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    Thanks :)
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  2. ENG - Make today's day the best day of your life.
    POR - Faça do dia de hoje o melhor dia da sua vida.
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    The requirements to be promoted are private, to avoid hit and run games. Thank you.
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    I can not find the delete profile file button, there is another option to cancel account !! I understand the situation but would not it be fair to kill those troll profiles regardless of the rank of honor?
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    Of course they can interact with me for insulting me, the weird thing about it is the fact that they did not put down the user @megaman since it is another damn troll that has contributed their files to the community and no one else has uploaded those files. Same admins has double attack of moral to the bipolarchanging of subject, where is the button so that I can Delete my files from my perfil? :v
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    @kater15....!!! Long ago I felt so well judged and humiliating troll people, do not defend @glerp, because in the beginning never bother anyone except the comments of, @ glerp the deslikes of her and Czech my profile and now I see a deslike yours !! !
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    A tons of thanks!!XD
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    How stupid i am or my device didn't get so many important notification.
    Sorry for this late rply my friend.! I was suppose to notice this msg earlier.!
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    Thank you! Sorry for the late answer, I was a Lurker.
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  10. These minor changes may be fundamental such as fixing bugs for some chars, but thanks for warning Justice.
  11. https://mugenarchive.com/forums/announcement.php?a=4
    "ABOUT REPACKS : It is generally advised to stick to the original packages distributed by authors, and to not repack without a valid and non trivial reason..."
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    How does it feel Kater if i were in your shoe's reading everything i said from my heart, i would feel like i earned a stolen and dirty promotion. But if you don't care that says enough about yourself, if i was you i would never accepted it, cause then your clean from inside. Now you have all my work and dedication in your title, seriously you don't feel that? man your cold brother.
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    Maybe, i never changed the settings . Im going to try
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    i have it in some cd, somewere
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    This "wing mugen" is the 1st version of mugen i had in the past
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Faça do dia de hoje o melhor dia da sua vida.


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File Date Downloads
Shadow Gardevoir : Note: I did some minor updates to the char such as the sprites, Midnight Bliss, and a bug fix in one of the attacks reported in the comments. Midnight Bliss = YES Electrocuted = YES Fiz algumas edições da verdadeira Gardevoir como por exemplo: As com ... 16th October 2016 183
[nsfw] Iruin : compatible with... - Ryona Morrigan - Kuromaru - Aqua Slime 17th October 2016 740
Forest Wood HD : 22nd October 2016 24
(MvC) - Zeta R-02 : Marvel VS Capcom Style https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiYsOHxx7SE 26th October 2016 286
SirKnight (Gardevoir) : 27th October 2016 250
Mercado Sao Braz : O Mercado de São Braz é um dos pontos turístico de Belém do Pará. 29th October 2016 7
Gallade : 2nd November 2016 198
Spectrum Gardevoir : She is a God-Char, her movements are based on "Finale Sula", but the palettes, sprites and some commands were modified. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VY6j7hutoLY 13th November 2016 133
(MvC2) Wolverine EX : TagTeam added. 5th March 2017 179
Mewtwo Stage : 6th May 2017 15
Iruin-EX : Sprites and animations have been modified. The teleportation, the fifth combo counterattack, the second round fire AI, and the fatality of the fire tower were deactivated. 27th December 2016 83
Gardevoir-Palette : There are several characters customized in homage to Gardevoir. - BloodRayne by Green - Fliz by Juke Kisaragi - Ghost Rider by Dark Rider - Goku SSJ by kenshiro99 - Guy by Phantom.of.the.Server - Nero by CaW04 - Raditz by Misterr07 - Raiden by D ... 9th January 2017 10
Ruby Heart : 9th January 2017 242
Gambit : This Gambit is one of the best, its commands are easy to execute and accurate. :very_good::very_good::very_good: 10th January 2017 754
Mawile : 11th January 2017 210
Sula-KOFM : 11th January 2017 74
Kim Kaphwan : It's a great character for your collection. :very_good::very_good::very_good: Moderation note: CVS sprites + custom gameplay 11th January 2017 66
BB Taokaka World : 12th January 2017 22
Hidden Artificial Sky [White] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 69
Hidden Artificial Sky [Sunset] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 79
Hidden Artificial Sky [Sky] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 86
Hidden Artificial Sky [Pink] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 43
Hidden Artificial Sky [Ice] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 101
Hidden Artificial Sky [Green] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 65
Hidden Artificial Sky [Grape] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 37
Hidden Artificial Sky EX [Bloody] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 124
Hidden Artificial Sky EX [End] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 148
Hidden Artificial Sky EX [Polluted] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 118
Rough Battle Zone [Silver] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 33
Rough Battle Zone [Black] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 25
Rough Battle Zone [Blue] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 34
Rough Battle Zone [Copper] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 20
Rough Battle Zone [Loess] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 19
Rough Battle Zone EX [Bloody] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 182
The True Boss from Another Dimensio : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 481
(MvC) Another Makoto Nanaya : Some moves of this char are different from the version edited by RabbleRouzer. Also, I gave a little repagination in the sprites so that other palettes are compatible. 13th January 2017 138
Serious Kula : She gets this crying face at first, but when she starts to fight ... :shock_jaw_drop::shock_jaw_drop::shock_jaw_drop: 13th January 2017 117
Isabeau 2016 : This char is an updated version of the 2013 version. 16th January 2017 110
Bardock : Extreme Butoden styled Bardock 17th January 2017 362
DMC4 - Jungle : From Devil May Cry 4. 17th January 2017 57
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