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    Right when I least expected it! I will continue to serve the community to the best of my ability.

    Thank you for being my role model, and a source of inspiration, even before joining you guys here.
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    todos arquivos meus no pc foram corrompidos pelo um virus vou fazer certo com vcs agora estou obecendo as regras e gente não envia personagens de ****** e ****o para mim eu estou de castigo se eu fazer isso vou preso.
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    This is one of the best things that happened to me here. Seriously. I can't find any words to express myself, this must have taken a great deal of time and effort to make.

    I will use it gratefully and proudly, thank you friend!
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    Perfeito! Obrigado parceiro!
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    Seria uma honra, sendo que vc sabe mexer com isso mais do que eu :)
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    Eu me lembro da sua Gardevoir e Rick Strowd. Gostava das duas.
    As minhas foram sempre Killer Instinct. Shadow Jago, Sadira, Hisako. Até descobrir como lidar com fonts, dai usei o meu nome kkkk
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    Valeu brother, tudo graças a Manuz, ela tem jeito para isso.
    Sempre gostei da sua signature. Sylvannas tem um design bacano :)
  8. Hey.. hey.. Long time my friend.. didn't notice the change name feature.. haha
    I am back.. I'll take a tour for a while for couple changes and stuff and move on..
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    Many thanks! Could you do these ones too? No matter how careful I try to be with these conversions, it only happens that I find something wrong after uploading. It's like a curse.

    Update: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...erted-juu-bei7
    Older: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...nvert-juu-bei7
    Update: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...erted-juu-bei7
    Older: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...erted-juu-bei7
    Update: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...erted-juu-bei7
    Older: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...erted-juu-bei7
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    I've got several reuploads of lifebar conversions that need to be merged. Could you do that for me kater?
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    Já tinha visto, morri de rir XD
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    Obrigado Kater15, abraço!
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    kater, I've found these advertisement-posts again. Really starting to think they're the same person, it's the same link posted over and over.

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    @Kater15 you know how many points I can go up in rank
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    thank you.
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Unzen Stage : From Ninja Masters. 26th March 2017 54
Blue Planet : 26th March 2017 11
Mall Mayhem : 26th March 2017 267
Panchos Fire House : 26th March 2017 9
Germany Stage - Festa do Chopp : From Fight Fever. 26th March 2017 26
Batalha em Campo (Field Battle) : From Monkey Island. 26th March 2017 14
Sun in Cloudy Weather : 26th March 2017 11
The Eggs : 26th March 2017 7
Morrigan Stage : From Capcom vs SNK. 26th March 2017 548
Dandy-J Stage (Morning) : From Waku Waku 7 26th March 2017 16
Dandy-J Stage (Afternoon) : From Waku Waku 7. 26th March 2017 14
Gilius Stage : From Gold Axe The Duel. 26th March 2017 33
Dandy-J Stage (Night) : From Waku Waku 7. 26th March 2017 15
The Dojo in Forest : From Voltage Fighters (Gowcaizer). 26th March 2017 19
(DoA) The Show - 2nd Edition : 26th March 2017 101
Hsien-Ko Stage : 26th March 2017 193
Full Moon in the Chateau : From Pocket Fighter / Morrigan Stage. 26th March 2017 147
The Great Light in Wall : 26th March 2017 67
The Fire Cave of Akuma : 26th March 2017 79
Chun Li XI : KOF XI Style. 26th March 2017 187
Woodpecker - Palettes : There are several characters customized in homage to Woody Woodpecker. DuoLon by Infinite Han by Ikaruga Kula by P-tan KidBuu by Kenshiro99 Lilith by RajaaBoy Naruto by Bagilu Please check my thread for the news of my palette showcase. I ac ... 1st April 2017 33
Icelarn : From Red Earth / Warzard. 1st April 2017 160
Captain Commando CVS/POTS : https://youtu.be/QJSgJ1oWlpc Originally made by Warusaki3 in CVS2 Style, them edited to the POTS Style first by 2D4 and now with a major update by gui0007. :) Changelog - A.I. revamped - Retired the add004 stuff - Captain Collider and Captain Cor ... 22nd June 2019 392
SS - White House : From Superior Soldiers. Starsaber stage. 28th March 2017 36
SS - South American Jungle : From Superior Soldiers. Reptilian stage. 28th March 2017 46
SS - Dance Floor : From Superior Soldiers. Broadway/Cattydox stage. 28th March 2017 67
SS - Desert Ruins : From Superior Soldiers. Arabian Moon stage. 28th March 2017 37
MC - Kenya Native Tribe : From Martial Champions. Mahambah stage. 28th March 2017 24
Hida Stage : From Kabuki Klash. 28th March 2017 61
SFZ - Thailand : From Street Fighter Zero. Sagat stage. 28th March 2017 57
Sanae Kochiya : ---------------------------------- Sanae Kochiya (Sanae_RP) (Touhou: Gensokyo Reloaded version) ---------------------------------- Author: RicePigeon ------------------ Contents ------------------ 1. Contents (You're reading this) 2. Version ... 28th March 2017 305
Wolverine MVC2 : Edited by REDHOT. The most perfect MVC2 Wolverine you'll find. I can asure you of that. If you like accurate to source MVC2 characters, go grab all of REDHOT's works. What was edited?: - Hitdef, anims, and some codes in all standing, crouching an ... 29th March 2017 7,727
Lei-Lei (CvS+MvC) : Added: - Hyper portrait. - Super Jump. 29th March 2017 155
Genesect : 30th March 2017 304
Ougon Musou Kyoku Lifebar 640x480 : 30th March 2017 296
Blaz Blue CP Lifebar 640x480 : 30th March 2017 533
Village : From Battle Princess of Arcadia. 30th March 2017 67
Taiwan : From Dong Dong Never Die. 30th March 2017 17
Pumpkim Grand : From Kirby Super Star Ultra. 30th March 2017 121
Commercial Area : From Dodonpachi Saidaioujou. 31st March 2017 30