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About Donaldeus
Wearing weird clothes, and just clothes.
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Suave Dude, Evil Kung Fu Man MK II, Nostalgic Ballz, Dink Smallwood, TrexTrex65 (Masterhand128's Edit)
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Mozilla Firefox


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Do you believe in Love? 27th January 2020 14:46
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23rd November 2019

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Goodie Trex (Update) : The most important part of that update is an A.I. Patch by Osneza1 (also known as Viola). I also fixed some explod's problems and glitches. Enjoy! ;-- https://youtu.be/bjtbrE547c0 7th January 2020 22
Denal : Look, Denal is the most important character for me, because he is the character who inspired me to create characters and other stuff for M.U.G.E.N. I know he was the spriteswap... Why he WAS..? Well, you already see why he was. https://youtu.be/wOH ... 15th December 2019 29
Donaldeus : Joke Self insert. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/JN0Q_O_rUoM 7th December 2019 47
Suave Dude's Minions : An edit of Suave Dude. He isn't the best, but playable. Enjoy it. https://youtu.be/9QrLyVmjgK4 29th November 2019 54
Karate Man (Fix) : It was easy. Enjoy it. https://youtu.be/S-YGOop3mls 29th November 2019 37
Nostalgic Weeb : https://youtu.be/nqvZ010xl8M ;-- Information from 'ReadMe' File: ;-- Name: Nostalgic Weeb Alt. name: Cringe, Loud, Playable Author: Donaldeus Former author: SSkye Sounds: Public domain, Nostalgic Ballz Inspiration: Nostalgic Ballz ;-- == Hypers ... 31st December 2019 47
Goodie Trex (11th January Update) : So, Goodie Trex is a collab character now. I'm really enjoy working with Viola. :3 ;-- https://youtu.be/aVJZNkyWetE 11th January 2020 23
Goodie Trex (TrexTrex) : Today is my birthday, so decided to release an idea, that always was in my head to this day. Big thanks to Maavo and Bodya for testing my character and showing me some problems. Also, thanks to osneza1 for fixes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tAThDt ... 25th December 2019 28
Blood Idol King-kun : The last one from ThisClown17's Era. https://youtu.be/TFB6cUPPubE 27th December 2019 25
Arcadboy : That one was tough for us, but our Blood Idol Diet is unstoppable. Enjoy: https://youtu.be/Gtn0KOxa5pE 2nd February 2020 22
Blood Idol King-KUN! : So, this is some kind of collab that appeared in my dream long time ago. I decide to re-work him with new moves, intros, and other stuff. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/LBEHzCmb9jo 11th February 2020 37
Reese Yammoto : https://youtu.be/8cRQGbJIcng ;-------- Info from 'Read_Me' File: Reese is the simple character that has a simple A.I. made by me. (It's difficulty considered as '??' by Guy Kazama's system.) ;-------- Commands: ;- Supers: 1. Laser Bullet D,F,x ... 19th February 2020 15
Blood Idol King-KUN! (Update) : 1. Fixed hitboxes, helpers. 2. New hyper, that heals you. EDIT: 3. Fixed sound. I'm sorry for that. I keep thinking about retiring. https://youtu.be/iq3KhX_AY5U 22nd February 2020 28
Blood Idol King-KUN! (03/21/2020) : 1. Helpers are fixed. 2. New hyper (SGS Move): Fairy Cult (An other option for comeback in the battle.) ;- https://youtu.be/0-6_0t1yOd0 22nd March 2020 26
Bid_Arcadboy : Video: https://youtu.be/YmyY1HYElac Changes: 1) Few fixes with counter guard; 2) New sprites by BestGamerReview; 3) Fixed hitboxes and sparks; 4) New palletes. 14th April 2020 25