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    30th May 2020, 04:56
    This is Itimal is New Version. Then Itimal is Spriteswap for Warner's Luigi. But, it is Interesting Character!!:very_good: Enjoy!!
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MUGEN 1.1, winmugen
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Warner's Characters madoldcrow1105's Character
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2nd October 2019

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Matchino-Taro : It's Matchino-Taro. As it was made with the impression that it is weak because it is a matchstick, it is weak. Update!!:19/12/28 Enjoy!! 16th December 2019 18
Super Mario : This is Saturday Morning Mayhem Style Mario. 31st December 2019 112
Itimal : (19/11/15 update) ・DDR's Combo System ・New Intro (19/11/24 update) ・Remove Assist ・Add Attack Mr.Incredible's Crouching Earthquake (19/11/27 update) ・Only one color palette (19/11/28 update) ・After all ... 15th November 2019 44
Itimal : Made based on Warner's Luigi sprites. 6th October 2019 54
Cinnamon(Edit) : Added Special Intro vs Itimal(https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=121599-itimal-syunsuke) The content is the same as Homer vs Peter. 6th October 2019 42
Demon core-kun : Karameru's Demon core-kun (www.youtube.com/embed/6ZIjbX1gj88) It's Goemon's Grimace's Sprite Swap. 6th October 2019 46
I.D.I.O.T : Oh,Crap so Crazy Mordecai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:shock_jaw_drop: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Dynamic Crazy. 6th October 2019 81
New Super Donaigi : This is the latest version of Donajji. 10th October 2019 34
Cinnamon 2019ver : Since it was erased, it was republished. By the way, there is an update of Crockrich in his user's private message, so I think you should download it there. 14th October 2019 80
Mordecai : Is a modified version of Madoldcrow1105's Mordecai. 16th October 2019 122
Gold Colonel : This was made with the consciousness of SuperMario193281's Gold Mario. 18th October 2019 129
Itimal(updates) : It's Itimal Updates. ・peketo's Fatality. ・Luigi as an assist. 19th October 2019 41
Funagoro : This is a Brother of Funassyi. Funassyi is Unauthorized Yuru chara from Funabashi City. You can see this by looking at this. www.youtube.com/embed/OkElUEyoIYs Enjoy!!!!! 27th October 2019 40
Homer Simpson Style DDR : This time, as a continuation of the previous DDR Style Cinnamon, we added a DDR style homer. Enjoy!!:grin: 26th October 2019 786
Kyouki : Portrait and Music Changed. 30th October 2019 229
C.R.A.Z.Y : So CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D 1st November 2019 44
Super Luigi(Old) : It's ShinRyoga & NeOaNkH's Luigi Old Version. 4th November 2019 253
Espresso : Cinnamon Friends Espresso. Since the contents are from the Omega Tom Hanks, it is different from usual. Enjoy!! 9th November 2019 35
Crimson Eye 1.0 Patch : Crimson Eye now works for MUGEN 1.0 Original Author: Untruthful Dragon 23rd November 2019 81
Itimal's Special Sprite : Itimal’s New Sprite ・Electric ・Freeze ・Combution 24th November 2019 4
Cinnamon DDR-Style(Fixed Update) : Crockrich Hey Crockrich I make a Cinnamon DDR-Style is Fixed Update!! Enjoy!! 29th November 2019 30
MvC Mordecai(DDR Style) : It's Mordecai DDR Style. Made with awareness of DDR's Peter Griffin https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=16471-peter-griffin-ddr Update!! ・Add Peketo's Fatalite ・Add Intro ・Edit Win Pose ・Fixed Palett ... 7th December 2019 313
Donald(Edit) : Edit ・Electic, Fire, Ice's Special Move. ・Change Portait (Make for me) Enjoy!! 12th January 2020 121
Munchlax : It's Munchlax is Pokemon!! Update 02/13/2020 ・Fixed Assist Darumaka ・Pal.defaults Change Enjoy!!!!! 10th February 2020 56
Homer X Sprite and Intro Patch : Portait and Intro Fixed Patch for Homer X. 13th March 2020 16
Cyinaman : Cyinaman:CCCRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK!! XD MUGEN:Win, 1.0, 1.1 Name:Cyinamalol Altername:Cyinaman(Japanese Name:シュイナマン) Gender:Male Birthday:March 6th Friends:Mokya,Cappochi ... 17th March 2020 25
Jo-ro : This is Jo-ro from Deko Boko Friends. Enjoy!!!! 28th March 2020 24
Espresso style Luigi : Espresso from Cinnamoroll. Original Char for Super Smash Bros Brawl Luigi. Enjoy!! 22nd April 2020 15
Lumpy : Lumpy is Happy tree friends's Character. Enjoy!! 9th May 2020 77
Itimal 2.0 : This is Itimal is New Version. Then Itimal is Spriteswap for Warner's Luigi. But, it is Interesting Character!!:very_good: Enjoy!! 30th May 2020 12