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MvC Alpha Chun-Li : New Char for Marvel vs Capcom Maximum Editor: PizzaHighFive, Original: DCL aka DarkCypherLucius - All sprites now Alpha track suit - New and better combo abilities - Lightning kicks now easier to spam, no longer need to blister your finger - Lightn ... 16th December 2019 83
MVC style - Toxic Seahorse stage : Toxic Seahorse stage from Megaman X3 in MVC style! animation : yes super jump: yes mugen version: 1.0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NTq10x1rS0&feature=youtu.be 16th November 2017 157
MVC style - Latveria, Doom's Throne : Latveria, Dr Doom's Throne Room - MVC Style w/ super jump There are 2 versions in the file, one where Doom is sitting on the chair and the other he is not on the chair for when you fight Dr Doom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCyB46zhajc&feature=you ... 28th December 2017 213
MVC style - Kenji's Ninja Room : New MVC style stage for Kenji from Capcom's Red Earth. It's the ninja room where Kenji and his elite ninja prepare for battle and take order from the shogun. I hope you enjoy :p 21st March 2018 88
MVC style - Kabuki Trucker : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKoGNT8HiPI&t=65s Sodom's Alpha 2 stage but it's looking as if you were blazed off that dank for the first time.. everything is brighter and more colorful, w/ super jump for that mvc style you can take em up to the ... 24th March 2018 66
MVC style - Gravity Beetle Stage : Megaman X2 Gravity Beetle stage now in MVC style with super jump. ENJOY n stay true 6th April 2018 214
Metal Slug 4: Mission 1 stage 1.1 : Metal Slug 4 - Mission 1 highway where you fight the Blimp Boss With super jump and zoom. Enjoy and stay true. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMIRXYlz7aQ&t=10s 14th April 2018 115
Final Fight 2 - Japan MvC Style : The final stage in Final Fight 2 in mvc style with super jump and it's a wide stage. You will see Rena, guy's fiance, and Genryusai which is Guy and Maki's master both kidnapped in the background just like in Final Fight 2 Have fun and stay true 20th June 2018 71
REDHOT's Spider-Man (few fixes) : This is REDHOT's spider-man and it is the exact same character, I just made some fixes that added to the accuracy of his mvc2 gameplay - Crawler assault OTG combo fully completes itself now, so now you can connect that classic spidey bread n butter ... 19th June 2018 276
MvC CARNAGE 2018 : He's been private for a long long time and ready to go public. MY VERY FIRST CHAR! yes he is a edit of thefuture & T.O.P.S but lemme tell ya, he is a extreme edit. I made new sprites like stances, walks, specials, and new supers and pretty much clea ... 9th August 2018 346
MVC Carnage (updated 8/18) : UPDATED 8/18/2018 fixed many issues. He's been private for a long long time and ready to go public. MY VERY FIRST CHAR! yes he is a edit of thefuture & T.O.P.S but lemme tell ya, he is a extreme edit. I made new sprites like stances, walks, special ... 19th August 2018 543
MvC2 Morrigan (redhot) w/ fixes : Redhot's MVC2 Morrigan w/ some gameplay fixes by Pizzahighfive - can air soul fist multiple shots like she supposed to. you can also air dash after a Air Soul Fist. - can now dash/air dash with 2 punch button presses, she can dash up or downwards b ... 4th January 2019 558
MvC Iron Fist : "You are not your thoughts.. You are what's listening to your thoughts." Stay balanced and collected cause Iron Fist is here. MVC styled and good at combos. ------------------------------ Special Moves---------------------------- ----Tripl ... 19th May 2019 297
MvC Maximum Carnage Stage 1.1 : MvC styled Rooftop Rumble 2 from the Snes/Genesis game "Maximum Carnage" It is the famous Rooftop Rumble rematch against Carnage and all the villians. You will see heroes like Dethlok, Firestar, and Morbius in the background, as well as the villians ... 13th June 2019 153
MvC - Life Foundation Stage 1.1 : Finally! Kyoman's Life Foundation stage has been fixed and brought down to show off more of the badass artwork we all want to see! Before, all the cool BG animations were only visible at super jump height, and so I brought down all the art, photoshop whe ... 30th June 2019 115
MvC2 Regina by PizzaHighFive : --------------- Regina (Dino Crisis) --------------- - All edited sprites for Regina - Sprites now with new Head Design, Leg Belt, Knife, SubMachine Guns, Rocket Launcher, Flame Thrower - All coding has been completely edited, now she fights legit ... 3rd December 2019 175
MvC Strider Hien by PizzaHighFive : --------------- Strider Hien (Strider 2) --------------- - Fixed all his animations - Fixed his super jump - increased his mobility speed, now fast as Hiryu - Fixed his coding on his ground combos and air combos. He now combos similar to Hiryu - Fixe ... 4th December 2019 149
MvC Protoman by PizzaHighFive : --------------- Protoman (Megaman) --------------- - Fixed all animations - Fixed coding to all normal attacks - Removed the multiple command normals - Added new normal, Proto Shield Push, Crouch HP - Added new normal, Protobuster HP - Proto Shield ... 4th December 2019 209
MvC Bass PizzaHighFive edit : --------------- Bass (Megaman 7) --------------- - Bass Buster shots now shoot a lot faster - Bass Buster shots can be shot in air - Bass Buster shots can be shot in different directions - Changed commands to his moves for better gameplay - New soun ... 4th December 2019 197
MvC Megaman PizzaHighFive Edit : --------------- Megaman (Megaman) --------------- - Added new special move * Flash Bomb - Added Classic Megaman 8 sounds for Tornado Hold - Added Classic Megaman boot squeak sounds when he lands - New buster charging color, he turns bright yellow j ... 4th December 2019 149