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    Oops, I meant ZEGA ZONIC's avatar, it looked Egyptian the first time I saw it but he wrote it's some bugmon turned human.

    I don't knew who was in your avatar either so thanks
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    Congratulations on becoming a Uploader!
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    Hi, Ebba Khan & Merry Christmas for you!!!
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Infinite Azure : P.S. This is my First Tekken 7 Stage for MUGEN (Including The BGM!) Works for MUGEN 1.0 & MUGEN 1.1 Only! INFO: Infinite Azure is a stage in the console and PC versions of Tekken 7. It takes place on a shallow lake bed. It appears to be on a cloudy day ... 8th January 2020 67
Hobbycraft : This Stage Works For MUGEN 1.0 & 1.1 Only! INFO: Hobbycraft is an arts and crafts superstore retail chain in the United Kingdom. When the company started out, there were only small independent arts and crafts suppliers, however a number of other online ... 8th January 2020 14
Miku Stage : P.S. This is my very first MUGEN Stage (You can only see a close up of Hatsune Miku's Face!) I've drawn a SD Hatsune Miku on Adobe Photoshop 2018 and made into a MUGEN Stage. Cute isn't it? - Well Enjoy this stage - I Hope you like it! This Stage Works ... 8th January 2020 21
Tikkabilla Windows : This stage works for MUGEN 1.0 & 1.1! It also has 2 Seperate BGM Files (The Second BGM Plays both the Tikkabilla Theme and The Tikkabilla Jive song!) ''How Many Windows? One, Two, Three. Round, Square or Arched, Which One Will it be?....It's The...Ar ... 10th January 2020 6
KFM.MHX : This Character Works in MUGEN 1.1 Only! A pretty interesting KFM Edit, with darkish tones and a bit of a scare indeed. Enjoy for your collection (Or as a playable character!). 24th January 2020 34
Zako : Zako somehow looks like a pretty cool insect-dude, honestly. He's actually got a decent moveset with Hard AI making him quite challenging to some players. Enjoy for your collection or as a playable character if you'd like to play as him! :dirol::angel::ac ... 23rd January 2020 209
Kindergym Kiddies Corner : This stage works for both MUGEN 1.0 and 1.1! It's also animated and includes BGM as well! A Kiddies' Corner behind the Tekken 7's Kinder Gym stage with a moving Kiddie Ride? How Funny is that?!:smile: And can you guess who's this British Children's ... 5th March 2020 16
Happiny Sprites : Custom Pokemon Happiny Sprites.:dirol::grin::very_good::angel: Happiny's Special Attacks Include: -Pound -Charm -Sweet Kiss -Refresh 16th March 2020 2
Darmanitan Sprites : Custom Darmanitan Sprites if anyone wants to make a good Darmanitan for MUGEN. :very_good::grin::laugh: 16th March 2020 8
Ryo Hazuki (Project X Zone 2) : Sprite pack of Shenmue's Ryo Hazuki - He's forgotten and needs to be in MUGEN. (From Project X Zone 2) :gamer::gamers: 16th March 2020 26
Bahn Sprites (Project X Zone) : Bahn from Fighting Vipers - From Project X Zone :very_good: 16th March 2020 11
Norimaro Sprites : Norimaro Sprites From the Japanese Version Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter.:dirol::smile::gamers: ''What!? Apocalypse, you seem bigger in the comic!'' - Norimaro - I hope you like it! 18th March 2020 8
God Bomber R : A Boss Character from Bomberman World - Its Original form was called the 'God Header'. It is Controlled by Bagura. Please Enjoy! :laugh::grin::pleasantry::gamers: 19th March 2020 29
Plague : From Final Fantasy 4 (SNES). Enjoy!:gamers::laugh::grin: 19th March 2020 12
Numeral KFM : A KFM Edit That Uses Numbers! Whoa! Fantastic! :xp::bounce::rap: 19th March 2020 12
Kung Fu Man Wing : I Wonder What does this Curious KFM Edit does...:grin::laugh: 19th March 2020 20
Kart Fighter Yoshi : From The Bootleg Game - Kart Fighter. 19th March 2020 13
Kart Fighter Peach : From The Bootleg Game Kart Fighter.:gamers::grin: 19th March 2020 8
Costume Mario: Guile : It's Guile in a Mario Outfit!:grin: - He's a Joke Edit Though! 19th March 2020 11
Kazuya Mishima (Tekken 2 Bootleg) : Tekken 2 for NES? How Funny! :gamers: 19th March 2020 7
Wang Jinrei (Tekken 2 Bootleg) : From Tekken 2 (Bootleg).:gamers: 19th March 2020 5
Nina Williams (Tekken 2 Bootleg) : It's a Bootleg Nina Williams. Oh...Yeah! :pleasantry::gamers: - Taken from Tekken 2 Bootleg. 19th March 2020 5
King (Tekken 2 Bootleg) : From Tekken 2 (NES Bootleg).:gamers::acute::very_good: 19th March 2020 6
Mr Incredible Sprites (GBA) : Mr Incredible Sprites Taken from The Incredibles (Game Boy Advance). 19th March 2020 7
Violet Parr Sprites (GBA) : Violet Parr Sprites from The Incredibles (GBA). 19th March 2020 5
Dash Parr Sprites : Violett Parr's Little Brother Dash Parr - From The Incredibles (GBA) 19th March 2020 6
Frozone Sprites : Frozone Sprites from The Incredibles (GBA). 19th March 2020 6
Elastigirl Sprites (GBA) : Elastigirl from The Incredibles (GBA). 19th March 2020 8
Mr Incredible Blue-Suit Ver. (GBA) : Blue Suit Version of Mr Incredible from The Incredibles (GBA). Also This Character was also seen in Super Smash Flash as well. Enjoy!:grin: 19th March 2020 7
Akira Yuki (VF2 VS Tekken 2) : Akira Yuki From the Bootleg Game Virtua Fighter 2 VS Tekken 2. Enjoy!:grin: 20th March 2020 13
Lion Rafale (VF2 VS Tekken 2) : Lion Rafale from Virtua Fighter 2 VS Tekken 2. Enjoy! :acute::gamers: 20th March 2020 12
Kart Fighter Donkey Kong Jr : Bootleg Donkey Kong Jr from Kart Fighter. Enjoy! :very_good::laugh: 20th March 2020 10
YURUGU : From the rare manga/anime series 'Akuma-Kun'. Enjoy!:dirol::very_good::oldgamer: Akuma-kun (悪魔くん) is a manga series written and illustrated by Shigeru Mizuki. Several versions of the manga exist, one of which was adapted int ... 2nd April 2020 34
Gummibar (TFGAF) : Although this Gummibar char looks slightly better than the other one, this Gummibar only uses a TFGAF Template. Recommended for collection purposes only. 3rd April 2020 51
Demon Jr (Edited) : Here's my Demon Jr edit (Without Vore) so that anyone can play as him. He chews opponents but doesn't swallow. His gameplay plays a lot like Gum Fighter Focus and he's pretty much a bit difficult char for me to edit but anyhow please enjoy! :grin::dirol:: ... 19th May 2020 57
Windows NT Tan (Safe For Work) : Windows NT Tan (without UB Vore) edited by me. Now almost anyone can play as her - Though every effort has carefully been fixed for - some weird bits may remain otherwise Safe For Work. Her portrait has been changed by me, palettes are fixed and NT Mama w ... 19th May 2020 24