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    You're like the AI Patch dude :p keep it up,my man. if you have any more KOF patches, keep them coming
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AI Patch Pack : Pack contains: Amazon_alpha by Minatomaru Kamen Rider Diend by ninefreeman & nipa3008 Kyo type S by MIT, First edit by Gaku, Final edit by Shadow/Plaza24 Orochi K by K.O.D Serious Kula by ISOLDE SUNGLASSES K by Ikaruga, Original Author: Jin, AI Au ... 30th December 2017 54
AI for Jerzy´s Orochi Iori : An AI for EX Orochi Iori by Jerzy made by Anoni Polis 30th December 2017 34
AI for YU-TOHARU´s Cure Black : An AI for Cure Black by YU-TOHARU made by Anoni Polis 30th December 2017 44
Ikaruga AI Patches : The AI Patch Contains: Alba Meira by FZL-MGCool & Crow BillyROTD by RYO 2005 Briaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan by Ahuron Cycloid-Omega by Ahuron dvanessa by Sander71113 Eiji_XI by Ahuron Gambit by Dick Buckus Ghost Kick by Dick Buckus Hanzo-kof by Ahuron ... 7th February 2016 487
AI for Ryo 2005´s Radel : AI Patch for Ryo 2005´s Radel by Tyanko 12th February 2016 51
Reu´s Tribute 1.1 : Also works for Mugen 1.0 24th February 2016 53
Sean Matsuda : Includes AI by NeoNeo (actually offline) 8th March 2016 582
AI for Nejitumin´s SF4 Evil Ryu : AI for Evil Ryu by Nejitumin 8th March 2016 120
AI for y.y.´s Hol Horse : 8th March 2016 353
Ryo Sakazaki EX '02 UM : EX Ryo Sakazaki AI : Included 11th March 2016 2,385
AI for jin´s Angel AKOF : AI for Angel-AKOF by Jin 12th March 2016 113
AI Patch Pack : Pack contains: Gunter by Tin Masato Kanzaki by chibastin Alessi by Nimame Asura (Asura´s Wrath) by kenn Boomerang Boy by ryun&teoke Bola by ???? (Unknown Author) Dandy J by NHK darkmatter by waniwani Eni by dager gamelen by shibaduke God Gund ... 12th March 2016 265
AI for Mikita´s Fritz and Murakumo : AI for Fritz and Murakumo by Mikita, 2016 Re-release 18th March 2016 48
Axel Stone : Axel Stone by Hell Notes: -Has insane Damage. -Has brutal AI. -After pressing Up button, rolls instead of jumping, you have to press SK(Strong Kick, or Evasive roll for KOF chars) to jump. -After using his Spinning punch special or Super, ... 19th March 2016 165
AI for Ryo 2005´s Sonia : AI for Sonia by Ryo 2005 25th March 2016 59
AI Patch Pack : Pack contains Sailor Jupiter,Sailor Mars,Sailor Mercury,Sailor Moon & Sailor Venus by AkagiK, Original author: Sakuraka Captain Commando, Geese & Ken by warusaki3 26th March 2016 174
SSF'2+ Oceania (Volcanic Rim) : Compatible with Mugen 1.1 27th March 2016 565
Kaiser Storm 1.1 : Mugen version 1.0 recommended, version 1.1 for the zoom 27th March 2016 99
Spec Ops - Prototype Weapon MB-01 : 29th March 2016 653
AI Patch Pack : AI Patch contains: All characters, except Mai & Rick Strowd by Tora May Lee, Adelheid, Mai, Malin, Athena_XI, Blue Mary, Shiki, Bulleta & Kula by Koopakoot Gato by K.O.D Haohmaru 02UM by K.O.D K´99-XI by K.O.D Ultimate K´ by K.O.D Ultimate Terry ... 9th April 2016 500
AI Patch Pack : Pack contains: Orochi head by BK DivineKFM by DivineWolf DivineSkullo by DivineWolf Kyo_CVS2A by hilune murasa by minoo kof_ryo by mouser CvTWHaggar by SeanAltly Ironfist-Ryu by Ahuron 11th April 2016 295
AI Patch Pack : Pack contains: Ash_XIII by bey Chizuru98 by Sander71113 Chun-Li by Jmorphman cvsyoko by warusaki3 DuoLon_XIII(1.1) by Capone DuoLon_XIII(1.0) by Capone EX_Kensou by ƒĹ„vƒÍ GodRugal by Hero K_Ryo by KoopaKoot Kim by Jmorphman Ryougi by Kohaku 11th April 2016 393
AI Patch Pack : Pack contains: ngbc_mudman by Fervicante xi_jenet by Fervicante Freeman by K.O.D 119way-yuki by 119way kaede+z by jjong1917 Orochi_Leona by Ahuron 119way-kula by 119way Mai by Crazy Koopa Kyo_Kusanagi by K.O.D Lynn by Chloe & Roque pim_whit ... 12th April 2016 368
Hanzo Hattori : Includes AI patch by ikaruga 28th April 2016 920
Zodiac : the only char from the untouchables pc game ever 3rd May 2016 210
TvC voice for GM's Alex : 13th May 2016 28
AI for jin's Robert NBC : AI for Robert by jin made by BraveRanford 14th May 2016 109
AI for Mikita's E-Soldat : AI for E-Soldat by Mikita made by mizoboshi 14th May 2016 43
AI for warusaki3's Black Polnareff : AI for Black Polnareff by warusaki3 made by 1%, currently offline 20th May 2016 276
AI for jin´s Ash : 21st May 2016 67
AI Patch Pack : Pack contains: Fio by 3ha Archetype(Eclipse) by 41 (WinMugen) Ryougi Shiki by 41 (WinMugen) Dante by Bugya Vergil by Bugya SkyllaChimere(ver1.04) by chopon Piccolo by CHOUJIN Son Gohan by CHOUJIN ShadowDio by kikurage Omega(svczero) by N64Mari ... 29th May 2016 353
Wolfgang Krauser : A Krauser with KOFXI Gameplay made by jin, Includes fix patch by Ikaruga Use "KrauserAI" for harder AI 29th May 2016 556
SF'2 Holographic Training Stage : Compatible with 1.0 and 1.1 versions, a Holographic style of stage, swaps background from normal training room to ALL the SF2 cast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=127&v=0Nzu80kpqvA 2nd June 2016 129
Lin-AKOF : 3rd June 2016 375
AI Patch Pack : Pack contains: momomeno by Peke rio by Tokinokuni-Kei material by ƒGƒX J_hotaru by Juke Kisaragi margaret by Juke Kisaragi S-len by pprn WORLD-CHANG by Ahuron Senna by chikuchikugonzales Ryuuguu_Rena by Hyperhiroro goma_byakuren by gomashio ... 6th June 2016 181
AI Patch Pack : Pack contains: sf3_gouki by GM sf3_hugo by GM sf3_sean by rei 11th June 2016 79
AI Patch for mouser´s RB2 Kim : AI for rb2_kim by mouser made by Doruzi (currently offline). 15th June 2016 35
Randy M. Green : 16th June 2016 93
AI Patch Pack : Pack contains: Asura_nbc by Ahuron Ex-Malin by Chin-Ya J_ein by Juke Kisaragi Jagoah_Jazu by mage Jazu_XI by Ahuron kfm_k by mage kof_ryo by mouser miku by P415 nakoruru by ali omega_rugal95 by Noise Low Takuan_Osho by dabiitiro R-haoumaru ... 29th June 2016 222
Han Samuel (Old Version) : Old version of Han by Ikaruga, features gameplay from Bleach DS 4th July 2016 82
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