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American Idiot, Faust, Hsien ko(vs style), ur mom.
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High Quality shit
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Windows 69
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NetScape navigator
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Any good part 7 Jojo characters around? 9th November 2019 20:27
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29th September 2019

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Kirby Palette for Bucciarati : NOTE: This is only a palette, You have to get your own Bucciarati This palette is a joke based on a corruption of the ps2 JoJo part 5 game, the only thing it's missing is the baldness and the lack of limbs. 8th January 2020 4
Sakuya palette for Dio : NOTE: This doesn't contain a Dio, this is just a palette, however there's already plenty of Dios on MA that you can apply it to. This palette is a reference to a tohou character, specifically a joke on how Dio versions of said character have been made. ... 8th January 2020 10
Bowser Pallete for shadow Dio : NOTE: this is only a pallette for Naza15's Shadow Dio, NOT the character(which can be found here) https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=121476-shadow-dio-anime-warusaki3-naza15- This pallette is a sort of joke based on the fact th ... 8th January 2020 6
Pink Guy pallette for Secco : I got bored in a study hall and made this Pallette because there were some pink guy secco memes a while back. Remember, this isn't a full character, only a new colour, because I don't wanna be known as the guy who spent a considerable amount of time on a ... 27th January 2020 10
Midler Palettes : I made more palettes for Midler because she only had 3 There's A HFTF pal, a desaturated HFTF, Base Pal minus shirt, a jojo-a-gogo inspired pal, poison ivy pal(Because that character obviously used midler for base sprites), Mariahish pal (yes I know we ... 4th February 2020 21
Yasuho Koichi Palette : A Koichi Hirose palette that has colours based on Yasuho Hirose, who is Koichi's Part 8 Equivelent. I also changed Echoes's Palette to match the colors of Yasuho's stand Paisley park. (This is just a palette, go get your own coochie) Also Link to Jo ... 14th February 2020 1
The Manly Ranch : I'm back with another joke stage, nothing gross here. The JJBA discord assisted in making some of the 18 cowboys on this stage. Link to the server: https://discordapp.com/channels/@me/475897226246225932/675522497260683282 This stage is edited off o ... 26th March 2020 23
The Zone : (I'm pushing my luck with this one aren't I) So if you remember a month back I made joke stage, it was removed for obcenity reasons, so I removed anything obscene from the stage. I didn't want the stage to go to waste even if now it's kinda empty. 26th March 2020 11
Ginyu Force Pose Contest : I'm back at it again with another joke stage, this time it's tame enought to not have me smited for obcenity. The premise of this stage is self explanitory, it's the Ginyu force and acouple other boys posing. Why was this stage made? Well it was abo ... 6th May 2020 14