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Terry Bogard (Infinite Style) : This is Fatal Fury/KoF star Terry Bogard in MvC Infinite Edit edition! 7 supers 3 hypers, lots of specials, good sprites and nice backgrounds! Easy combo-ability! INFINITE TERRY BOGARD ------------------------------------ ... 9th May 2016 672
Chun-Li (MvC - Infinite Edit) : This is Chun-Li MvC-Infinite Style made by Rajaaboy! Nice animations, full of moves, 6 supers, 4 hypers, yada yada... The only issue (IMO) is that the supers' backgrounds is just Chun-Li's translucent silhouette (what could be nice for some people) and no ... 10th May 2016 490
Benimaru (MvC Infinite style) : That's it! It's Benimaru Nikaido from KoF made by warusaki3 edited to MvC-Infinite Style or SvK (as Sookie just told me). It has 7 supers and 3 hypers! Lots of specials and easy comboing system! Kudos for the ones who plays this version! 1349 SPRIT ... 10th May 2016 319
King (MVC/SVK Infinite Style) : Here it comes the first pumped-up King of Fighters' King! Featuring lotsa moves: 6 supers, 2 hypers, nut-breaking comboability! Never before in Mugen-Archive a King in SvK style soooo well-done by IFF Team! Hell yeah! 1199 SPRITES!!! INFINITE KING ... 12th May 2016 338
Dan Hibiki (Infinite-ish style!) : Hi guys, this is one of the first edits I'm posting. I did it using POTS' M.Bison coding and added to POTS' Dan and fixed his hyper bgs because almost all hypers didn't show them properly. It's not a perfect MvC version, but it was the best I could do in ... 12th July 2016 413
Sean (Infinite style - SF3 Sprites) : This is Sean Matsuda from Street Fighter series! I did a sprite swap and some coding adjustments to Infinite's Sean so as he got a bit more similar to Street Fighter 3 perks and looks and terminate his similarity with Ryu. Mah god, his face was Ryu's and ... 1st August 2016 206
Mugen Multiverse - Kireishito Edit : Here it is Duracelleur's Mugen Multiverse - Cross Generation of Fighters 720p edited by me, Kireishito! It's an edit that aims to make a simpler yet beautiful version of his screenpack. Works only for Mugen 1.1 (I Guess). First of all, I'd like to thank ... 30th September 2016 219
Raven's Ark (Mugen 1.1) : "Special thanks to the Newage Mugen community for testing and feedback. OpenGL is required in order to run these stages." -Markpachi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8f6WP4s6LQ Very nice stage for Mugen 1.1 27th January 2017 49
Woody Woodpecker : Version 1.0 – 2017.02.14 – By O Ilusionista, Brazil CHAR NUMBER: #69 This char should be got at www.< >.com This char features portuguese voices, because I am a huge fan of Woodpecker and he was a big sucess here in Brazil. No english or any ... 19th February 2017 1,522