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    Hey man,you can do omnigod Papyrus and grillby please? For volume 2?
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1.0 and winmugen
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SonicAB, Chuck Norris, Transforming Sonic, Silver the Hedgehog, Slenderman


When I make something in mugen, I always make sure of three things: The character is cool, fast, and WAY overpowered!


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OP Slenderman : This is an edit i made were slenderman can defeat alot of enemys in one freaking swipe. I am not sure who made the original. 24th September 2016 313
OmniGodSonicAB : I found this absolutely AMAZING sonic character the other day, and then I got back to mugen! So i'm playing chuck norris and then i saw that there were characters who could beat him. Then i started thinking "You know what? I'm going to start making my own ... 17th December 2016 147
OmniGod Chuck Norris : Here is the next character in the OmniGod Volume 1 pack! Chuck Norris' OmniGod edit will kill your character in one hit and cannot be killed! I think! If there is something already out there that can, lease tell me! 18th December 2016 57
OmniGod MegamanX : This OmniGod is the last OmniGod in Volume one. I will make a post later on asking who you want in volume two. Volume 2 will have 10 new characters and i will revamp 2 of the ones from volume one. So here is Megaman X. Nothing too special, but i did ad ... 24th December 2016 277
OmniGod Sans : Sorry this took so long! Uploading things has been trash lately...ANYWAY sans is the next omnigod! Enjoy this! please... 24th December 2016 991
OmniGod Deadpool : Don't worry everyone, the merc with a mouth is here! He is not only here, however, he has been given a powerful upgrade! What i added (besides more buffs and 2 palettes)? Hes regenerating factor! He can now regenerate health if he is under a certain healt ... 24th December 2016 703
OmniGod ZERO! : Finally, the first character in OmniGods Volume Two is here! There is still time to suggest characters to revamp! So, for OmniGod Zero I did something special. I learned how to make certain palettes do certain things, so i figured why not! Zero's 8p ... 3rd January 2017 154
OmniGod Goku Z2 : Come on, you saw this coming. Its the OmniGod version of Goku! What makes goku special is that in his pure OmniGod form if he takes but one hit, his attack is multiplied form 20 to 40! Hope you enjoy, I am in the process of making Frisk! The updated pale ... 6th January 2017 86
OmniGod Goku (correct pallate) : I uploded the actual OmniGod Character to this site before I tested him, and when I tested him his OmniGod mode was all wrong. So here is the RIGHT palette with some extra ones :) 6th January 2017 117
OmniGod Frisk : OmniGod Frisk is finally here! The new palettes are: Glitchtale Chara, OmniGod Frisk and Sans Frisk. I added a 8p to frisk giving him/her(?) omnigod upgrades when that palette is activated. 7th January 2017 953