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Sakuya Brando - edit : sakuya brando but almost no the world sprites 14th December 2019 67
Rubber Soul - Realistic Hierophant : I edited the hierophant green sprites to be like the actual hierophant green 19th December 2019 64
JoJo's Venture - Jotaro Kujo : Haven't seen any Jotaros with the PS1 version of STAR PLATINUM so I made my own based off a screenshot. 19th December 2019 99
Master of『世界』 : New palettes from Josuke, Pucci and more. also some fixes -- Updated 26th January 2020-01:57 -- DIO, user of 『世界』, the immortal stand. Imagine G.E.R, but you pissed him off so much that he called his dad with his belt.:gri ... 25th January 2020 159
DIO - Destined for Death : Destiny DIO with the same edit features as the last two 13th December 2019 28
Jotaro (Not knowing of STANDS) : Based of Jotaro in the early manga, not fully knowing the ability and origin of his stand STAR PLATINUM, so, only slight snippets of STAR PLATINUM show up, but not like my other Jotaro. 13th December 2019 46
THE WORLD palette, PS1 DIO noises : Original Edit of Jotaro Kujo with a golden palette, a THE WORLD inspired palette for STAR PLATINUM, and DIO noises from the original PS1 game JoJo's Bizarre Adventure : Heritage For The Future. update : https://1drv.ms/u/s!AquuD-U8YUoohTVi3mROM80rg3UF? ... 19th December 2019 42
Part 4 Jotaro - half-shadow : Jotaro Part 4 by y.y. but, his stand STAR PLATINUM has been cut in half like shadow dio's THE WORLD. 14th December 2019 97
DIOsuke : Early Manga Josuke but with DIO and THE WORLD palette. 18th December 2019 94
Golden Jotaro : Regular Jotaro with a golden palette, Jotaro's palette is stolen from a Josuke edit I made and STAR PLATINUM is a new palette. palette doesnt't apply outside of game 18th December 2019 21
DIO - passive with no the world : title says all 14th December 2019 46
DIO - The Unknown World : DIO, but his stand THE WORLD has been almost completely removed! 11th December 2019 108
Rubber Soul - Shadow : Shadow Rubber Soul (no new moves, removed ugly lady sprites) 13th December 2019 20
Fukukage DIO - a mysterious stand : DIO, but he is more mysterious as he was so strange during the early stages of finding out about DIO. palette remap : https://1drv.ms/u/s!AquuD-U8YUoohSnFEiXyN6Q_KKGk?e=BLS0ia 13th December 2019 80
Shadow FINAL DIO : Shadow FINAL DIO, but he is a complete shadow, although, his other palette is a pale vampire. 15th December 2019 127
Jotaro - True Platinum : Jotaro but his stand STAR PLATINUM has almost been completely removed! (however, on this, i deleted the sprites. whereas, on DIO, i rubbed out the sprites.):dirol: my original version that i forgot to upload : https://1drv.ms/u/s!AquuD-U8YUoohSi_y5PG2jNr ... 12th December 2019 45
THE WORLD - Steel Ball Run : alternate world diego but there's no diego 14th December 2019 81
NES Kosaku Kawajiri (with blood) : 16th December 2019 102
Shadow NES Kosaku : 16th December 2019 59
JoJo's Venture - Final DIO : I added PS1 noises and THE WORLD palette. 20th December 2019 84
JoJo's Venture - Shadow DIO : what do you expect? 21st December 2019 104
Jonathan Joestar and the Passion : I edited Old Joseph to have Jonathan sprites since DIO used his would-be stand which is similar to Hermit Purple, however I don't know if I will finish it. 21st January 2020 154
Phantom Blood DIO and The World : Phantom Blood DIO and The World but the stand is the shadow version. 29th January 2020 214
Shadow DIO Alt. : ??? 12th February 2020 109
Jotaro over Shadow DIO : Also made some commands easier to use, even assigning the time stop to D, DF, F Start and the stand-tandem to c. note, by 'stand-tandem' i meant an attack only possible to use through AI as it has an incredibly complicated command, so that three hit atta ... 18th February 2020 157
Shadow DIO - Orochi Herman Sprites : fixes: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1duzGzjkZ2ZHp_9BqhOgZ9MfWGbyPM8gu fixes 2 (some commands and more palettes like giorno [palette 5] and jotaro [palette 6] : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UwfiStNif0T0loDB2Ur2n54e7-w4o9zP also if you do not ... 22nd February 2020 52
Fukukage over Shadow DIO : Revealed THE WORLD sprites and Fukukage DIO sprites. updates on commands, sprites, etc : https://handsworthgrammar-my.sharepoint.com/:u:/g/personal/17rashim_student_handsworth_bham_sch_uk/ESVoclAemqlDm-P5u6LwG1wBTd969HCaGXh-585Dcltdeg?e=yveTTo final ... 28th February 2020 63
Destiny Jotaro : New palette, Transparent STAR PLATINUM to mirror my Fukukage DIO's THE WORLD, New animations, and other things! 5th March 2020 133
DIO and The Fool : Thanks to musthe1 for some sprites and palette ideas, Gall29 for the original character. I got bored and made an Iggy with a coloured DIO attack sprite ( here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AquuD-U8YUoohkFEe-x8__mBS05j?e=6Wa4j9 ) , and thought about how he perf ... 19th March 2020 35