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Mizore Shirayuki english snd pack : This is a snd pack for Mizore Shirayuki by Zelgadis. For those who prefer the english voice now you can have that with this snd pack. This is also my first upload here and let me know what you think and give me suggestions for the future. 28th June 2017 24
Anna Williams UPDATE : This is a slight update of chuchoryu's CvS Anna Williams character. Fixed some frames, added some quotes and fixed her voice. Making her seem more complete. Character credit goes to chuchoryu but I just helped flesh the character a bit. 1st July 2017 318
Edward Elric english voice : I downloaded Karl Hari's Edward Elric and it was the first good Ed Elric for Mugen but something was missing. I polished things up with a couple frames, edited the cns a little, added quotes and I gave him an English voice (Vic Mignogna) so now there is ... 1st July 2017 238
Ghostface : This Ghostface features more of his traditional. Includes sounds and clips from the movie as well as a fixed portrait and frame as well as quotes. Though it still has the surprise of who's under the mask as the original version did but only one animation ... 14th July 2017 324
Raditz ENGLISH + Updates too : I see Heal the World's work in DBZ characters but unfortunately for some people not all of them were in english. So Here is my take. A simple edit of Heal the World's Raditz with his English voice actor Justin Cook. Also has special intros with Goku, Vege ... 10th August 2017 89
Frankenstein : Quite a simple character. It's an edit to the character Deathmask from an obscure fighting game who is a Frankenstein's monster clone. SO added some new frames, new quotes, a stage and changed sounds that were from the movies because MUGEN deserves one ... 15th August 2017 70
Count Dracula : An edit of wraith's Warachia but made to be more like Drac himself. Mainly based on the Castlevania version but a mix of other interpretations also. Has Patrick Seitz's voice and changed palletes and portraits also quotes and ai. Just so MUGEN can have a ... 22nd August 2017 63
Future Gohan english edit : Gohan from the Future timeline. Fights with one arm but luckily that's all he needs. His ai is challenging and he's fun to play and I just switched the frames, the cns file and changed his voice to english for those who wanted the alternative. Enjoy 4th October 2017 346
Damien Thorn (The Omen) : Behold! The anti-christ Damien Thorn from The Omen. This is my idea of Damien if grew up and gained full control of his powers. An interesting concept very simple. Originally was the character NAO Final by KILL and had a different voice and a couple othe ... 17th December 2017 35
Super Skrull with MVC3 Voice : An updated version of Super Skrull this time instead of that generic voice he had before he now has the same voice he had in MVC3/UMVC3 that being legendary voice actor Charlie Adler. Hope you enjoy this. 29th December 2017 169