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    PressF for Miku :(
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    How much do you want Miku for Smash?
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    Welcome to the archives, pal.
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Izuku Midoriya(Resize) : A resize, also edited effects since i am maining Izuku Midoriya now and felt like doing this This may be unfinished, but if any of you find any bugs let me know 1st January 2020 321
Izuku Midoriya (Resize update) : While doing some arcade, I saw something was wrong so here is Midoriya again freiugheui;vti;rufr43'ihuiojgrtbvsdgtfr Updated Moves: -Spinning Trail -Delaware Smash -Del.Det. Smas 9th January 2020 472
Aqua(TFGAF Edit) : ah i just realized i forgot to change the name of the author. well here is the useless goddess for TFGAF. 2nd November 2019 520
Neon Screenpack : some screenpack converted to 1.1 by Player Man 13th November 2019 194
Christian : i would never want to leak chars... but Taydo deserves this. "Ya get what ya fuckin deserve!"(Joker 2019 quote) Now get away from M.U.G.E.N Taydo, You do bad stuff to other chars, and now it's my turn with you :))))))) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3 ... 15th November 2019 161
Deku(Hopefully the last update) : Noticed more unchanged with Izuku resize edit gfd xjgtvfhirsdnigvthdgfcfjlkmtgvtrsjdiokjm Updated: -Detroit Combo -St. Louis Smash -P2 - In Wall (FX) -P2 - Waves (FX) _More hurt sprites to support some grabs(I forgot to mention this earlier) Ho ... 25th January 2020 657
Super Bowl : While looking through my older content to port it all to Vidlii, i found this suddenly. Didn't release it before because i worried Marcioleo123 was gonna upload it. So here after 2 months before a entire year here's a Super Bowl punching bag i made becau ... 5th December 2019 11
Deku (Another resize update) : Couldn't fit Izuku Midoriya into the title name for this, but here's a small update since Leo's Youtube Stuff wants part of my mugen team Updated: -Crouching Medium Attack -Manchester Smash -Full Cowl 17th January 2020 513
Tanjiro(Resize with more hurts) : more hurt sprites to support grabs 31st January 2020 249
Tanjiro Kamado(Resize edit) : My mind one day was like "Why wait for Kimetsu no Yaiba MUGEN Train Saga when you can have this" so I made this. Just like the same as the Midoriya I editted. Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4VdEaEqLMM&t=29s 31st January 2020 257
Tanjiro(Another resize update) : Tanjiro, but he's resized for mugen, has editted effects, and now is less louder 27th February 2020 246
Christian : But with more stolen coding and uploaded to MUGEN Archive publicy... The only good thing about this is he made his own voice clip of him saying "Burn Knuckle!" 6th March 2020 41
Izuku Midoriya : Imma have to fix the resize edit soon for Deku reuhygfhuirehj btw this is what I've been using for my deku edit so here you go stop asking h 7th March 2020 296
Marselo : [ Works for 1.1 only, I wouldn't mind any winmugen or 1.0 patches, but please give credit then. ] My first ever mugen char, Marselo! with some of the help of Maavo! and @RedAnt420 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5JDQMWsRE0 Based on this dumb SSF2 ... 8th March 2020 118
Marselo v0.01 : [ This is for 1.1 only, I wouldn't mind any 1.0 or winmugen patches, but please give credit then ] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aaLlHKuYZg M.U.G.E.N Marselo now has some updates. Updates: -Now he is a bit louder -He can now block -He can ... 19th March 2020 85
Kazuma : Here's another JUS resize edit. Hopefully I won't need to update it so much times like Midoriya and Tanjiro The Light special is removed because I have a feeling it might give people seizures Also the hyper command has been switched to D,Z 22nd March 2020 361
Fekio.exe : You thought it would be another lazy palleteswap, but it was I, Dio! 1st April 2020 22
Okuyasu : Just finished watching Diamond Is Unbreakable and decided to do this small edit of Okuyasu The changes are: -Fixed hitspark positions for action 200 and 210/Stand Light and Medium punch -120 x 140 portrait for those who use the normal mugen Anime ... 18th April 2020 133
Smashville 1.1 : Here comes a finally good Smashville stage, with animation and zoom. Thanks to OldGamer for making the codes for the stage Sprites by McLeodGaming, ripped from SSF2 v0.9b, using JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler I hope you all enjoy this stage! https: ... 24th April 2020 50