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    sobre letty whiterock, es la vesion de nenmin, ya lo agregue al sitio, y si parese que es dificil conseguirla
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Favorite MUGEN version:
Mugen 1.1
Favorite MUGEN characters:
Ronald MCDonald (American version)
Tamamo no mae (Fate zero)
Krizalid 99
and many touhou chars -w-
specially: Marisa, Sakuya, Hong Meiling and Suwako
Favorite MUGEN stages:
Fallen Seraph
Alpha Base
Newage City
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Windows 7


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Master Fei-Long : [English] 1°: My first contribution to this wonderful forum, I still being noob ^~^ 2°: Sorry, I don't speak/write in english very well ;^; (Argentinian, lol) About char: Edited version by Supermystery. It's an old version that I had in a forgotten ... 6th July 2016 89
Burning_Hakurei_Shrine : A nice edited stage of Hakurei Shrine from Touhou Scarlet Weather Rhapsody =^w^= BGM= is an arranged of Necro Fantasia by Xi-on 29th July 2016 49
Gensokyo's Plains : Stage from Touhou 13.5 Hopeless Masquerade BGM included 1st August 2016 97
Megamari Eirin's stage : From the Touhou's fan-made game Megamari Two versions and BGM included 18th August 2016 47
Megamari Yuyuko's stage : From the Touhou's fan-made game Megamari BGM included 18th August 2016 31
Cemetery : Hi-Res Animated Hi-jump support You can change the Bgm if you want, obviously :B but I think that OST 4 of Metal Slug 4 is fine for this :3 23rd August 2016 110
Blue elevator : It's original, I think -w-; but looks awesome and supports Hi jump 4th December 2016 76
Y' : Something from my old winmugen but works in 1.0 and 1.1 Just Yashiro with some K' and OrochiShermie's moves, and many other rare attacks xd Also has an good AI 5th December 2016 56
Fallen Garden : Stage based on the Tekken Tag Tournament 3D stage Conversion to 2D made by Unknown author... Seriously, dunno who is the author ^^; but did a nice work on this one, It's a pretty cool stage. https://youtu.be/B4GYg1GjpPc 24th January 2017 69
Distortion Drive : The Backgrounds effects are from the BlazBlue's special move of the same name. But this stage should be in Originals, Right? ^^; https://youtu.be/grnKPN7aZU8 25th January 2017 35
Cirno : Didn't see this here so... It's an old version but I really like the gameplay of this cirno -3- https://i.imgur.com/9gmfSpf.gif 22nd February 2017 66
Cirno AT : Unlike to Yoshimune's version, this is really tough to defeat D: well... more or less. I love the sprites from Cirno's perfect math class xd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUL5B6M25GA 22nd February 2017 31
Kain R. Heinlein : The most accurate version of Kain that I seen ^o^ Change his Ai level in Kain.cns file and search the: [State -3] type = VarSet trigger1 = var(59) = 1  var(9) = 4 < change between 1 to 8, as you wish~ 22nd February 2017 260
Endless Tewi Ma Park : Info: Stage animated, Hi-res, support Hi-Jump and Of course, comes with many bouncing Tewis and flying carrots xd 16th March 2017 58
EX_keine : The full beast form of Keine Kamishirasawa ňwó 15th April 2017 98
Golden Manor : Duno if it's original but... it's pretty good Hi-res Stage ^^ 15th April 2017 93
Lowee Snowfield : A beatutiful snow stage Hi res =w= No support Hi jump tho 15th April 2017 23
Pyramid Sunset : Didn't see this Exshadow's stage here, so... here is. :B Stage Hi-Res with hyper jump support. 1st May 2017 93
Frozen Sakura : Duno if it's original or an edit from other stage -o- Those purple shine are so beautiful =w= Preview► https://youtu.be/cT6yNB0ikMI 5th May 2017 79
Toho-Suwa_lake : Low-res Based on stage 6 from touhou 10 Mountain of Faith 14th August 2017 25
Bad Apple : Only works in 1.0 ^^ Basically, a big screen which shows the music video Bad Apple -3- 14th August 2017 38