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Master Washizuka B-Style : An edit of Master Washizuka. It's very strong, this version also has an OHKO abillity. 3rd March 2016 291
Master Moriya B-Style : An edit of Master Moriya. It's very strong, this version also has an OHKO abillity. 3rd March 2016 378
B-Koishi : An original sprited character of Koishi Komeiji from touhou. 3rd March 2016 197
Kaenbyou Rin : An original sprited character of Kaenbyou Rin AKA Orin from touhou made by BIYO 3rd March 2016 266
Reiuzi Utsuho : An original sprited character of Utsuho Reiuji AKA Okuu from touhou made by BIYO 3rd March 2016 406
Orochi-EV : A cheap edit of Orochi from KoF a.k.a : Orochi EV, Orochi Eagrose Version 4th March 2016 751
ExtraMyon : A very cheap edit of Youmu from Touhou aka: Extra Myon, EXMyon, ExtraMC_Youmu 4th March 2016 120
Eternal Little Girl Unknown : A very cheap character based on Eternal Fighter Zero's Unkown 4th March 2016 226
Silhouette : It's a stickman fighter, But his attacks are pretty weird so he's a bit more interesting than your average stickman. 4th March 2016 151
Anomalocaris : It's a little bug that spawns a bunch of other bugs which run from one side to another dealing damage. It's not really a great fighting character and it can't be controlled, but it exists anyway. It is stronger in its higher palettes. 4th March 2016 227
Reimu&Yukari MM : A projectile based 2D platformer style fighter, based of Megamari sprites, a Touhou Spin-off You play as a small Reimu with the ability to switch to Yukari. aka: MegaMari_sukima, Mini Reimu & Yukari, Reimu&Yukari_MM 4th March 2016 123
Euphoria The Everlasting : Apparently from Seinarukana - The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2 which seems to be a visual novel... This file includes an AI Patch, although she seems to be doing fine without. aka: Euphoria_The_Everlasting 4th March 2016 278
Morrigan Lifebars : They're life bars made by Brundlefly based of Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers. 6th March 2016 114
Charles : One of Masukenpu's characters using flash like sprite work. A puss in boots or an otherwise Zorro inspired cat. 6th March 2016 216
Sakumei : A more generic fighter character made by Masukenpu. I assume it's an original character. 6th March 2016 85
SEIKIMATSUKYU-SEISYA : A cheap vehicle style joke character featuring Kenshiro, Tohsaka Rin and a car... 6th March 2016 168
The Great Canyon (1.0) : A canyon stage by Excahm featuring some pokemon 6th March 2016 166
Whip : It's Whip from King Of Fighters. This one was adapted from Mr.Hh's version 6th March 2016 400
Existence-Less : A Nameless edit by Tokuiten. He has a helper with him that follows him around and assists him with attacks of his own. 6th March 2016 200
BONOBONO : It's a cartoon otter from a manga series with the same name. It uses some helper characters to fight. 6th March 2016 223
MOTHER : A creepy character, I don't know what it's from. It's immobile and can't be attacked, but it also slowly loses health over time. 6th March 2016 472
Singularity : Kind of a weird character 6th March 2016 142
Little Busters! : A very cheap joke character featuring based on Little Busters anime. 6th March 2016 132
M_Utsuho : A very cheap edit of Utsuho from Touhou. This character is always AI controlled. aka : Magnuadioes_Utsuho 6th March 2016 132
N-NineBall=Seraph : A Cheap Nineball Seraph edit 6th March 2016 190
B-Komachi : A very cheap edit of Komachi from Touhou with sounds from Barbatos from the Tales of series. She has super armor and takes reduced damage for the first 20 hits after which you can damage and juggle her, if you drop her she starts at 20 again. aka: Bar ... 6th March 2016 152
halt : An edit of DQ5-son. I believe his higher palettes are stronger and he gains a power up when he loses a round. you can find the unedited version of dq5-son on this site by searching for ma-bo under authors. 6th March 2016 91
Tios : Tios by ma-bo, A girl with a cane who uses magic. Don't know what she's from or whether shes an OC I've included the Tios AI patch by ran in this file. 6th March 2016 307
Garnet Crow : An edit of 586's Kanna from Eternal Fighter Zero by macbeth I should probably mention she, like all (most?) Kannas, has a super that could be considered 18+ which she almost never uses, though nothing is really visible. 6th March 2016 494
A-Yuki : Yuki in his Atomic Guy form from NeoGeo Battle Coloseum. This character has super armor at all times and his attacks are unblockable. His Higher palettes are more powerful 6th March 2016 520
Mirror Cube Square : Mirror Cube Square heals when he gets hit but degens constantly, So to beat it your best option is not to fight, perhaps it's a lesson in pacifism? It has attacks of it's own though so maybe not... It's higher palettes are vastly more powerful. 6th March 2016 417
Ravenous : An edit of Freeman from Garou:Mark of the Wolves https://youtu.be/8u_lC9I5T8I 6th March 2016 368
Kouen AI Pack : An AI patch pack by Kouen For: devo, ghiacco, akane Inukawa, nazuna, Scharlarot_A, Shuh, Weiss, Yoriko, Zagi and Zenia 7th March 2016 200
Jean Stage : from Fighter's History Dynamite / Karnov's Revenge 7th March 2016 140
Lihua : Lihua From Kaiser Knuckle By Seki-Rou 7th March 2016 395
Rave On : Rave, a stage by EXShadow 7th March 2016 265
Arashi : Arashi from Blood Warrior by Ali Based on Ninja from Shogun Warriors. 7th March 2016 258
Shishimaru : Shishimaru from Blood Warrior by Ali Based on Kabuki from Shogun Warriors. 7th March 2016 167
Metal-Slug-M2-Plus : This file appears to contain lifebars made by Phantom Blood 7th March 2016 251
Evil Fei_long : An edit of Fei Long from Street Fighter 2 made by Vans 7th March 2016 295
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