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    I want to join group Reporters.
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    Thank you for intervening in time, you saved me from an imminent hysterical crisis! :)
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    Valeu Parceiro :)
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    Thank youuuuuu
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    Obrigado amigo! ������������������
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    Um dos caras mais legais deste forum - one of the coolest person of this forum :)
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    I must be pretty late, but happy birthday, dude!
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    Parabéns, parça :)
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    Happy 28th pal.
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    Happy New Year!
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    Sim são incríveis eu já tenho eles só não sei se tem futuro montar um roster só com esse tipo de edit, vc acha que vale?
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    Sim, é muito difícil tarefa kkk
    Tem que conhecer muito mesmo para saber disso, eu ainda não sei bem, primeiro tava pensando em só colocar edits da snk, capcom e outras, sabe aqueles edits cheios de efeitos e com a AI boa do jeito que eu gosto, mas depois percebi que se eu colocar só esse tipo de char eu não poderia jogar por que ficaria extremamente difícil, daí agora pensei em colocar tudo que tem a AI boa mas também fica muito difícil de decidir o que colocar ou não e também toma muito tempo principalmente por que o meu roster cabe mais de 1000, sinceramente não sei qual é a lógica por trás desses edits por que eu gosto tanto deles mas não tem como jogar contra eles, acho que ele só foram criados para asstir lutas, o que você acha?
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    Eu tenho um hd de 1TB, dois hd de 500GB e 2 ssd de 120 GB
    Agora to montando meu novo roster, mas é só com personagens com a melhor AI possível, então eu queria que vc me ajudasse a descobrir qual é a melhor versão nesse sentido para cada sessão me dizendo qual é o o autor para determinada sessão de personagens que criou a melhor AI, por que por exemplo o Tager tem umas 4 versões porém de somente dois autores diferentes, então eu só quero saber qual o autor criou a melhor AI sem precisar ficar testando cada autor.
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Terry Bogard XIII : 24th July 2017 1,046
Magical Chaser - Harbour at Night : 21st November 2017 60
Chars of darkness -Palettes : A package of palettes for several chars: - Broly by BoyBoyZ - Felicia by Moku - Samuel Han by Ikaruga - Monkey D. Luffy by kenshiro99 - Renamon by Tsunamidusher - Yoko Littner by Cruz https://i.imgur.com/mDUpDj3.png Please check my thread for ... 18th November 2017 54
Coliseum Falls 1.0 : Stage converted to Mugen 1.0 dedicated to my friend Mortos. :wink3: Michelle Heart Stage. 10th June 2018 120
Circus Amusement Park : From Capcom World 2 - CPS1. Pure & Fur Stage. 10th June 2018 133
Terror Dopant : 4th February 2020 22
Arina Makihara by G.knux19 -Pals : A package of palettes for this char: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=107039-arina-makihara-vs-style-g-knux19 https://i.imgur.com/mmglYka.png Please check my thread for the news of my palette showcase. ... 16th February 2019 42
Circus Amusement Park 1.0 : Stage converted to Mugen 1.0 dedicated to my friend Mortos. :wink3: Pure & Fur Stage. 10th June 2018 161
Godzilla on Deactivated Old Railway : 5th August 2017 23
Marisa Kirisame (Incident Zero) : ------------------------------------- Marisa Kirisame - Incident Zero version for MUGEN ------------------------------------- Author: RicePigeon ======================================= 01/20/2019 - Version 2019.01.20 ============================= ... 30th July 2018 234
Belgium - Express Train at Brussels : 11th January 2018 37
Austria - Muir Island : 11th January 2018 47
Peaceful Hill : 2nd February 2020 33
Shining Earth : 2nd February 2020 29
Hyo Korinagi KOFA : 2nd December 2018 194
Kagami Taei KOFA : 2nd December 2018 154
Sonic : 15th December 2018 415
Donald Sandbag : If you don't like Ronald McDonald and want to make him a punch bag, your dream came true. This edition is just perfect for those who hate this character. :gs_mhuahaha: 24th May 2017 122
Dinosaur : From Perfect Soldiers. 11th June 2018 191
Shadow Gardevoir : Note: I did some minor updates to the char such as the sprites, Midnight Bliss, and a bug fix in one of the attacks reported in the comments. Midnight Bliss = YES Electrocuted = YES Fiz algumas edições da verdadeira Gardevoir como por exemplo: As com ... 16th October 2016 440
[18+] Iruin : 17th October 2016 1,111
Kain R. Heinlein KOF : https://youtu.be/B-zpyHoUcqA 11th May 2019 149
Forest Wood HD : 22nd October 2016 39
dycroft18 : 11th May 2019 88
Hermentz Valley : 11th May 2019 65
heidelberg2 : 11th May 2019 49
(MvC) - Zeta R-02 : Marvel VS Capcom Style https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiYsOHxx7SE 26th October 2016 958
SirKnight (Gardevoir) : 27th October 2016 362
Mercado Sao Braz : O Mercado de São Braz é um dos pontos turístico de Belém do Pará. 29th October 2016 18
Gallade : 2nd November 2016 522
Spectrum Gardevoir : She is a God-Char, her movements are based on "Finale Sula", but the palettes, sprites and some commands were modified. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VY6j7hutoLY 13th November 2016 278
(MvC2) Wolverine EX : TagTeam added. 5th March 2017 617
Newgrounds City Pocket : 11th May 2019 23
Newgrounds City : 11th May 2019 183
Mewtwo Stage : 6th May 2017 202
Christmas Lodging : 26th December 2019 51
Ult. Tea Party : Source Game : Adventures of Batman & Robin (Sega) Superjump : Medium Zoom Def : Optional 720P : Optional (localcoord 427,240) https://youtu.be/UWMa0Q9QKtM 12th July 2017 90
Ryo Sakazaki XI : What's new (04/09/2009) KOF XI makeover KOF XI Sparks added by Showard. Stuff fixed in hitdef. KOF XI Groove System KOF XI Sounds added by Showard. Now Tenchi Hahoken will make opponent dizzy. character balanced. I can't guarantee combos w ... 10th March 2019 326
Iruin-EX : Sprites and animations have been modified. The teleportation, the fifth combo counterattack, the second round fire AI, and the fatality of the fire tower were deactivated. 27th December 2016 195
Moon Battlefield : Version 2.0 - BGM by WizzyWhipitWonderful, Upload-The Theme Of Goten - Ground sprite by NoZ - Grass sprites by Daeron - Sky and stars sprite by HQ & XGargoyle https://youtu.be/k76gBj5bgJE 11th May 2019 217
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