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  1. I Need A Classic Megaman Character But There's Alot of Classic Megaman.
    Please Tell Me What's The Best Classic Megaman Character In Mugen?
    Note: I'm Talking About Megaman The Main Character.
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Enemies of Fear Vs Sound : For People Who Want EOF Sound Vs. I Converted To A Mp3 File. . 28th April 2016 27
Everything vs Everthing 1.0 Edit : This Edit Only Changes The Music Like. Opening Theme Stayed. Title Theme Replaced To Sonic 3 Title Screen. Character Select Theme Replaced To MVC2 Character Select Theme. Versus Theme Replaced To CVS1 or CVS2 Versus Theme. I Hope You Enjoy This Scree ... 8th July 2016 884
Stages From 1.1 : Elecbyte Made It So I Edited Since They Don't Do it. This Was To Help People Who Don't Know How To Make The Stages Zoom in. :smile: 6th August 2016 17
8bit CvS Daniel : Well it's My First Character. This Was Edited By Lucas345. But This Character I Made Sucks Maybe I Should Learn About CLSNS. :sdrop: 7th August 2016 21
Yoshi (alt. version) : This Not A Edit Ok It Have A Modern Soundpack In There. To Put It You Need Fighter Factory To Change The Soundpack. THIS IS NOT A VORE EDIT. :mad: Anyway Enjoyed This Mike's 2nd Version Of Yoshi With A Modern Soundpack. :smile: 9th August 2016 146
Mugen Tournament 3 : I was going to a random mugen site and it has the link of this screenpack, but the eships site was shut down. So I got to web archive, paste the link and I download it and hosted on this site. Sorry for the clickbate image that has alot of slots, I just ... 21st August 2016 1,728
Archaic Low Res Pack : Just a Low Res Archaic Screenpack on Mugen 1.0 and Mugen 1.1 4th September 2016 139
8-bit Green ball of crap : Its have been a long time ever since I upload that low res Archaic screenpack 1.0 and 1.1, I improve on my spelling so it won't be like I caps locks on the first letter everytime and I improve on punctuation. This is offf-topic so lets go to the real-top ... 1st April 2017 14
8-Bit CVS Daniel (Last Update) : I cancelled so BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! You can edit if you want to but please credit to the original author. CamtheMUGENboy please make a video about this character or bashed it or even ... 12th May 2017 25
Gummy Bear : Another character with ok stuff, but however it has bad sprites. Oh yeah! it has undertale hit sounds so it can be a undertale style character. 15th May 2017 13
Nathen The Dog : Just a character with ok coding and stuff, I edited some sprites like taunt so it would have some lip-syncing and the Mojo Breakdown. And yes this version is private and have new moves and I hosted because his account got closed including his old account ... 15th May 2017 28
Christian (2014 Version) : Well its Christian's older self and got hosted by me, and its not good! it used reese sprites without permission, have his real voice, has a ohko shun goku sastu (that reminds mes of that bloo character) have some ok hypers, and some stolen coding from ni ... 17th June 2017 18
MvC MS paint Bob : What you kind of expect it to be a edgy stickman or daniel rip-off like carlos or garjado whatever you name it but its not! its just a stickman with a blue hat with yellow hands and feet, nothing else. 25th June 2017 14