah it's a stupid stage that i made while i was bored. 17th February 2018 15
Tyren (Beta V2) : There are some things that are added in V2: A Hyper that is "inspired" by Sonic.exe's Souls of Death (Thanks Oliver for fixing it) A Death Sound that is changed from KFM to Ren Hoek's Cry The Intro is now Faster There's Another Intro but it can't eve ... 21st February 2018 53
PvZ Zombie : https://youtu.be/tMlZ3vi1dHE Patch Notes: V1.03 - Fixed a sprite issue involving High Tide and stages with foreground sprites. It now always appears on top, so one can always tell if High Tide is in effect or not. - Removed unused coding. - Mino ... 21st February 2018 733
Shago Remake (BETA) : So Shago got released to the public, so here's me uploading it to Mugen Archive because why not? Shago got a redesign for the remake of herself to a cheerleader outfit. I can't show the problems because i don't have Carmen's characters in my Mugen Roste ... 22nd February 2018 47
Sally.exe Act 9 Stage : Hey look, I made another stage but it's better than the first one. There are not alot of sonic.exe stages but there's only sunky.mpeg and sally.tiff stages so i decided to make one which is Act 9 from Sally.exe. This stage is where you play as sally and ... 3rd March 2018 249
Tyren (Beta V3) : This update is like kinda a big update due to some changes i did and some new stuff like an super jump, and a second hyper. also the fall sprites are finally finished but there's still kfm sprites (do it one more time and i will get a disc and shove it up ... 9th March 2018 64
Megaten Patch : This is a patch for Megaten because he has bugs. (he still has bugs but that does not mean you can exist) Okay what this patch does is that the rainbow lazer is fixed so it can not be crop out. Another thing is that I changed the icon and portrait becau ... 18th March 2018 39
Tyren V4 : hope you enjoy, why am i typing this really fast? frickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! 1st April 2018 70
STOP CHEATING!!! : Another Minecraft Stage by Pokemaster2016 that is based on Minecraft Awesome Parodies Music Video called "Stop Cheating". Which is a parody of Evanescence's Wake me up Inside's song. 4th April 2018 81
Clarence English Soundpack : Clarence has updated and he uses English soundpack. enjoy. 4th April 2018 276
Tac Nyan : The Evil and Edgyist Cat is finally released in Mugen after 12 months or 13 months of waiting and delays. (if there's any delays) Now put this edgy cat on your mugen roster right now because he is waiting! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xZxNCPfUBY ... 27th April 2018 180
KFM MvC 0.8 : I was mostly inspired by Pizzasause2000's Remake of the SMvC Template where it uses Kung Fu Man as a Base and then add the SMvC Effects, So I had a idea to do the same but this time the MvC 0.8 Template. So I add the effects and added the feature where it ... 29th June 2018 108
KFM MvC 0.8 (Update) : A update for the MvC 0.8 Template Remake, here are some changelogs. Air Light Punch is not spammable anymore. Added Variables Fixed the Combo Messages so When your using Broken Mugen Lifebars or any Lifebars who have the Combo Messages they wont be s ... 18th August 2018 106
MLSS Tyren : You guys thought i was ded, well nope just that I don't use the site as much and i only use it in case there's no other download links other then this site. Anyway this character is in MvC2 Style basically my first time trying to experiment a style from a ... 25th November 2018 25
MLSS Tyren (Update) : Fixed the bugs that 70 pointed out kthb. 26th November 2018 123
Isabelle : The project i've been keeping as a secret till now and it's that Isabelle is Offically in M.U.G.E.N Note: Tyren and these 3 basically mean it got worked on by other creators and one spriter. One of them is GameandWatch909, austinsanims2, and OmarTime ... 1st April 2019 629