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  1. @EKZoroWarner Hello there.
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    Hello Kakyoin!
  3. @Jansen121 I already know how to code since I borrow codes from other authors then give credit because I done some chars with coding added. (converted moves) But thanks anyways.
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    k. but i think you should study the MUGEN docs in case if you want to know how MUGEN coding actually works.
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About Kakyoin-Kun
Playing Games, Making Characters
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1.0 and 1.1
Favorite MUGEN characters:
Jotaro, Vanilla Ice, DIO, Shadow DIO, High DIO (Warusaki3)
Kakyoin, Joseph, Young Joseph, Polnareff, Avdol (Nimame)

Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, Sakura
Favorite MUGEN stages:
Cario Clock Tower, Jotaro Stage, Ryu Stage, Chun-Li Stage, Kakyoin Stage, Joseph Stage, Chaka Stage


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OVA DIO (Warusaki3 Ver) : I have seen a youtube video of jotaro vs final dio. The final dio is warusaki3 version and have ova voice. But there was no download link of warusaki3 version of final dio with ova voice. So I change his voice and replace the road roller and when ever dio ... 28th November 2019 104
Jotaro Part 4 (Warusaki3 Ver) : I got the edited part 4 jotaro sprites from n00bm4573r69's Part 4 jotaro anime, unfinished version. Some of the sprites that jotaro part 4 does not have or I got lazy because I saved all the anime jotaro part 4 sprites. I finished only jotaro, but not sta ... 15th December 2019 334
Shadow Dio (OVA Japanese Voice) : This is shadow dio, but he has a japanese ova voice after when the english ova voice was released. I used shio's ova dio voice samples. There are some new palettes I did. TheMasterFlippy's OVA dio warusaki3 update new ova palette. Naza15's shadow dio anim ... 19th December 2019 61
Unshadow Dio UNFINISHED : This is shadow dio, but his face is revealed. I completed the stand sprites, but its a unfinished version of shadow dio with his face reveal. The anime palette and shirtless palette were not mine, it was made by Naza15. I edited only some of the shirt pal ... 13th December 2019 49
Joseph Alessi Form : I had to do all the hard work for young joseph jojo's venture sprites. It took me for weeks to finish joseph because I couldn't find a way how to get pink background on mame for ripping sprites. So I remove the background instead. I made also extra palett ... 15th December 2019 92
Final Dio (Homer Voice) : A big update to my Homer voice patch for final dio, now he has fixed sounds also too. He comes with m-ism patch also. I took homer voice clips from the homer character. I don't know if its a joke edit also, so I put here because of the "eat my shorts" voi ... 28th January 2020 63
OVA Jacket DIO : After I released the OVA Final Dio (Warusaki3 Ver), there was no jacket dio ova voice patch, so I made one for Mr.Giang's DIO. I also edited his palette by using OVA Final Dio palette by TheMasterFlippy. To make the job easier for OVA Jacket DIO with s ... 27th January 2020 127
Ryu And Chun-Li (BADLY VER) : This is actually my bullshit char after I'm done making bad chars. I really hated this char now. 7th December 2019 111
Final Dio With Shadow Dio Pals : For Warusaki3's Final Dio: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=303-final-dio-brando-warusaki3 Just a easy palette swap for final dio with shadow dio's palettes. Except for final dio's supermove portrait. 1st January 2020 10
Jotaro (Drama CD VA) : A voice edit for drama cd jotaro was by me. The voice actor who played in jojo part 3 drama cd is Kiyoyuki Yanada, the same voice actor who voiced and returned in jojo capcom fighting game. 16th December 2019 54
Shadow Dio (1st Form Style) : This is shadow dio, with 1st form style where he can activate his stand. He has new sprites which I created him that shadow dio doesn't have, a road roller sprite, pointing at someone, and the time stop throw knfie super move. His palette is shadow dio wi ... 4th January 2020 115
Naruhodo Ryuchi : First character of this 3d model Phoenix Wright! It has a Japanese voice since I hated the english voice. 31st October 2019 106
Kizuki : Edited by using Naruhodo sprites and sounds also animations. Kokone Kizuki is however the cutiest and hottest lawyer to me. It also makes me go crazy too! Plus, it has a Japanese voice too. 31st October 2019 124
SpidermanPS1 : This is a edited voice that was taken from ps1 spiderman clips. VA (Voice Actor) is Rino Romano. use it on Amazing Spiderman version that says "MVC2_Spiderman" files. 3rd November 2019 44
Dio : The homer voice patch is for both versions for DIO. One is Warusaki3's version and the other one is Shio's version. It has a readme file where you're supposed to put for the voice patch. 3rd November 2019 38
Odoroki Hosuke : NOTE: This is a fixed version of Odoroki! I deleted black Naruhodo files (not all) to have less space. I also edited the part where Odoroki gets bloodsucked by DIO. Don't download the unfixed version, I forgot to check the bloodsuck move. Editing by us ... 6th November 2019 55
Solid Snake (Ghost Babel) : This is a Ghost Babel version of Solid Snake. I used the sprite sheet for beginning of the fight, attack, lose, and win. I add some Ghost Babel sounds, and used Jotaro's voice because it fits with me having a different voice instead of Akio Otsuka. Metal ... 8th November 2019 30
Jotaro's Stand Replaced : I edited Jotaro's stand Star Platinum into Chun Li. It has some problems too, I tried fixing the color palette for Chun Li and it went wrong to Jotaro's sprites and his real palette. I fix some, but I got lazy over it. The ora's were replaced by Chun Li's ... 17th November 2019 158
Jotaro/Chun Li (UPDATED) : This is an updated version of Jotaro's Stand Replaced. This time the palette is correct but sadly, just only one palette if you press a button that gives you the alternative palette. There's a video about the trouble I got for chun li's sprites. I updated ... 20th November 2019 177
Dio/Broly : Note: This Dio is an anime version, and its V1. TheMasterFlippy made this edit, not me before I replaced the world to broly. Credit to TheMasterFlippy for making this edited version of final dio. No hate please, just a note. This is the release of Fi ... 21st November 2019 180
REEE DIO : Credit to Batblade456 for making a palette of the world in asb style. This asb palette is not mine, it was Batblade456's who made the asb palette for dio. This is my worse and funny edited version of final dio. I remove some animations and replaced th ... 23rd November 2019 75
Vanilla Ice (Jojo's Venture Voice) : This is Vanilla Ice Cpu version with jojo's venture. I had to use a emulator for jojo's venture and use the region code 0x73 to get all voices from characters. I found Vanilla Ice voice in jojo's venture after using the region code 0x73. The new vanilla v ... 23rd November 2019 103
Kakyoin/Spider-Man : iitzKoolKidUwU, your stand idea for kakyoin is today here! This is Kakyoin-kun (Or ZA MILF Hunter) and Spider-man (Stand). I remove the hieropant green shadows by changing the x or y axis into a larger number. I edited the sprites by using Pixlr, photo ed ... 24th November 2019 194
Joseph (Jojo's Venture Sprites) : I took all screenshots of young joseph wearing old joseph costume. I used mame to take screenshots. However, I don't want to make a character of this version because I feel lazy since there too much pictures, some are the same pictures. If you want to mak ... 24th November 2019 36
Jotaro Yagami : Just my lazy edit of Jotaro Kujo with Reinforce Zwei as a stand. Even the sounds of attacking, and quotes are Hayate and still there, I added jotaro's death voice. I edited the supermove portraits and some edited jotaro sprites. 17th December 2019 90
Hayate Kujo : Hayate kujo has jotaro's stand, Star Platinum. Hayate has jotaro voices. All of jotaro's sprites were replaced everything by me, and it was hard since because of the axis and palette mixed up. In some hayate's sprites, they have the wrong color. I fix som ... 28th November 2019 62
Jotaro (Japanese Ova Voice) : The palette was made by TheMasterFilppy and @TheSucmbagLeeEverett, not me. This is jotaro, with his japanese ova voice. There some changes, the english ova sounds had some empty sounds. So I go back to warusaki3's jotaro.snd file and fix some of the empty ... 28th November 2019 106
Final Dio (Kazuya's Voice) : This is a edit for dio having kazuya's voice since jin kazama's voice actor played dio on capcom's jojo. How about instead of jin's voice, its kazuya's voice. 28th November 2019 50
Avdol/Blaziken : A medium edit of avdol's stand to become as blazkien. I had to find a video for hearing blaziken's name because there were no episodes of pokemon with blaziken, he appeared on a pokemon fighting game. The palettes of blaziken are fine. and avdol's portrai ... 30th November 2019 212
Dio (PS2 Phantom Blood Voice) : I changed his voice into the phantom blood ps2 voice, but in game, when he does his one of his intro, he says "omae wa" since its a long voice clip. There are 2 new palettes I changed. Dio has shadow dio's palette for color 2, his sprites for stand, attac ... 2nd December 2019 52
Jotaro (Jin Kazama's Voice) : Just a edit on jotaro's palettes, portrait, and his sounds to jin kazama. Now it seems to me that jotaro with jin's voice is sounds likely a teenager, instead of the classic voice which sounds the adult man instead of a teenager voice. He has 4 new palett ... 3rd December 2019 122
Arcade Version (Censored) Dio : This is final dio, but this the arcade version of him. For differences, his portrait on character select and winner screen is different. He has his blood censored into white blood like in the usa and asia (except japan) version of jojo arcade. He has 1st ... 21st December 2019 61
Ryu (HFTF) Beta 90% Complete : So today I'm releasing the beta version of Ryu (HFTF). I changed all regular Jotaro animations and sprites for all Ryu and Chun Li (Stand). Its a spriteswap of jotaro. But he is still unfinished since I didn't add ryu moves and other moves that I think in ... 25th January 2020 107
Polnareff/Charlotte : Polnareff (Stand User) has his new awesome stand Charlotte since she has a sword on her hand. Replaced all chariot Sprites to charlotte sprites. Charlotte as a stand has now alt colors since I save them as png. I should've done it to other stands by savin ... 5th December 2019 246
Shadow Dio (1st Form Style) Fixed : I edited the sprite palettes where you can access his alt palettes, and his alt palettes sprites are now not revert back to 1st color. I changed also the portrait for jjba mugen too. The sounds for road roller are also fixed too. 14th January 2020 71
Shadow Dio (Face Revealed) : Just a face swap of final dio and part 6 dio. It was a easy and hard edit of shadow dio with his face revealed. This is also a merry christmas gift. 25th December 2019 46
Unshadow Dio (PS2 Dio Voice) : This is my edit of shadow dio, but his voice is ps2 phantom blood which I forgot to do it. It also fits from the phantom blood where he attacks jonathan whenever dio is shirtless on phantom blood ps2, manga, and anime. 27th December 2019 75
SF4 Chun Li Original Outfit : Its a spriteswap of qychina's chun li sf4, but with jose cuervo's sprites. It was likely hard to match the sprites because I saved all the sf4 chun li sprites by Jose Cuervo, plus jose curveo sprites does not match a special move like this. So for example ... 27th December 2019 109
Final Dio (SML Jeffy's Voice) : This final dio, but with sml's jeffy voice. Its also a final dio edit too. The first edit I did was when doing chi no soukan, a jeffy portrait comes after dio grabs the oppenent during chi no soukdan move. The second edit was replacing the road roller int ... 28th December 2019 43
Ryu (HFTF) Unfinished : This is ryu and chun li, pots version. But its unfinised since I finished the stance of ryu and chun li as a stand. They have pots palette, but the rest of jotaro and star platinum sprites are flawed since I edit the palettes. The stance for ryu and chun ... 28th December 2019 65
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