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    Global Moderator my friend.. congratulation.. \\(^_^)//.. the best of MugenArchive staffs..!!XD
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  2. Parabéns pela promoção, bro
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    My friend, you are perfectly right! Sorry, but I've got my head elsewhere these days. I'm in love.
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    I do not understand,I posted in stages Capcom Arrange and opening with edit button tells me that it is in the correct section and does not move me.
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    Yes,because is the right section.Others characters of this project of Basara-kun are posted in Capcom Arrange
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    Thanks! ;)
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    When checking CRC for dupes. What if they are the same exact file but one of them has a txt. or a .gif file. Should it count as a different file altogether?
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    I have looked into it and I think I understand your confusion, the files you have uploaded were UPDATES, but also REPACKS. Justice has contacted you not because you have uploaded updates (which is fine) but because the files were REPACKED. The original archives from the author's site were extracted from their zip and recompressed with winrar. And that should be avoided. I hope it clears the confusion.
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    Could you please link me to the ikaruga file you have uploaded? I'll look into it.
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    I have looked into his file history and haven't found any repack. A repack is when you modify the original author package for no reason or a trivial reason. Not to be confused with edits (non trivial modifications) and updates (original author updating his own creation). Here it seems we have updates from the original author. They're entirely legitimate.
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    It seems to be an update, not a repack, or did I look at the wrong file?
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    yo kater, hope ya doin`fine cheers, shepherd
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    i not do bully as you.
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    kater15, can i be your friends
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    Understood Kater. I'll take note of that.
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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Donald Sandbag : If you don't like Ronald McDonald and want to make him a punch bag, your dream came true. This edition is just perfect for those who hate this character. :gs_mhuahaha: 24th May 2017 35
Shadow Gardevoir : Note: I did some minor updates to the char such as the sprites, Midnight Bliss, and a bug fix in one of the attacks reported in the comments. Midnight Bliss = YES Electrocuted = YES Fiz algumas edições da verdadeira Gardevoir como por exemplo: As com ... 16th October 2016 206
[nsfw] Iruin : compatible with... - Ryona Morrigan - Kuromaru - Aqua Slime 17th October 2016 768
Forest Wood HD : 22nd October 2016 25
(MvC) - Zeta R-02 : Marvel VS Capcom Style https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiYsOHxx7SE 26th October 2016 356
SirKnight (Gardevoir) : 27th October 2016 268
Mercado Sao Braz : O Mercado de São Braz é um dos pontos turístico de Belém do Pará. 29th October 2016 7
Gallade : 2nd November 2016 224
Spectrum Gardevoir : She is a God-Char, her movements are based on "Finale Sula", but the palettes, sprites and some commands were modified. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VY6j7hutoLY 13th November 2016 149
(MvC2) Wolverine EX : TagTeam added. 5th March 2017 245
Mewtwo Stage : 6th May 2017 36
Ult. Tea Party : Source Game : Adventures of Batman & Robin (Sega) Superjump : Medium Zoom Def : Optional 720P : Optional (localcoord 427,240) https://youtu.be/UWMa0Q9QKtM 12th July 2017 35
Iruin-EX : Sprites and animations have been modified. The teleportation, the fifth combo counterattack, the second round fire AI, and the fatality of the fire tower were deactivated. 27th December 2016 94
Gardevoir-Palette : There are several characters customized in homage to Gardevoir. - BloodRayne by Green - Fliz by Juke Kisaragi - Ghost Rider by Dark Rider - Goku SSJ by kenshiro99 - Guy by Phantom.of.the.Server - Nero by CaW04 - Raditz by Misterr07 - Raiden by D ... 9th January 2017 12
Ruby Heart : 9th January 2017 294
Gambit : This Gambit is one of the best, its commands are easy to execute and accurate. :very_good::very_good::very_good: 10th January 2017 1,263
Mawile : 11th January 2017 247
Sula-KOFM : 11th January 2017 81
Kim Kaphwan : It's a great character for your collection. :very_good::very_good::very_good: Moderation note: CVS sprites + custom gameplay 11th January 2017 71
BB Taokaka World : 12th January 2017 27
Hidden Artificial Sky [White] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 88
Hidden Artificial Sky [Sunset] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 88
Hidden Artificial Sky [Sky] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 98
Hidden Artificial Sky [Pink] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 53
Hidden Artificial Sky [Ice] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 122
Hidden Artificial Sky [Green] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 73
Hidden Artificial Sky [Grape] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 44
Hidden Artificial Sky EX [Bloody] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 141
Hidden Artificial Sky EX [End] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 160
Hidden Artificial Sky EX [Polluted] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 134
Rough Battle Zone [Silver] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 34
Rough Battle Zone [Black] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 29
Rough Battle Zone [Blue] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 35
Rough Battle Zone [Copper] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 24
Rough Battle Zone [Loess] : Low-Res Stage 12th January 2017 19
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